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JSON REST APIs made easy.

In other words, spin up a fully standards-compliant1 JSON API over HTTP in Common Lisp by providing a simple class.

Not yet available on quicklisp.

Documentation available here.

An example of an implementation is available here.

1 Closely follows RFC 7230, RFC 7231 and RFC 5789.


This library uses (and exposes its usage) the following dependencies:

  • hunchentoot: defines a new acceptor to be used with hunchentoot. restful also assumes that hunchentoot is used to handle requests/responses.
  • jonathan: parse/render JSON thanks to this library. A selling point of this library is that an object can define a method to handle its rendering.

The following dependencies are used internally:

  • alexandria for the hash table facilities.
  • cl-ppcre for the regexes.
  • closer-mop to define and handle new slot options.


  • Add HATEOAS support through the Link response header
  • Define a mongodb/postgresql storage
  • Add POST handling on collections (create resources, custom actions)