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(in-package :test-gtk)
(defmodel test-display (vbox)
(:default-initargs ;; g_timeout_add a function that will move the bar until the "Pulse" toggle is false.
:value (c? (with-widget-value (val :pulse)
(with-widget-value (timeout :timeout)
(timeout-add timeout
(lambda ()
(with-widget (pbar :pbar2)
(pulse pbar))
(widget-value :pulse))))))
:expand t :fill t
:kids (kids-list?
:kids (loop for icon-size in '(:menu :small-toolbar :large-toolbar :button :dnd :dialog)
collect (mk-image :stock :harddisk :icon-size icon-size)
collect (mk-image :stock :my-g :icon-size icon-size)))
:ratio 1
:kids (kids-list?
(mk-image :width 200 :height 250
:filename (namestring *tst-image*))))
:kids (kids-list?
(mk-progress-bar :md-name :pbar
:fraction (c? (widget-value :fraction-value 1)))
(mk-hscale :md-name :fraction-value
:value-type 'single-float
:min 0 :max 1
:step 0.01
:init 0.5)
(mk-button :label "Show in status bar"
(callback (widget event data)
(with-widget (w :statusbar)
(with-widget (pbar :pbar)
(push-message w (format nil "~a" (fraction pbar)))))))))
:kids (kids-list?
(mk-progress-bar :md-name :pbar2
:pulse-step (c? (widget-value :step .1))
:fraction (c-in .1))
(mk-toggle-button :md-name :pulse :label "Pulse")
(mk-label :text "Interval")
(mk-spin-button :md-name :timeout
:sensitive (c? (not (widget-value :pulse)))
:min 10 :max 1000
:init 100)
(mk-label :text "Pulse step")
(mk-spin-button :md-name :step
:value-type 'single-float
:min 0.01 :max 1 :step 0.01
:init 0.1)
(mk-image :md-name :pulse-image
:stock (c? (if (widget-value :pulse) :yes :no)))))
:expand t :fill t
:xalign 0 :yalign 1
:xscale 1
:kids (c? (the-kids
(mk-statusbar :md-name :statusbar)))))))
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