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Cells Gtk
Copyright (c) 2004 by Vasilis Margioulas <>
You have the right to distribute and use this software as governed by
the terms of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License (LLGPL):
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
Lisp Lesser GNU Public License for more details.
(in-package :cgtk)
(def-gtk g-object text-buffer ()
((text :accessor text :initarg :text :initform nil)
(tag-table :accessor tag-table :initarg :tag-table :initform (c-in nil))
(markup :cell nil :accessor markup :initform nil))
:new-args (c_1 (list +c-null+)))
(defobserver text ((self text-buffer))
(let ((buf (id self)))
(gtk-text-buffer-set-text buf (or new-value "") -1)
;; Typically if you are interested in watching for modifications,
;; you don't want to see ones such as this, where it is done programmatically.
;; Thus we clear the modified flag. Your on-modified method can check for this.
;; It can even reset it, if you don't like this arrangement.
(gtk-text-buffer-set-modified buf nil)))
(def-widget text-view (container)
((buffer :accessor buffer :initarg :buffer :initform (mk-text-buffer))
(populate-popup :accessor populate-popup :initarg :populate-popup :initform (c-in nil))
(depopulate-popup :accessor depopulate-popup :initarg :depopulate-popup :initform (c-in nil))
(old-popups :cell nil :accessor old-popups :initform nil))
:kids (c? (when (buffer self) (list (buffer self))))
:expand t
:fill t)
(defobserver buffer ((self text-view))
(when new-value
(gtk-text-view-set-buffer (id self) (id (buffer self)))))
;;; --------Populate-add -------------------------------------------------
;;; Menu-items that are appended to the existing textview popup menu on
;;; the populate-popup signal. They are made fresh from populate-adds.
(defclass populate-adds ()
((label :initarg :label :initform nil)
(on-activate :initarg :on-activate :initform nil)
(owner :initarg :owner :initform nil)
(kids :initarg :kids :initform nil)))
;;; Returns a list of populate-adds objects. These contain the :on-activate closures,
;;; but do not create the menu-item, which must be made each time they are needed,
;;; in the handler.
(defmacro def-populate-adds (&body menu-items)
,@(loop for (type . args) in menu-items
when (eql type :menu-item)
collect `(funcall #'make-instance 'populate-adds ,@args))))
(cffi:defcallback text-view-populate-popup-handler :void
((widget :pointer) (popup-menu :pointer) (data :pointer))
(declare (ignore data signal))
(when-bind (text-view (gtk-object-find widget))
(when-bind (cb (callback-recover text-view :populate-popup))
(funcall cb popup-menu)))
(defobserver populate-popup ((self text-view))
(when new-value
(callback-register self :populate-popup (populate-popup-closure (reverse new-value) self))
(gtk-signal-connect (id self) "populate-popup"
(cffi:get-callback 'text-view-populate-popup-handler))))
(defun populate-popup-closure (p-adds text-view)
(let (accum)
(labels ((do-padds (p-add)
(let ((item (with-slots (label on-activate owner kids) p-add
(mk-menu-item :label label :owner owner :on-activate on-activate
:kids (mapcar #'do-padds kids)))))
(push item accum)
#'(lambda (popup-menu)
(loop for old in (old-popups text-view) do
(gtk-object-forget (id old) old))
(let ((tops (mapcar #'do-padds p-adds)))
(setf (old-popups text-view) accum)
(mapc #'(lambda (i) (to-be i) (gtk-menu-shell-prepend popup-menu (id i))) tops))))))
(defvar *text-iters* nil "A RESLIST of gtk text-iters.")
(declaim (inline text-iters-reslist))
(defun text-iters-reslist ()
(or *text-iters*
(setf *text-iters* (pod::new-reslist 100 :stock-fn #'gtk-adds-text-iter-new))))
(defmacro with-text-iters (vars &body body)
"Create text iters, bind them to variables, execute and release iters."
`(let (,@(loop for var in vars collect `(,var (pod::reslist-pop (text-iters-reslist)))))
(progn ,@body)
,@(loop for var in vars collect `(pod::reslist-push ,var (text-iters-reslist))))))
(defun text-buffer-get-text (buffer &optional (start 0) stop)
"Get text directly from buffer. Unlike the cell accessor, this sees edits."
(let* ((buf (id buffer))
(end (or stop (gtk-text-buffer-get-char-count buf))))
(with-text-iters (s-iter e-iter)
(gtk-text-buffer-get-iter-at-offset buf s-iter start)
(gtk-text-buffer-get-iter-at-offset buf e-iter end)
(gtk-text-buffer-get-text buf s-iter e-iter nil))))
(defun text-buffer-append-text (buffer text)
"Append TEXT to end of BUFFER."
(let ((buf (id buffer)))
(with-text-iters (end)
(gtk-text-buffer-get-end-iter buf end)
(gtk-text-buffer-insert buf end text (length text))
(gtk-text-buffer-set-modified buf t))))
(defun text-buffer-insert-text (buffer start text)
(let ((buf (id buffer)))
(with-text-iters (s-iter)
(gtk-text-buffer-get-iter-at-offset buf s-iter start)
(gtk-text-buffer-insert buf s-iter text (length text))
(gtk-text-buffer-set-modified buf t))))
(defun text-buffer-delete-text (buffer start end)
(let ((buf (id buffer)))
(with-text-iters (s-iter e-iter)
(gtk-text-buffer-get-iter-at-offset buf s-iter start)
(gtk-text-buffer-get-iter-at-offset buf e-iter end)
(gtk-text-buffer-delete buf s-iter e-iter))))
;;; This isn't working perfectly. Might be better to use gtk-text-view-scroll-mark-onscreen
;;; I do just that in one of my applications, but since it requires a mark, I didn't write
;;; an exported function for it.
(defun text-view-scroll-to-position (textview pos)
(let* ((view (id textview))
(buf (gtk-text-view-get-buffer view)))
(with-text-iters (s-iter)
(gtk-text-buffer-get-iter-at-offset buf s-iter pos)
(gtk-text-view-scroll-to-iter view s-iter 0.0d0 nil 0.0d0 0.0d0))))
;;; The next two can be used to check and clear the the modified flag.
;;; The event is registered when you use :on-modified-changed on a text-buffer.
;;; The defobserver text ((text-buffer)) clears the flag so as to distinguish
;;; programmatic updates to the text from ones done by typing.
(defmethod text-buffer-modified-p ((buffer text-buffer))
(gtk-text-buffer-get-modified (id buffer)))
(defmethod (setf text-buffer-modified-p) (val (buffer text-buffer))
(gtk-text-buffer-set-modified (id buffer) val))
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