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Cells Gtk
Copyright (c) 2004 by Vasilis Margioulas <>
You have the right to distribute and use this software as governed by
the terms of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License (LLGPL):
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
Lisp Lesser GNU Public License for more details.
;;; Todo: separate tree-model/tree-store stuff into another file (used by combo box too).
;;; BTW Tree-store implements the tree-model interface, among other things.
(in-package :cgtk)
(def-object list-store ()
((item-types :accessor item-types :initarg :item-types :initform nil)
(of-tree :accessor of-tree :initform (c-in nil)))
:new-args (c_1 (list (item-types self))))
(def-object tree-store ()
((item-types :accessor item-types :initarg :item-types :initform nil)
(of-tree :accessor of-tree :initform (c-in nil)))
:new-args (c_1 (list (item-types self))))
(defun tv-fail (&rest args) (declare (ignore args)))
(defgeneric get-selection (none))
(def-widget tree-view (container)
((columns-def :accessor columns-def :initarg :columns :initform nil)
(column-types :accessor column-types :initform (c? (mapcar #'first (columns-def self))))
(column-inits :accessor column-inits :initform (c? (mapcar #'second (columns-def self))))
(column-render :accessor column-render
:initform (c? (loop for col-def in (columns-def self)
for pos from 0 append
(when (third col-def)
(list pos (third col-def))))))
(node-render :accessor node-render
:initform (c? (loop for col-def in (columns-def self)
for pos from 0 append
(when (fourth col-def)
(list pos (fourth col-def))))))
(columns :accessor columns
:owning t
:initform (c? (mapcar #'(lambda (col-init)
(apply #'make-be 'tree-view-column
:container self
(column-inits self))))
(select-if :unchanged-if #'tv-fail
:accessor select-if :initarg :select-if :initform (c-in nil))
(roots :accessor roots :initarg :roots :initform nil)
(print-fn :accessor print-fn :initarg :print-fn :initform #'identity)
(children-fn :accessor children-fn :initarg :children-fn :initform #'(lambda (x) (declare (ignore x)) nil))
(selected-items-cache :cell nil :accessor selected-items-cache :initform nil)
(selection-mode :accessor selection-mode :initarg :selection-mode :initform :single)
(expand-all :accessor expand-all :initarg :expand-all :initform (c-in nil))
(on-select :accessor on-select :initarg :on-select :initform nil)
(on-edit :accessor on-edit :initarg :on-edit :initform nil)
(tree-model :owning t :accessor tree-model :initarg :tree-model :initform nil))
() ; gtk-slots
() ; signal-slots
:on-select (lambda (self tree-selection data)
(declare (ignore widget event data))
(with-integrity (:change 'tree-view-select-cb)
(setf (value self) (get-selection self)))))
(defobserver tree-model ((self tree-view))
(when new-value
(gtk-tree-view-set-model (id self) (id new-value))
(with-integrity (:change 'tv-tree-model)
(setf (of-tree new-value) self))))
(defobserver expand-all ((self tree-view))
(when new-value
(gtk-tree-view-expand-all (id self))))
;;; Used by combo-box also, when it is using a tree model.
(cffi:defcallback tree-view-items-selector :void
((model :pointer) (path :pointer) (iter :pointer) (data :pointer))
(declare (ignore path data))
(let ((tree (of-tree (gtk-object-find model))))
(push (item-from-path (children-fn tree)
(roots tree)
(gtk-tree-model-get-cell model iter (length (column-types tree)) :string)))
(selected-items-cache tree)))
(defmethod get-selection ((self tree-view))
(let ((selection (gtk-tree-view-get-selection (id self)))
(cb (cffi:get-callback 'tree-view-items-selector)))
(setf (selected-items-cache self) nil)
(gtk-tree-selection-selected-foreach selection cb +c-null+)
(if (equal (gtk-tree-selection-get-mode selection) 3) ;;multiple
(copy-list (selected-items-cache self))
(first (selected-items-cache self)))))
(defobserver selection-mode ((self tree-view))
(when new-value
(let ((sel (gtk-tree-view-get-selection (id self))))
(gtk-tree-selection-set-mode sel
(ecase (selection-mode self)
(:none 0)
(:single 1)
(:browse 2)
(:multiple 3))))))
(cffi:defcallback tree-view-select-handler :void
((tree-selection :pointer) (data :pointer))
(if-bind (tree-view (gtk-object-find tree-selection))
(let ((cb (callback-recover tree-view :on-select)))
(funcall cb tree-view tree-selection data))
(trc "Clean up old widgets after runs" tree-selection))
;;; The check that previously was performed here (for a clos object) caused the handler
;;; not to be registered (a problem of execution ordering?). Anyway, do we need such a check?
