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(in-package :cgtk)
(def-object action ()
((name :accessor name :initarg :name :initform nil)
(accel :accessor accel :initarg :accel :initform nil)
(visible :accessor visible :initarg :visible :initform (c-in t))
(sensitive :accessor sensitive :initarg :sensitive :initform (c-in t))
(label :accessor label :initarg :label :initform nil)
(tooltip :accessor tooltip :initarg :tooltip :initform nil)
(stock :accessor stock :initarg :stock :initform nil)
(stock-id :accessor stock-id :initform (c? (when (stock self)
(string-downcase (format nil "gtk-~a" (stock self)))))))
:new-args (c_1 (list (name self) nil nil (stock-id self))))
(defobserver visible ((self action))
(gtk-ffi::gtk-object-set-property (id self) "visible" 'boolean new-value))
(defobserver sensitive ((self action))
(gtk-ffi::gtk-object-set-property (id self) "sensitive" 'boolean new-value))
(defobserver label ((self action))
(when new-value
(gtk-ffi::with-gtk-string (str new-value)
(gtk-ffi::gtk-object-set-property (id self) "label" 'c-pointer str))))
(defobserver tooltip ((self action))
(when new-value
(gtk-ffi::with-gtk-string (str new-value)
(gtk-ffi::gtk-object-set-property (id self) "tooltip" 'c-pointer str))))
(def-object action-group ()
((name :accessor name :initarg :name :initform nil)
(visible :accessor visible :initarg :visible :initform (c-in t))
(sensitive :accessor sensitive :initarg :sensitive :initform (c-in t)))
:new-args (c_1 (list (name self))))
(defobserver sensitive ((self action-group))
(gtk-ffi::gtk-action-group-set-sensitive (id self) new-value))
(defobserver visible ((self action-group))
(gtk-ffi::gtk-action-group-set-visible (id self) new-value))
(defobserver .kids ((self action-group))
(dolist (kid old-value)
(gtk-ffi::gtk-action-group-remove-action (id self) (id kid)))
(dolist (kid new-value)
(gtk-ffi::gtk-action-group-add-action-with-accel (id self) (id kid) (accel kid))))
(def-object ui-manager ()
((action-groups :accessor action-groups :initform (c-in nil))
(add-tearoffs :accessor tearoffs :initarg :tearoffs :initform nil))
(defobserver tearoffs ((self ui-manager))
(gtk-ffi::gtk-ui-manager-set-add-tearoffs (id self) new-value))
(defmethod add-action-group ((self ui-manager) (group action-group) &optional pos)
(let ((grp (to-be group)))
(trc nil "ADD-ACTION-GROUP" grp) (force-output)
(gtk-ffi::gtk-ui-manager-insert-action-group (id self) (id group) (or pos (length (action-groups self))))
(push grp (action-groups self))))
(defmodel test-actions (vbox)
:action-group (mk-action-group
:name "Group 1"
:kids (kids-list?
:name "Action 1" :stock :cdrom :label "Action 1" :accel "<Control>a")
:name "Action 2" :stock :network :label "Action 2" :accel "<Control>b")))
:kids (kids-list?
(mk-label :text "Actions test"))))
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