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Cells Gtk
Copyright (c) 2004 by Vasilis Margioulas <>
You have the right to distribute and use this software as governed by
the terms of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License (LLGPL):
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
Lisp Lesser GNU Public License for more details.
(in-package :cgtk)
(defmacro with-tree-iters (vars &body body)
`(let (,@(loop for var in vars collect `(,var (gtk-adds-tree-iter-new))))
(progn ,@body)
,@(loop for var in vars collect `(gtk-tree-iter-free ,var)))))
;;; ============= Combo-box ============================
;;; User should specify exactly one of :items or :roots
;;; If specify :roots, specify :children-fn too.
(def-widget combo-box (container)
((items :accessor items :initarg :items :initform nil)
(print-fn :accessor print-fn :initarg :print-fn
:initform #'(lambda (item) (format nil "~a" item))) ; see below if :roots
(init :accessor init :initarg :init :initform nil)
(roots :accessor roots :initarg :roots :initform nil)
(children-fn :accessor children-fn :initarg :children-fn :initform #'(lambda (x) (declare (ignore x)) nil))
(tree-model :cell nil :accessor tree-model :initform nil)
(current-pos :accessor current-pos :initarg :current-pos :initform (c-in nil)))
:new-tail '-text
(callback (widget event data)
;(trc nil "combo-box onchanged cb" widget event data (id self))
(if (items self)
;; flat model (:items specified)
(let ((pos (gtk-combo-box-get-active (id self))))
;;(trc nil "combo-box pos" pos)
(setf (value self) (and (not (= pos -1))
(nth pos (items self))))
(setf (current-pos self) pos))
;; non-flat tree-model (:roots specified)
(with-tree-iters (iter)
(when (gtk-combo-box-get-active-iter (id self) iter)
(setf (value self)
(children-fn self)
(roots self)
(gtk-tree-model-get-cell (id (tree-model self)) iter 1 :string)))))))))
(defobserver current-pos ((self combo-box))
(when new-value (gtk-combo-box-set-active (id self) new-value)))
(defmethod cgtk-set-active-item-by-path ((self combo-box) path)
"Sets the value of the tree-model type combo-box to the item at the path. Path is a list of integers."
(when-bind (tree (tree-model self))
(with-tree-iters (it)
(when (gtk-tree-model-get-iter-from-string (id tree) it (format nil "~{~A~^:~}" path))
(gtk-combo-box-set-active-iter (id self) it)
;(break "in cgtk setting path = ~A" path)
(setf (value self) (item-from-path (children-fn self) (roots self) path))))))
;;; When user specifies :roots, he is using a tree-model.
;;; POD There is probably no reason he has to use :strings for the "columns"
(defobserver roots ((self combo-box))
(when old-value
(gtk-tree-store-clear (id (tree-model self))))
(when new-value
(with-integrity (:change 'combo-box-tree-model)
(unless (tree-model self)
(let ((model (mk-tree-store :item-types '(:string :string))))
(setf (tree-model self) model)
(setf (of-tree model) self)
(gtk-combo-box-set-model (id self) (id model))))
(let* ((user-print-fn (print-fn self)) ; because he shouldn't need to know this detail.
(pfunc #'(lambda (x) (list (funcall user-print-fn x)))))
(loop for root in new-value
for index from 0 do
(gtk-tree-store-set-kids (id (tree-model self)) root +c-null+ index
'(:string :string) pfunc (children-fn self)))
;; Spec says iter must correspond to a path of depth one. But then there would be no point
;; in set-active-iter. Well, the spec seems to be wrong (or poorly worded).
(when-bind (path (init self))
(cgtk-set-active-item-by-path self path))))))
(defobserver items ((self combo-box))
(when old-value
(dotimes (i (length old-value))
(gtk-combo-box-remove-text (id self) 0)))
(when new-value
(dolist (item (items self))
(gtk-combo-box-append-text (id self) (funcall (print-fn self) item)))
(with-integrity (:change 'combobox-items-set-value)
(if-bind (index (position (init self) (items self)))
(progn (gtk-combo-box-set-active (id self) index)
(setf (value self) (init self)))
(progn (gtk-combo-box-set-active (id self) 0)
(setf (value self) (car (items self))))))))
;;; ============= Combo-box-entry ============================
(def-widget combo-box-entry (combo-box)
;;; ============= Toolbar/Toolbutton ============================
(def-object tooltips ()
() () ())
(def-widget toolbar (container)
((orientation :accessor orientation :initarg :orientation :initform (c-in nil))
(style :accessor style :initarg :style :initform (c-in nil)))
(show-arrow tooltips)
:padding 0)
(defobserver .kids ((self toolbar))
(when new-value
(loop for item in new-value
for pos from 0 do
(gtk-toolbar-insert (id self) (id item) pos))))
(defobserver orientation ((self toolbar))
(when new-value
(gtk-toolbar-set-orientation (id self)
(case new-value
(:horizontal 0)
(:vertical 1)
(t 0)))))
(defobserver style ((self toolbar))
(when new-value
(gtk-toolbar-set-style (id self)
(case new-value
(:icons 0)
(:text 1)
(:both 2)
(:both-horiz 3)
(t 0)))))