(defobserver on-select ((self tree-view))
(when new-value
(let ((selected-widget (gtk-tree-view-get-selection (id self))))
(gtk-object-store selected-widget self) ;; tie column widget to clos tree-view
(callback-register self :on-select new-value)
(let ((cb (cffi:get-callback 'tree-view-select-handler)))
;(trc nil "tree-view on-select pcb:" cb selected-widget "changed")
(gtk-signal-connect selected-widget "changed" cb)))))
;;; Listbox submodel
(defmodel listbox (tree-view)
((roots :initarg :items)) ; alternate initarg for inherited slot
:tree-model (c? (make-instance 'list-store
:item-types (append (column-types self) (list :string))))))
(defmethod items ((self listbox))
(roots self))
(defmethod (setf items) (val (self listbox))
(setf (roots self) val))
(defun mk-listbox (&rest inits)
(assert *parent*)
(let ((self (apply 'make-instance 'listbox (append inits (list :fm-parent *parent*)))))
(with-integrity (:change 'mk-listbox-of-tree)
(setf (of-tree (tree-model self)) self))
(defobserver select-if ((self listbox))
(when new-value
(with-integrity (:change 'listbox-select-if-observer)
(setf (value self) (remove-if-not new-value (roots self))))))
(defobserver roots ((self listbox))
(when old-value
(gtk-list-store-clear (id (tree-model self))))
(when new-value
(id (tree-model self))
(append (column-types self) (list :string))
(loop for item in new-value
for index from 0
collect (let ((i (funcall (print-fn self) item)))
;(ukt:trc nil "items output: old,new" item i)
(append i
(list (format nil "(~d)" index))))))))
;;; Treebox submodel
(defmodel treebox (tree-view)
:tree-model (c? (mk-tree-store
:item-types (append (column-types self) (list :string))))))
(defun mk-treebox (&rest inits)
(assert *parent*)
(let ((self (apply 'make-instance 'treebox (append inits (list :fm-parent *parent*)))))
(with-integrity (:change 'mk-treebox-of-tree)
(setf (of-tree (tree-model self)) self))
(defobserver select-if ((self treebox))
(when new-value
(with-integrity (:change 'treebox-obs-select-if)
(setf (value self) (mapcan (lambda (item) (fm-collect-if item new-value))
(roots self))))))
(defobserver roots ((self treebox))
(when old-value
(gtk-tree-store-clear (id (tree-model self))))
(when new-value
(loop for root in new-value
for index from 0 do
(gtk-tree-store-set-kids (id (tree-model self)) root +c-null+ index
(append (column-types self) (list :string))
(print-fn self) (children-fn self)))
(when (expand-all self)
(gtk-tree-view-expand-all (id self)))))
;;; These look like ("Trimmed Text" "(0 0 )") for example where menu structure is "Text --> Trimmed Text"
;;; Column-types is a list of :string, :float etc. used to reference g-value-set-string etc.
(defun gtk-tree-store-set-kids (model val-tree parent-iter index column-types print-fn children-fn &optional path)
(with-tree-iter (iter)
(gtk-tree-store-append model iter parent-iter) ; sets iter
(gtk-tree-store-set model iter ; Not a gtk function!
(funcall print-fn val-tree)
(list (format nil "(~{~d ~})" (reverse (cons index path))))))
(loop for sub-tree in (funcall children-fn val-tree)
for pos from 0 do
(gtk-tree-store-set-kids model sub-tree iter
pos column-types print-fn children-fn (cons index path)))))
;;; Cell rendering
(cffi:defcallback tree-view-render-cell-callback :void
((tree-column :pointer) (cell-renderer :pointer) (tree-model :pointer)
(iter :pointer) (data :pointer))
(if-bind (self (gtk-object-find tree-column))
(let ((cb (callback-recover self :render-cell)))
(assert cb nil "no :render-cell callback for ~a" self)
(funcall cb tree-column cell-renderer tree-model iter data))
(trc nil "Clean up old widgets from prior runs." tree-column))
(defun item-from-path (child-fn roots path)
(loop for index in path
for node = (nth index roots) then (nth index (if node (funcall child-fn node) (return nil)))
finally (return node)))
(declaim (optimize (debug 3)))
(defun gtk-tree-view-render-cell (col col-type cell-attrib-f &optional node-attrib-f)
(trc nil "gtv-render-cell> creating callback" col col-type cell-attrib-f)
(flet ((node-from-iter (model iter)
(when-bind* ((tree-model (gtk-object-find model))
(tree-view (of-tree tree-model))
(path (gtk-tree-model-get-cell model iter (length (column-types tree-view)) :string)))
(item-from-path (children-fn tree-view)
