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use v6;
use Test;
plan 10;
# Tests for anonymous enumerations.
# L<S12/Anonymous Enumerations/An anonymous enum just makes sure each string turns into a pair>
my $e = enum < ook! ook. ook? >;
is $e.keys.elems, 3, 'anonymous enum created correct sized hash';
is $e<ook!>, 0, 'anonymous enum created correctly';
is $e<ook.>, 1, 'anonymous enum created correctly';
is $e<ook?>, 2, 'anonymous enum created correctly';
isa-ok $e, Map, 'anonymous enum returns an Map';
my %e1 = enum <foo>;
is %e1.keys.elems, 1, 'single-value anonymous enum created correct sized hash';
is %e1<foo>, 0, 'single-value anonymous enum created correctly';
anon enum <un>;
is +un, 0, 'anon enum <un> is identical to enum :: <un>';
my %e = enum :: < foo bar baz >;
is +%e<bar>, 1, 'my %e = enum :: works';
is +baz, 2, 'my %e = enum :: works';
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4
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