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1. TRC is now back in the cells package. pod-utils no longer exports TRC. use pod::trc to get to it.
We could probably just drop TRC from pod-utils.
2. def-c-output is now defobserver. name change only.
3. md-value/.md-value is now value/.value
4. Use :owning option on cell slot to handle things like:
5. Tempted to not have id or new-args be cells. not sure why new-args even needs to be a slot.
6. In test-menus, opening menu2 (after making it visible and active) crashes the lisp.
(in-package :cells-gtk)
(defun make-be (class &rest args)
(let ((x (apply 'make-instance class args)))
(md-awaken x)
(defun to-be (x) (md-awaken x) x)
(defmacro kids-list? (&rest body)
`(c? (the-kids ,@body)))
(export '(make-be to-be kids-list?))