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(in-package :cgtk)
(defvar *gl-config* nil)
;;; gl drawing area
;;; OpenGL interaction
(defun get-gl-config ()
(let ((cfg (gdk-gl-config-new-by-mode '(:gdk-gl-mode-rgba :gdk-gl-mode-depth :gdk-gl-mode-double))))
(if (cffi-sys:null-pointer-p cfg)
(let ((cfg (gdk-gl-config-new-by-mode '(:gdk-gl-mode-rgba :gdk-gl-mode-depth :gdk-gl-mode-double))))
(warn "No double buffered visual found. Trying single-buffered.")
(if (cffi-sys:null-pointer-p cfg)
(error "No OpenGL capable visual found.")
(defun gl-init ()
(gtk-gl-init +c-null+ +c-null+)
(setf *gl-config* (get-gl-config)))
(defmacro with-gl-context ((widget &key (swap-buffers-p t)) &rest body)
(with-gensyms (drawable context swap-p w wid)
`(let ((,swap-p ,swap-buffers-p)
(,w ,widget))
(let ((,wid (id ,w)))
(let ((,context (gtk-widget-get-gl-context ,wid))
(,drawable (gtk-widget-get-gl-window ,wid)))
(if (gdk-gl-drawable-gl-begin ,drawable ,context)
(when ,swap-p
(when (gdk-gl-drawable-is-double-buffered ,drawable)
(trc "swapping buffers")
(gdk-gl-drawable-swap-buffers ,drawable)))
(gdk-gl-drawable-gl-end ,drawable))
(trc "gl-begin failed" ,w ,drawable ,context)))))))
;;; Event handling
(defun %gl-draw (self)
(bwhen (draw-fn (draw self))
(with-gl-context (self)
(funcall draw-fn self))))
(cffi:defcallback realize-handler :void ((widget :pointer) (data :pointer))
(declare (ignore data))
(let ((self (gtk-object-find widget)))
(trc "gl realize" self widget (id self))
(bwhen (init-fn (init self))
(with-gl-context (self)
(funcall init-fn self)))
(trc "done gl realize" self)))
(defun %resize (self)
(let ((width (allocated-width self))
(height (allocated-height self)))
(when (and (plusp width) (plusp height))
(trc "%resize to" width height)
(with-gl-context (self)
(gl:viewport 0 0 width height)
;; set projection to account for aspect
(gl:matrix-mode :projection)
(glu:perspective 90 (/ width height) 0.5 20) ; 90 degrees field of view y, clip 0.5-20 z
;; set modelview to identity
(gl:matrix-mode :modelview)
(bwhen (resize-fn (resize self))
(funcall resize-fn self))))))
;;; Widget
(defmodel gl-drawing-area (drawing-area)
((draw :accessor draw :initarg :draw :cell nil :initform nil)
(init :accessor init :initarg :init :cell nil :initform nil)
(resize :accessor resize :initarg :resize :cell nil :initform nil))
:on-draw #'%gl-draw))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((self gl-drawing-area) &rest initargs)
(declare (ignore initargs))
(trc "registering handlers for" self)
(gtk-signal-connect-swap (id self) "realize" (cffi:get-callback 'realize-handler) :data (id self))
(trc "set gl capability" self)
(gtk-widget-set-gl-capability (id self) *gl-config* +c-null+ t :gdk-gl-rgba-type))
(defobserver allocated-width ((self gl-drawing-area))
(%resize self))
(defobserver allocated-height ((self gl-drawing-area))
(%resize self))
;;; supporting macros
(export! with-matrix-mode)
(defmacro with-matrix-mode ((mode) &body body)
(gl:matrix-mode ,mode)
(gl:matrix-mode :modelview)