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It is a simple module. It doesn't do anything but displaying a text on the console.

This module shows how to make a simple module according to node.js. This module could then be shared on npm or be kept private.


If you just want to run this module, do the following:

npm install hello-world

And see the example.js file for a usage example.

Here are the instructions to see how to run this module and also how to develop your modules:

  • Run git clone https://github.com/Ralt/mymodule.git.
  • Go to the mymodule folder, and run sudo npm link. This will create a global link of the current module.
  • Create a folder named test. Go to it, and run npm link mymodule. You'll see a symbolic link of the module in your test/node_modules/ folder.
  • Create a file in the test folder, name it file.js. Write the following in it: require( 'mymodule' )();.
  • Run the file with node file.js. See, mymodule is working!
  • Now, try to change the index.js file in the mymodule directory. Rerun file.js, and see that the change immediately happened. Because npm link just creates a link, not a copy.
  • Finally, look at the package.json file to understand how this works. More information can be found on npmjs.org.