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use v6;
use Test;
plan 6;
# L<S05/Extensible metasyntax (C<< <...> >>)/Unicode properties are indicated by use of pair notation>
# Boolean properties
is '.a-' ~~ /<:Letter>/, 'a', 'a letter';
is '.a-' ~~ /<:!Letter>/, '.', 'a non-letter';
#?rakudo.jvm 4 skip 'matching charnames in unicode property pair'
# Properties with arguments are passed as the argument to the pair:
is 'flubber¼½worms' ~~ /<:NumericValue(0 ^..^ 1)>+/, '¼½', 'the char has a proper fractional value';
is 'flubber¼½worms' ~~ /<:!NumericValue(0.3 ^..^ 1)>+/, 'flubber¼', 'negated numeric value match';
# As a particular case of smartmatching, TR18 section 2.6 is satisfied with a pattern as the argument:
is 'FooBar' ~~ /<:name(/:s LATIN SMALL LETTER/)>+/, 'oo', 'match character names';
is 'FooBar' ~~ /<:Name(/:s LATIN CAPITAL LETTER/)>+/, 'F', 'match character names';
# Multiple of these terms may be combined with pluses and minuses:
# XXX e.g. <+ :HexDigit - :Upper >
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4