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Cells Gtk
Copyright (c) 2004 by Vasilis Margioulas <>
You have the right to distribute and use this software as governed by
the terms of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License (LLGPL):
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
Lisp Lesser GNU Public License for more details.
(in-package :cgtk)
;;; Debugging tool
(declaim (optimize (debug 3) (speed 0)))
(defmacro with-trc (form)
(with-gensyms (res)
(when *gtk-debug* (format t "~&eval ~a " ',form))
(let ((,res ,form))
(when *gtk-debug*
(format t "--> ~a~%" ,res)
(defmacro with-trcs (&body body)
,@(mapcar #'(lambda (f) `(with-trc ,f)) body)))
;;; Main application class
(defmodel gtk-app (window)
((splash-screen-image :accessor splash-screen-image :initarg :splash-screen-image :initform nil)
(tooltips :initarg :tooltips :accessor tooltips :owning t :initform (make-be 'tooltips))
(tooltips-enable :accessor tooltips-enable :initarg :tooltips-enable :initform (c-in t))
(tooltips-delay :accessor tooltips-delay :initarg :tooltips-delay :initform (c-in nil))
(stock-icons :cell nil :accessor stock-icons :initarg :stock-icons :initform nil)
(rc-file :cell nil :initarg :rc-file :initform nil)
(terminate-on-close :accessor terminate-on-close :cell nil :initform nil :initarg :terminate-on-close))
:on-delete-event (lambda (self widget event data)
(declare (ignore widget event data))
(not-to-be self)
(when (terminate-on-close self)
(with-trc (gtk-main-quit)))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((self gtk-app) &key stock-icons)
(loop for (name pathname) in stock-icons do
(let* ((image (gtk-image-new-from-file pathname))
(pixbuf (gtk-image-get-pixbuf image))
(icon-set (gtk-icon-set-new-from-pixbuf pixbuf))
(factory (gtk-icon-factory-new)))
(gtk-icon-factory-add factory (format nil "gtk-~A" (string-downcase (string name))) icon-set)
(gtk-icon-factory-add-default factory))))
(defobserver tooltips-enable ((self gtk-app))
(when (tooltips self)
(if new-value
(gtk-tooltips-enable (id (tooltips self)))
(gtk-tooltips-disable (id (tooltips self))))))
(defobserver tooltips-delay ((self gtk-app))
(when new-value
(gtk-tooltips-set-delay (id (tooltips self)) new-value)))
(defmodel splash-screen (window)
((image-path :accessor image-path :initarg :image-path :initform nil))
:decorated nil
:position :center
:kids (c? (when (image-path self)
(mk-image :filename (image-path self)))))))
;;; Bookkeeping
;;; We keep track of all windows in the list *system*
(defvar *system* nil "keeps track of all running windows")
(defun open-windows ()
"Return a list of open windows"
(remove-if-not #'(lambda (w) (gtk-object-find (id w))) *system*))
;;; Simulating an application main window
;;; We use the gtk-main-quit callback to close open application windows when the main
;;; window is closed (in case you have defined one by setting :terminate-on-close t
;;; for gtk-app
(cffi:defcallback cb-quit :unsigned-int ((data :pointer))
(trc "cb quit" data (gtk-object-find data))
(bwhen (self (gtk-object-find data))
(setf *system* (delete self *system*))
(not-to-be self))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((self window) &rest initargs)
(declare (ignore initargs))
(push self *system*)
;; (trcx "initialize-instance :after" self (id self))
(when (id self)
(setf (slot-value self 'cb-quit-id) (gtk-quit-add 0 (cffi:get-callback 'cb-quit) (id self)))))
(defmethod not-to-be :after ((self window))
(with-trc (gtk-quit-remove (slot-value self 'cb-quit-id))))
;;; Helper functions convering the life cycle of an application
(defvar *using-thread* 'undecided)
;;; Initialize GDK
(defvar *gtk-loaded* #+clisp t #-clisp nil) ;; kt: looks like CLisp does this on its own
(defvar *gtk-initialized* nil)
(defun cells-gtk-init ()
"initialize cells-gtk. DO NOT USE WITH THREADING"
(unless *gtk-loaded*
(setf *gtk-loaded* t))
(defun init-gtk (&key close-all-windows)
"Replacement for cells-gtk-init. Threadsafe. Use to reset cells-gtk to a defined state."
(unless *gtk-loaded* ; make sure gtk is loaded
(setf *gtk-loaded* t))
(when close-all-windows
(unless *gtk-initialized* ; init only once
(g-thread-init +c-null+) ; init threading
(assert (gtk-init-check +c-null+ +c-null+))
#+cells-gtk-opengl (gl-init)
(setf *gtk-initialized* t))))
;;; Instantiate and show app (show splash)
(defun show-win (app-name &rest initargs)
"Show a window by instantiating app-name with initargs. Load ressources and/or show
splash screen, if applicable. A threadsafe replacement for \"make-be\". To simulate a main-window, use
\":terminate-on-close t\". Use start-win to make sure the background thread is running."
