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Section 1, Thursday April 26th

This section comprises zero special stages (date, code, controlId, controlPenalties, distance, eventId, firstCarDueDateTime, firstCarDueDateTimeLocal, location, stageId, status, targetDuration, targetDurationMs, timingPrecision, type, itineraryLegId, itinerarySections.itinerarySectionId, roundingPolicy, timeZoneOffset, itinerarySectionId, section, order, mylocaltime)

The full scheduled itinerary for the section was as follows:

- 18:30:00 TC0 VILLA CARLOS PAZ - Service OUT  [00:00:00]
- 18:45:00 TC0A VILLA CARLOS PAZ - Reagrouping In  (3.72km) [00:15:00]
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