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use v6;
use Test;
plan 19;
=begin pod
Very basic meta-class tests from L<S12/Introspection>
=end pod
class Foo:ver<0.0.1>:auth<ority> {
method bar ($param) returns Str {
return "baz" ~ $param
# L<S12/Introspection/should be called through the meta object>
ok(Foo.HOW.can(Foo, 'bar'), '... Foo can bar');
ok(HOW(Foo).can(Foo, 'bar'), '... Foo can bar (anthoer way)');
ok(Foo.^can('bar'), '... Foo can bar (as class method)');
ok(Foo.HOW.isa(Foo, Foo), '... Foo is-a Foo (of course)');
ok(Foo.^isa(Foo), '... Foo is-a Foo (of course) (as class method)');
lives-ok { 4.HOW.HOW }, 'Can access meta class of meta class';
# L<S12/Introspection/Class traits may include:>
is Foo.^name(), 'Foo', '... the name() property is Foo';
is Foo.^ver(), v0.0.1, '... the ver() property is 0.0.1';
is Foo.^auth(), 'ority', '... the auth() property is ority';
is Foo.REPR, 'P6opaque', '.REPR';
subtest { plan 3;
my module M:ver<1.2.3>:auth<me> {};
is M.^name, 'M', '.name is correct';
is-deeply M.^ver, v1.2.3, '.ver is correct';
is M.^auth, 'me', '.auth is correct';
}, 'metamethods on a module';
subtest { plan 2;
my package P:ver<1.2.3>:auth<me> {};
throws-like { P.^ver }, X::Method::NotFound, '.ver is absent';
throws-like { P.^auth }, X::Method::NotFound, '.auth is absent';
}, 'ID metamethods on a package are absent by design';
eval-lives-ok "True.HOW.say", "can output the .gist of a .HOW";
throws-like 'Any.HOW(Foo)', X::Syntax::Argument::MOPMacro;
class IntrospectAtBEGINTime {
is BEGIN { IntrospectAtBEGINTime.^name }, 'IntrospectAtBEGINTime', '.^foo works at BEGIN time';
my class A {
method foo { 'abc' };
A.^add_method('bar', A.^can('foo'));
dies-ok { }, 'Using .^add_method with what .^can returns (a list) will never work';
my class A {
method foo { 'abc' };
A.^add_method('bar', A.^lookup('foo'));
is, 'abc', 'Can .^add_method what .^lookup returns under another name and it works';
is Any.^lookup('supercalafajalistickexpialadojus').defined,
False, 'failed .^lookup returns undefined value';
is Any.^find_method('supercalafajalistickexpialadojus').defined,
False, 'failed .^find_method returns Mu';
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4