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use v6;
use Test;
# L<S04/Statement parsing/the hash list operator>
plan 8;
isa-ok hash('a', 1), Hash, 'hash() returns a Hash';
is hash('a', 1).keys, 'a', 'hash() with keys/values (key)';
is hash('a', 1).values, 1, 'hash() with keys/values (values)';
is hash('a' => 1).keys, 'a', 'hash() with pair (key)';
is hash('a' => 1).values, 1, 'hash() with pair (values)';
is hash(a => 1).keys, 'a', 'hash() with autoquoted pair (key)';
is hash(a => 1).values, 1, 'hash() with autoquoted pair (values)';
lives-ok { my @r=2..10,<j q k a>;my %v=j=>10,q=>10,k=>10,a=>1|11;},
"q => doesn't trigger quoting construct";
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4