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use v6;
use Test;
use lib $?FILE.IO.parent(2).add("packages/Test-Helpers");
use Test::Util;
# Tests for magic variables
# L<S28/Named variables>
plan 18;
=begin desc
Tests for %*ENV
Tests that C<%*ENV> can be read and written to and that
child processes see the modified C<%*ENV>.
=end desc
#?rakudo.js.browser skip "in the browser we start with no env variables"
# It must not be empty at startup.
ok +%*ENV.keys, '%*ENV has keys';
# %*ENV should be able to get copied into another variable.
my %vars = %*ENV;
is +%vars.keys, +%*ENV.keys, '%*ENV was successfully copied into another variable';
# XXX: Should modifying %vars affect the environment? I don't think so, but, of
# course, feel free to change the following test if I'm wrong.
%vars<PATH> = "42";
ok %*ENV<PATH> ne "42",
'modifying a copy of %*ENV didn\'t affect the environment';
# Similarily, I don't think creating a new entry in %vars should affect the
# environment:
diag '%*ENV<PUGS_ROCKS>=' ~ (%*ENV<PUGS_ROCKS> // "");
ok !defined(%*ENV<PUGS_ROCKS>), "there's no env variable 'PUGS_ROCKS'";
%vars<PUGS_ROCKS> = "42";
diag '%*ENV<PUGS_ROCKS>=' ~ (%*ENV<PUGS_ROCKS> // "");
ok !defined(%*ENV<PUGS_ROCKS>), "there's still no env variable 'PUGS_ROCKS'";
my ($redir,$squo) = (">", "'");
my $expected = 'Hello from subprocess';
%*ENV<PUGS_ROCKS> = $expected;
# Note that the "?" preceding the "(" is necessary, because we need a Bool,
# not a junction of Bools.
is %*ENV<PUGS_ROCKS>, $expected,'%*ENV is rw';
ok(%*ENV<PUGS_ROCKS>:!exists, 'We can remove keys from %*ENV');
ok %*ENV<does_not_exist>:!exists, "exists() returns false on a not defined env var";
# %ENV must not be imported by default
throws-like { EVAL "%ENV" },
'%ENV not visible by default';
#?rakudo skip 'import fails, ENV not available: RT #122339'
# It must be importable
import PROCESS <%ENV>;
ok +%ENV.keys, 'imported %ENV has keys';
# Importation must be lexical
try { EVAL "%ENV" };
ok $!.defined, '%ENV not visible by after lexical import scope';
nok %*ENV<NOSUCHENVVAR>.defined, 'non-existing vars are undefined';
nok %*ENV<NOSUCHENVVAR>:exists, 'non-existing vars do not exist';
%*ENV<abc> = 'def';
is_run 'print %*ENV<abc>',
status => 0,
out => 'def',
err => '',
'ENV members persist to child processes';
%*ENV<ABC> = 'def';
ok %*ENV.gist ~~ /ABC/, '%*ENV.gist generates something with ABC in it';
ok %*ENV.raku ~~ /ABC/, '%*ENV.raku generates something with ABC in it';
ok $%*ENV, "itemizer works on %*ENV.";
#?rakudo.js.browser skip "spawning a new process in a browser doesn't work"
%*ENV<FOOBAR> = 1;
lives-ok { run($*EXECUTABLE, '-v') },
'call run($command) after setting non-strings into %*ENV does not die';
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4
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