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Battery to USB power conversion

Converting my battery operated LED light to mains (USB) power

Blog entry discussing this:

See video #126 http://www/

(Direct link to video:

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So this rather simple project to convert my outdoor PIR lamp to mains electricity is not something I'd normally video, but I thought there might be value in it, as we discussed diodes at least!

Using one of the ubiquitous phone (USB) chargers I have lying around seemed a good use of existing resources, along with a cheap micro USB breakout board.

With just a small amount of DIY and maker skills it was completed in a couple of (non-contiguous) days as I recovered from my eye-op.

So now I have a nice, bright LED PIR light above my workshop door so I can see where the lock is, and it runs off mains via the aforementioned phone charger - no more expensive batteries. I wonder if I could describe this as an Eco-project?

Some links below may be affiliate links (I earn commission on any sales - doesn't affect my recommendation either way)

USB breakout board (NB does NOT convert to serial, it just exposes the USB connections)

When GOOD components go BAD!
My failed 9v power supply video (starts at time position 10:30)

Schottky Diodes (Wikipedia) All you need to know

Assorted Diode pack (AliExpress)

Similar Diode pack from Banggood

Reamer (stepped) drill (I used the thinnest one in the video)

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Converting my battery operated LED light to mains (USB) power







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