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Vim runtime files for Raku support
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Improved support for Raku in Vim.


Installation of this plugin can be done via any of the available plugin managers, such as Pathogen, vim-plug, vundle or any other one.

Once installed, all files ending in .raku, .rakudoc, and .rakutest (and also .pl6, .pm6, .p6, and .t6 for legacy purposes) will make use of the plugin's features.

Configuring optional features

Not all features are enabled by default. This is in part due to them still being considered in testing, or because they may influence your regular workflow too much. These can be enabled by setting a certain variable to a truthy value.

Unicode ops

vim-raku can use Vim's abbreviation feature to convert ASCII based operators to their Unicode equivalents on the fly. To enable this feature, add the following line to your vimrc file:

let g:raku_unicode_abbrevs = 1
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