(def-widget tool-item (container)
(homogeneous expand is-important)
(defobserver .kids ((self tool-item))
(assert-bin self)
(when new-value
(dolist (kid new-value)
(gtk-container-add (id self) (id kid)))))
(def-widget separator-tool-item (tool-item)
(def-widget tool-button (tool-item)
((stock :accessor stock :initarg :stock :initform (c-in nil))
(label :accessor label :initarg :label :initform (c-in nil))
(icon-widget :owning t :accessor icon-widget :initarg :icon-widget :initform (c-in nil))
(label-widget :owning t :accessor label-widget :initarg :label-widget :initform (c-in nil)))
(use-underline stock-id)
:new-args (list +c-null+ +c-null+))
(defobserver icon-widget ((self tool-button))
(when new-value
(gtk-tool-button-set-icon-widget (id self) (id new-value))))
(defobserver label-widget ((self tool-button))
(when new-value
(gtk-tool-button-set-label-widget (id self) (id new-value))))
(defobserver label ((self tool-button))
(when new-value
(gtk-tool-button-set-label (id self) new-value)))
(defobserver stock ((self tool-button))
(when new-value
(setf (stock-id self) (string-downcase (format nil "gtk-~a" new-value)))))
;;; ============= Menu ============================
(def-widget menu-shell (container)
() () ()
:padding 0)
(defobserver .kids ((self menu-shell))
(when new-value
(dolist (kid new-value)
(gtk-menu-shell-append (id self) (id kid)))))
(def-widget menu-bar (menu-shell)
() () ())
(def-widget menu (menu-shell)
((owner :initarg :owner :accessor owner :initform (c-in nil)))
(def-widget menu-item (item)
((label :accessor label :initarg :label :initform (c-in nil))
(label-widget :owning t :accessor label-widget :initarg :label-widget :initform nil)
(accel-label-widget :owning t :accessor accel-label-widget
:initform (c? (and (label self)
(let ((*parent* self))
(mk-accel-label :text (label self))))))
(accel :accessor accel :initarg :accel :initform (c-in nil))
(owner :initarg :owner :accessor owner :initform (c-in nil))
(submenu-id :initarg :submenu-id :cell nil :accessor submenu-id :initform nil)) ; gtk-menu-item-get-submenu not doing it. POD
:right-justified nil)
(defobserver .kids ((self menu-item))
(when old-value ; pod never occurs ?
(gtk-menu-item-remove-submenu (id self))) ;; almost certainly wrong -- better to Just Break here?
(when new-value
(gtk-menu-item-set-submenu (id self) (setf (submenu-id self) (gtk-menu-new)))
(dolist (kid new-value)
(gtk-menu-shell-append (submenu-id self) (id kid)))))
(defun accel-key-mods (accel)
(destructuring-bind (key &rest mods-lst) accel
(let ((mods 0))
(when mods-lst
(dolist (mod mods-lst)
(setf mods (logior mods
(ash 1 (ecase mod
(:shift 0)
(:control 2)
(:alt 3)))))))
(values (char-int key) mods))))
(defobserver accel ((self menu-item))
(when new-value
(bwhen (win (upper self window))
(multiple-value-bind (key mods) (accel-key-mods new-value)
(gtk-widget-add-accelerator (id self) "activate" (accel-group win) key mods 1)))))
(defobserver label-widget ((self menu-item))
(when new-value
(gtk-container-add (id self) (id new-value))))
(defobserver accel-label-widget ((self menu-item))
(let ((id (id self)))
(let ((child (gtk-bin-get-child id)))
(unless (cffi:null-pointer-p child)
(gtk-container-remove id child)))
(when new-value
(gtk-accel-label-set-accel-widget (id new-value) id)
(gtk-container-add id (id new-value)))))
(def-widget check-menu-item (menu-item)
((init :accessor init :initarg :init :initform nil))
:active (c-in nil)
:on-toggled (callback (widget event data)
(trc nil "on-toggled" self widget event data)
(with-integrity (:change 'check-menu-item-on-tog)
(let ((state (gtk-check-menu-item-get-active widget)))
(setf (value self) state)))))
(defobserver init ((self check-menu-item))
(setf (active self) new-value)
(setf (value self) new-value))
(def-widget radio-menu-item (check-menu-item)
() () ()
:new-tail (c? (let ((in-group-p (upper self menu-item))
(not-first-p (not (eql (first (kids (fm-parent self))) self))))
(when (and in-group-p not-first-p)
:new-args (c_1 (let ((in-group-p (upper self menu-item))
(not-first-p (not (eql (first (kids (fm-parent self))) self))))
(if (and in-group-p not-first-p)
(list (id (first (kids (fm-parent self)))))
(list +c-null+)))))
(defobserver .value ((self radio-menu-item))
(with-integrity (:change 'radio-menu-item-value)
(when (and new-value (upper self menu-item))
(setf (value (upper self menu-item)) (md-name self)))))
(def-widget image-menu-item (menu-item)
((stock :accessor stock :initarg :stock :initform nil)
(image :owning t :accessor image :initarg :image :initform nil))
:new-tail (c? (when (stock self)
:new-args (c_1 (when (stock self)
(list (string-downcase (format nil "gtk-~a" (stock self))) +c-null+))))
(defobserver image ((self image-menu-item))
(when new-value
(gtk-image-menu-item-set-image (id self) (id new-value))))
(def-widget separator-menu-item (menu-item)
() () ())
(def-widget tearoff-menu-item (menu-item)
() () ())