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Cells Gtk
Copyright (c) 2004 by Vasilis Margioulas <>
You have the right to distribute and use this software as governed by
the terms of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License (LLGPL):
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
Lisp Lesser GNU Public License for more details.
(in-package :cgtk)
(def-widget message-dialog (window)
((message :accessor message :initarg :message :initform nil)
(message-type :accessor message-type :initarg :message-type :initform :info)
(fn-response :accessor fn-response :initarg :fn-response)
(buttons :accessor buttons :initarg :buttons :initform nil)
(buttons-id :accessor buttons-id :initarg :buttons-id :initform (c-in nil))
(buttons-type :accessor buttons-type :initarg :buttons-type :initform (c? (if (eql (message-type self) :question) :yes-no :close)))
(content-area :owning t :accessor content-area :initarg :content-area :initform nil))
:position :mouse
:fn-response (lambda (self response) (declare (ignore self)) (case response (-5 :ok) (-6 :cancel) (-7 :close) (-8 :yes) (-9 :no)))
:new-args (c_1 (list +c-null+
(ecase (message-type self) (:info 0) (:warning 1) (:question 2) (:error 3))
(ecase (buttons-type self) (:none 0) (:ok 1) (:close 2) (:cancel 3) (:yes-no 4) (:ok-cancel 5))
(message self))))
(defmethod md-awaken :after ((self message-dialog))
(trc "md-awaken :after"))
(export! show-dialog show-message show-message-dialog)
(defobserver content-area ((self message-dialog))
(when new-value
(trc "adding content area" self)
(let ((vbox (gtk-dialog-get-content-area (id self))))
(gtk-box-pack-start vbox (id new-value) nil nil 5))))
(defobserver buttons ((self message-dialog))
(when new-value
(with-integrity (:change 'msg-dlg-buttons)
(setf (buttons-id self) (mapcar #'(lambda (b) (gtk-dialog-add-button (id self) (car b) (car (cdr b)))) new-value)))))
(defun show-dialog (dlg-class &rest inits)
(let ((self (apply #'make-instance dlg-class :awaken-on-init-p t inits)))
(wtrc (0 100 "processing dlg")
(let* ((response (wtrc (0 100 "running dialog")
(gtk-dialog-run (id self))))
(result (funcall (fn-response self) self response)))
(trc "showed dialog" response result)
(with-slots (content-area) self
(when content-area
(trc "reading content area" (value content-area))
(setf result (value content-area))
(trc "forgetting content-area")
(not-to-be content-area)
#+not-necessary (gtk-object-forget (id content-area) content-area)))
(trc "destroying self (not-to-be)")
(not-to-be self)
#+not-necessary (progn
(gtk-widget-destroy (id self))
(trc "forgetting self")
(gtk-object-forget (id self) self))
(defun show-message (text &rest inits)
(apply #'show-dialog 'message-dialog :message text inits))
(defun show-message-dialog (&rest inits)
(apply #'show-dialog 'message-dialog inits))
(def-object file-filter ()
((mime-types :accessor mime-types :initarg :mime-types :initform nil)
(patterns :accessor patterns :initarg :patterns :initform nil))
(defobserver mime-types ((self file-filter))
(dolist (mime-type new-value)
(gtk-file-filter-add-mime-type (id self) mime-type)))
(defobserver patterns ((self file-filter))
(dolist (pattern new-value)
(gtk-file-filter-add-pattern (id self) pattern)))
(def-object file-chooser ()
((action :accessor action :initarg :action :initform nil)
(action-id :accessor action-id
:initform (c? (ecase (action self)
(:open 0)
(:save 1)
(:select-folder 2)
(:create-folder 3))))
(filters :accessor filters :initarg :filters :initform nil)
(filters-ids :accessor filters-ids
:initform (c? (loop for filter in (filters self) collect
(id (make-instance 'file-filter :name (first filter) :patterns (rest filter)))))))
(local-only select-multiple current-name filename
current-folder uri current-folder-uri use-preview-label filter)
:on-selection-changed (callback (widget signal data)
(with-integrity (:change 'selection-changed)
(trc "file-chooser setting value")
(if (select-multiple self)
(setf (value self) (gtk-file-chooser-get-filenames-strs (id self)))
(setf (value self) (gtk-file-chooser-get-filename (id self)))))))
(defobserver filters-ids ((self file-chooser))
(dolist (filter-id new-value)
(gtk-file-chooser-add-filter (id self) filter-id)))
(defobserver action ((self file-chooser))
(when new-value
(gtk-file-chooser-set-action (id self) (action-id self))))
(def-widget file-chooser-widget (file-chooser vbox)
:new-args (c_1 (list (action-id self))))
(def-widget file-chooser-dialog (file-chooser message-dialog)
:on-selection-changed nil
:position :mouse
:fn-response (lambda (self response)
(trc "fn response for file-chooser dialog")
(when (eql response -5)
(if (select-multiple self)
(gtk-file-chooser-get-filenames-strs (id self))
(gtk-file-chooser-get-filename (id self)))))
:new-args (c_1 (list (title self)
(action-id self)
"gtk-cancel" -6 ;;response-cancel
(format nil "gtk-~a"
(if (eql (action self) :select-folder)
(if (eql (action self) :create-folder)
(action self))))))
-5 ;;response-ok
(defun file-chooser (&rest inits)
(bwhen (fn-string (apply #'show-dialog 'file-chooser-dialog inits))
(let ((fn (parse-namestring fn-string))
(action (getf inits :action)))
(flet ((fail (format-string &rest format-args)
(show-message (apply #'format nil format-string format-args)
:title (format nil "File ~(~a~) error" action))
(case action
(:open (or (and (file-namestring fn) (probe-file fn))
(fail "\"~a\" is not a valid filename." fn-string)))
(t fn-string))))))