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use v6;
use Test;
plan 12;
#L<S05/Modifiers/"If followed by an x, it means repetition.">
ok('abab' ~~ m:2x/ab/, ':2x (repetition) modifier (+)');
nok('ab' ~~ m:2x/ab/, ':2x (repetition) modifier (-)');
ok('abab' ~~ m:x(2)/ab/, ':2x (repetition) modifier (+)');
nok('ab' ~~ m:x(2)/ab/, ':2x (repetition) modifier (-)');
ok 'ababc'.match(rx/ab/, :x(2)), ':x(2) with .match method (+)';
nok 'abc'.match(rx/ab/, :x(2)), ':x(2) with .match method (-)';
ok 'ababc'.match(rx/./, :x(3)), ':x(3) with .match method (bool)';
is 'ababc'.match(rx/./, :x(3)).join('|'), 'a|b|a', ':x(3) with .match method (result)';
ok 'abacad'.match(rx/a./, :x(1..3)), ':x(Range)';
nok 'abcabc'.match(rx/a./, :x(3..4)), ':x(Range) > number of matches';
is 'abacadae'.match(rx/a./, :x(1..3)).join('|'), 'ab|ac|ad', ':x(Range) (upper bound)';
is 'abacad'.match(rx/a./, :x(2..5)).join('|'), 'ab|ac|ad', ':x(Range) (takes as much as it can)';
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4
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