; weird issue: the window does not show up if we init it with :visible (c-in nil)
; and there is no other window currently open
; --> we open another window (visible nil) to kick gtk
(let ((app) (splash) (app-p (subtypep app-name 'gtk-app)))
(with-trc (setf app (apply #'make-instance app-name :visible (c-in nil) initargs)))
(when app-p
(when (splash-screen-image app)
(setf splash (make-instance 'splash-screen :image-path (splash-screen-image app)
:visible (c-in nil)))
(gtk-window-set-auto-startup-notification nil)
(to-be splash)
(with-integrity (:change :make-splash-visible)
(setf (visible splash) t))
(not-to-be (make-instance 'window)) ; kick gtk ... ugly
(loop while (gtk-events-pending) do
(when app-p
(with-slots (rc-file) app
(when (and rc-file (probe-file rc-file))
(gtk-rc-reset-styles (gtk-settings-get-default))
(gtk-rc-parse rc-file)))))
(with-trc (to-be app))
(when splash
(not-to-be splash)
(gtk-window-set-auto-startup-notification t))
(with-integrity (:change :make-app-visible)
(setf (visible app) t))
(not-to-be (make-instance 'window :visible nil)) ; ph: kick gtk ... ugly
;;; Main loop
(defun main-loop ()
"Run GTK Main until user signal quit. Errors are caught and displayed in a dialog, providing the user with the option to \"recklessly continue\" -- not to be called directly"
(if (eql *using-thread* 'yes)
(loop until
((gtk-continuable-error #'(lambda (condition) (invoke-restart 'continue-from-error condition )))
(error #'(lambda (con) (invoke-restart 'report-error con))))
;; Despite a workaround for Slime (see FAQ), the gtk-main-iteration-do loop,
;; still appears to be necessary for LW. Otherwise, LW consumes 99% of CPU.
#+lispworks ; give slime a chance.
(loop while (gtk-events-pending) do
(gtk-main-iteration-do nil))
(process-wait-with-timeout .01 "GTK event loop waiting"))
;; Restart cases
(continue-from-error (c1)
(trc "show message")
(show-message (format nil "Cells-GTK Error: ~a" c1)
:message-type :error :title "Cells-GTK Error")
(trc "showed the message"))
(report-error (c2)
(trc "show error message")
(when (eql (show-message (format nil "Lisp Error: ~a~%~%Recklessly continue?" c2)
:message-type :error
:title "Lisp Error"
:buttons-type :yes-no)
(trc ">>>> ERROR REPORTING -->" c2)
(error c2)))))
;; clean-up forms -- application windows are taken down by gtk-quit-add callbacks
(trc "cells-gtk clean-up code")
(loop for i below (gtk-main-level)
do (trc " gtk-main-quit")
do (gtk-main-quit))
;; Next is a work-around for a problem with gtk and lispwork-created .exe files
#+(and Lispworks win32)(loop for i from 1 to 30 do (gtk-main-quit))
(loop while (gtk-events-pending)
do (trc " gtk-main-iteration-do")
do (gtk-main-iteration-do nil))))
;;; start-app
(defun start-app (app-name &key debug)
"Start in application within the main thread (only return when application window is closed.
To run gtk in a background thread, use start-win instead."
(let ((*gtk-debug* debug))
(case *using-thread*
('yes (error "Cannot mix start-win and start-app in one lisp session. Use start-win or restart lisp"))
(t (setf *using-thread* 'no)))
(show-win app-name :terminate-on-close t)
(when *gtk-debug* (trc nil "STARTING GTK-MAIN") (force-output))
;;; Facilities to run gtk apps in an own thread
;;; Important: GTK wants to communicate with a single thread per session
;;; We create such a dispatcher thread and keep it running continously
;;; in the background
;;; facilities to start/stop gtk-main thread
(let ((gtk-main-thread nil))
(flet ((gtk-thread ()
(gdk-threads-register-gtk-main (bt:current-thread))
(setf gtk-main-thread (bt:current-thread))
(loop (main-loop))))
(defun gtk-main-thread ()
"returns the gtk main thread -- not to be called directly"
(defun stop-gtk-main ()
"Final clean up stuff -- need to RESTART lisp to access gtk again."
; (terminate-gtk)
(bt:destroy-thread gtk-main-thread))
(defun start-gtk-main ()
"Fire up gtk main thread in the background. -- not to be called directly."
(if-bind (thread (find-if #'(lambda (thrd) (string= (bt:thread-name thrd) "gtk-main-thread")) (bt:all-threads)))
(unless (eq thread gtk-main-thread)
#+msg (format t "~&INFO: there is another gtk-main thread. Recover from recompiling cells-gtk in use.~%")
(gdk-threads-register-gtk-main thread)
(setf gtk-main-thread thread))
(let ((so *standard-output*))
#+msg (format t "~&starting gtk-main thread ...")
(bt:make-thread #'(lambda () (let ((*standard-output* so) (*print-readably* nil))
(gtk-thread))) :name "gtk-main-thread"))
(loop while (not gtk-main-thread)
do (bt:thread-yield))
#+msg (format t " done~%"))))
(defun close-all-windows ()
"close all open windows by issuing gtk-main-quit"
(when gtk-main-thread
(defun start-win (app-class &rest initargs)
"Starts app-class with initargs in its own thread. Use :terminate-on-close t to close all other
windows once this one is closed."
(case *using-thread*
('no (error "Cannot mix start-win and start-app in one lisp session. Use start-app or restart lisp"))
(t (setf *using-thread* 'yes)))
(apply #'show-win app-class initargs)))