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(in-package :cl)
;;; features
;;; I am not Kenny
(pushnew :iamnotkenny *features*)
;;; run gtk in its own thread (requires bordeaux-threads)
(pushnew :cells-gtk-threads *features*)
;;; drawing-area widget using cairo (requires cl-cairo2)
(pushnew :cells-gtk-cairo *features*)
;;; drawing-area widget using OpenGL (requires libgtkglext1)
(pushnew :cells-gtk-opengl *features*)
;;; Two steps:
;;; Step 1 -- Do nothing. (UFFI/Hello-C had a "Step 1," CFFI doesn't.)
;;; Step 2 -- If you built or downloaded the libcellsgtk library, uncomment the next line.
;;; features
(pushnew :libcellsgtk *features*)
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