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(in-package :common-lisp-user)
(defpackage #:cells-gtk-asd
(:use :cl :asdf))
(in-package :cells-gtk-asd)
;;; features
;;; run gtk in its own thread (requires bordeaux-threads)
(pushnew :cells-gtk-threads *features*)
;;; drawing-area widget using cairo (requires cl-cairo2)
(pushnew :cells-gtk-cairo *features*)
;;; drawing-area widget using OpenGL (requires libgtkglext1)
(pushnew :cells-gtk-opengl *features*)
(asdf:defsystem :cells-gtk
:name "cells-gtk"
:depends-on (:cells
#+cells-gtk-cairo :cl-cairo2
#+cells-gtk-cairo :cl-cairo2-x11
#+cells-gtk-threads :bordeaux-threads
#+cells-gtk-opengl :cl-opengl
#+cells-gtk-opengl :cl-glu
#+cells-gtk-opengl :cl-glut)
:serial t
((:file "packages")
(:file "conditions")
(:file "compat")
(:file "cells3-porting-notes" :depends-on ("packages"))
(:file "widgets" :depends-on ("conditions"))
(:file "layout" :depends-on ("widgets"))
(:file "display" :depends-on ("widgets"))
(:file "drawing-area" :depends-on ("widgets"))
#+cells-gtk-cairo (:file "cairo-drawing-area" :depends-on ("widgets"))
#+cells-gtk-opengl (:file "gl-drawing-area" :depends-on ("widgets"))
(:file "buttons" :depends-on ("widgets"))
(:file "entry" :depends-on ("widgets"))
(:file "tree-view" :depends-on ("widgets"))
(:file "menus" :depends-on ("widgets"))
(:file "dialogs" :depends-on ("widgets"))
(:file "textview" :depends-on ("widgets"))
(:file "addon" :depends-on ("widgets"))
(:file "gtk-app")
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