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Long time coming, small fixes though :(

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@Ralim Ralim released this 14 Jul 01:52

The big change behind this release is related to language handling.
Instead of trying to create UTF-8 string decoding, this is not handle on python side and it converts all glyphs to encoded numbers. This should remove the issues with some random characters not working.

This also includes a bit of a clean-up of the PID logic. Its working well on my units here, but as with all PID changes, let me know if there are issues in this version with PID performance.

As part of this cleanup there were a few small logic changes:

  • QC3.0 re-worked to jump straight to 12V rather than goto 9 and climb up. If this causes issues, it will be reversed.
  • Removed the voltage auto seek as it causes oscillations & can cause odd bugs with accelerometer
  • Added back in the small current pulses for TS80 to keep power bank on
  • Re-worked all of the fonts and symbols to use the new python auto-gen so if you see any symbols that are wrong, please let me know.
  • KNOWN BUG: The power estimator for the detailed soldering screen is the wrong scale and is wrapping. Will be fixed in next rc
  • QC3.0 was made more tolerant to negotation, so hopefully more support.

Coming next (hopefully)

  • New model for temperature reading to hopefully reduce some of the calibration issues
  • Fix the power estimates in detailed view
  • Expand power options for PID for TS80