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This is an IRC bot for getting interested information about unicode characters. It can be addressed by its full name ('unicodable6') or its short name ('u').

You can find some extra examples in tests: unicodable.t

Usage examples

Find characters by name or general property

You can search characters by name:

<AlexDaniel> u: butterfly
<unicodable6> AlexDaniel, U+1F98B BUTTERFLY [So] (馃)

It only finds characters that have all words listed in your query:

<AlexDaniel> u: sign less
<unicodable6> AlexDaniel, U+003C LESS-THAN SIGN [Sm] (<)
<unicodable6> AlexDaniel, U+2A9F SIMILAR ABOVE LESS-THAN ABOVE EQUALS SIGN [Sm] (猹)
<unicodable6> AlexDaniel, 5 characters in total:

As you can see, if there are too many results, it uploads a file and gives you the link.

You can also filter characters by general category (just include the 2-char property name as one of the words, first letter uppercased):

<AlexDaniel> u: one Nd
<unicodable6> AlexDaniel, U+0031 DIGIT ONE [Nd] (1)
<unicodable6> AlexDaniel, U+0661 ARABIC-INDIC DIGIT ONE [Nd] (佟)
<unicodable6> AlexDaniel, 58 characters in total:

Get info about a character

If you already have some characters and you want to know more about them, just type them in:

<AlexDaniel> u: 鈾ヰ煠
<unicodable6> AlexDaniel, U+2665 BLACK HEART SUIT [So] (鈾)
<unicodable6> AlexDaniel, U+1F937 SHRUG [So] (馃し)

You can also use character codes:

<AlexDaniel> u: 0x68 U+69
<unicodable6> AlexDaniel, U+0068 LATIN SMALL LETTER H [Ll] (h)
<unicodable6> AlexDaniel, U+0069 LATIN SMALL LETTER I [Ll] (i)

Dumping all character properties

Unicodable also provides an extra command to dump all property values of one or more characters:

<AlexDaniel> unidump: 陆鈪
<unicodable6> AlexDaniel,

Properties that differ are highlighted with bold.