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A Python library to evaluate mean Average Precision(mAP) for object detection. Provides the same output as PASCAL VOC's matlab code.
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This repo provides the evaluation codes used in our ICCV 2019 paper A Delay Metric for Video Object Detection: What Average Precision Fails to Tell, including:

  • Mean Average Precision (mAP)
  • Average Delay (AD)
  • A redesigned NAB metric for the video object detection problem.

Prepare the data

Download the groundtruth annotations and the sample detector outputs by running the following command:

$ bash

The groundtruth annotations of VIDT are stored in KITTI-format due to its simplicity and io-efficiency.

We provide the outputs of the following methods. The github repos that generate those outputs are also listed.

Run evaluation

All the evaluation scripts are under ./experiments folder. For instance, to measure the mAP and AD of FGFA, run command:

python experiments/ examples/rfcn_fgfa_7 data/ILSVRC2015_KITTI_FORMAT

Evaluate your own detector.

For every video sequence, output a file as <sequence_name>.txt. Each line in the file should be one single object in <frame_id> <class_id> <confidence> <xmin> <ymin> <xmax> <ymax> format.


This pure Python-based mAP evaluation code is refactored from Cartucho/mAP. It has been tested against the original matlab version.

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