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use v6;
use Test;
plan 15;
# L<S03/Loose unary precedence>
ok(so 1, "so 1 is true");
ok(so -1, "so -1 is true");
ok(not so 0, "not so 0 is true");
ok(so sub{}, 'so sub{} is true');
ok(so "x", 'so "x" is true');
my $a = 1; ok(so $a, 'so $true_var is true');
my $b = 0; ok(!(so $b), 'so $false_var is not true');
ok( so(so 42), "so(so 42) is true");
ok(not so(so 0), "so(so 0) is false");
ok(so Bool::True, "'Bool::True' is true");
ok === False, ' returns false';
ok(so True, "'True' is true");
is (so($b) + 1), ((so $b) + 1), 'so($b) is (so $b)';
ok (so my $x = 5), 'so + declaration';
is $x, 5, 'assignment after so worked';
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4
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