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Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev edited this page Aug 8, 2019 · 7 revisions

This is an IRC bot for creating a coverage report of the Rakudo (and NQP) source lines that were hit while running the code you give it. The first option is the commit, the second (optional) option is the filter for what lines of the MoarVM-generated coverage log you want, the third is the code to run.

The output will be a table where the first column is links to the file/line(s) covered and the second is the code from that file/line(s).

You can find some extra examples in tests: coverable.t

鈿 Please note that the grep= option takes a perl5 regex, not something else.

鈿 Only usable with rakudo versions starting from 2017.06

Usage examples


<MasterDuke> coverable6: HEAD say "hi"
<greppable6> MasterDuke,

Result filtering

By default coverable will grep for SETTING::, but you can provide your own pattern:

<MasterDuke> coverable6: 2017.06 grep=SETTING|Perl6 say "hi"
<greppable6> MasterDuke,