A Rally app that shows work that was added and removed per iteration. This app uses App SDK 1.
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Rally Iteration Scope Change



The Iteration Scope Change app displays a list of added and removed work (user stories, defects, etc.) for each iteration.

How to Use

Running the App

If you want to start using the app immediately, create an Custom HTML app on your Rally dashboard. Then copy App.html from the deploy folder into the HTML text area. That's it, it should be ready to use. See this help link if you don't know how to create a dashboard page for Custom HTML apps.

Or you can just click here to find the file and copy it into the custom HTML app.

Using the App

You can choose an iteration from your project by using the drop down menu on the top of the app. You can select any iteration: past, present, or future. The app filters work by day so you can see when each item has been added or removed. You can also scope the list by showing added work, removed work, or listing both at the same time.

Customize this App

You're free to customize this app to your liking (see the License section for details). If you need to add any new Javascript or CSS files, make sure to update config.json so it will be included the next time you build the app.

This app uses the Rally SDK 1.29. The documentation can be found here. Queries are done a bit differently between 1.29 and 1.32 (the last SDK 1 version) with the main difference being queries being lower case in 1.29 versus camel case in 1.32.

Available Rakefile tasks are:

rake build                      # Build a deployable app which includes all JavaScript and CSS resources inline
rake clean                      # Clean all generated output
rake debug                      # Build a debug version of the app, useful for local development
rake deploy                     # Deploy an app to a Rally server
rake deploy:debug               # Deploy a debug app to a Rally server
rake deploy:info                # Display deploy information
rake jslint                     # Run jslint on all JavaScript files used by this app, can be enabled by setting ENABLE_JSLINT=true.


IterationScopeChange is released under the MIT license. See the file LICENSE for the full text.