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use v6;
use Test;
plan 9;
=begin pod
Basic traits tests, see L<S14/Traits>.
=end pod
# L<S14/Traits>
# Basic definition
my $was_in_any_sub = 0;
my $was_in_class_sub = 0;
role cool {
has $.is_cool = 42;
multi sub trait_auxiliary:<is>(cool $trait, Any $container:) { #OK not used
$container does cool;
multi sub trait_auxiliary:<is>(cool $trait, Class $container:) { #OK not used
$container does cool;
ok(::cool.HOW, "role definition worked");
eval-lives-ok 'my $a is cool; 1', 'mixing in our role into a scalar via "is" worked';
is $was_in_any_sub, 1, 'trait_auxiliary:is was called on container';
is EVAL('my $a is cool; $a.is_cool'), 42, 'our var "inherited" an attribute';
my $b;
class B is cool {}
ok(::B.HOW, 'mixing in our role into a class via "is" worked');
is $was_in_class_sub, 1, 'trait_auxiliary:is was called on class';
$b =;
ok($b, 'creating an instance worked');
is($b.is_cool, 42, 'our class "inherited" an attribute');
throws-like ' %!P = 1; 1', Exception,
'calling a trait outside of a class should be a syntax error';
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4