(roots tree-view)
(read-from-string path)))))
(lambda (tree-column cell-renderer model iter data)
(DECLARE (ignorable tree-column data))
(trc nil "gtv-render-cell (callback)> entry"
tree-column cell-renderer model iter data)
(let ((item-value (gtk-tree-model-get-typed-item-value model
(node (node-from-iter model iter)))
(trc nil "gtv-render-cell (callback)> rendering value"
col col-type ret$ item-value)
(apply #'gtk-object-set-property cell-renderer
(case col-type
(:boolean (list "active" 'gboolean item-value))
(:icon (list "stock-id" 'gtk-string
(string-downcase (format nil "gtk-~a" item-value))))
(t (list "text" 'gtk-string
(case col-type
(:date (multiple-value-bind (sec min hour day month year)
(decode-universal-time (truncate item-value))
(format nil "~2,'0D/~2,'0D/~D ~2,'0D:~2,'0D:~2,'0D"
day month year hour min sec)))
(:string (if item-value (get-gtk-string item-value) ""))
(otherwise (format nil "~a" item-value)))))))
(when cell-attrib-f
(gtk-cell-renderer-set-attribs cell-renderer (funcall cell-attrib-f item-value)))
(when (and node node-attrib-f)
(gtk-cell-renderer-set-attribs cell-renderer (funcall node-attrib-f node))))
;;; Editable cells
(defstruct renderer
tree-view col)
;;; a hash table to keep track of the renderer objects
(let ((renderers (make-hash-table)))
(defun register-renderer-data (renderer data)
(setf (gethash (cffi-sys:pointer-address renderer) renderers) data))
(defun recover-renderer-data (renderer)
(gethash (cffi-sys:pointer-address renderer) renderers)))
;;; generic callback -- update treestore and call on-edit func
(defun gtk-path-to-list (path)
"converts \"1:2\" to (1 2)"
(read-from-string (format nil "(~a)" (map 'string #'(lambda (c) (if (eql c #\:) #\space c)) path))))
(defun tree-view-edit-cell-callback (renderer path new-value)
(if-bind (data (recover-renderer-data renderer))
(let* ((tree (renderer-tree-view data))
(model (id (tree-model tree)))
(col (renderer-col data))
(col-type (nth col (column-types tree)))
(fn (on-edit tree))
(path (cffi:foreign-string-to-lisp path))
(node (item-from-path #'kids (roots tree) (gtk-path-to-list path))))
#+msg (format t "~&Edited path ~a --> node ~a~%" (gtk-path-to-list path) (when node (md-name node)))
(when node
(with-tree-iter (iter)
(gtk-tree-model-get-iter-from-string (id (tree-model tree)) iter path)
(let ((new-val (case col-type
(:boolean (not (gtk-tree-model-get-cell model iter col :boolean))) ; toggle boolean cell,
(t new-value))))
#+msg (format t "~&Setting value for ~a to ~a ..." node new-val)
(gtk-tree-store-set-cell model iter col col-type new-val)
(funcall fn node col new-val))) ; call setf function
#+msg (format t " done.~%")
(warn (format nil "No callback registered "))))
;;; a tribute to static typing
(cffi:defcallback tree-view-edit-cell-callback-string :void
((renderer :pointer) (path :pointer) (new-value gtk-string) (user-data :pointer))
(declare (ignore :pointer))
(tree-view-edit-cell-callback renderer path new-value)
(cffi:defcallback tree-view-edit-cell-callback-boolean :void
((renderer :pointer) (path :pointer) (data :pointer))
(declare (ignore data))
(tree-view-edit-cell-callback renderer path nil)
;;; echo functions for tree-view
(defobserver columns ((self tree-view))
(when old-value
(loop for col in old-value do
(gtk-tree-view-remove-column (id self) (id col))
#+not-necessary (gtk-object-forget (id col) col))) ; ph 042008
(when new-value
(loop for col in new-value
for pos from 0
for item-renderer = (fourth (nth pos (columns-def self)))
for col-type = (nth pos (column-types self))
for renderer = (case col-type
(:boolean (gtk-cell-renderer-toggle-new))
(:icon (gtk-cell-renderer-pixbuf-new))
(t (gtk-cell-renderer-text-new))) do
(gtk-tree-view-column-pack-start (id col) renderer t)
(gtk-tree-view-column-set-cell-data-func (id col) renderer
(let ((cb (cffi:get-callback 'tree-view-render-cell-callback)))
;(trc nil "tree-view columns pcb:" cb (id col) :render-cell)
(callback-register col :render-cell
(gtk-tree-view-render-cell pos
(nth pos (column-types self))
(getf (column-render self) pos)
(getf (node-render self) pos)))
+c-null+ +c-null+)
;; register renderer for edit callback
(when (on-edit self)
(register-renderer-data renderer
(make-renderer :tree-view self
:col pos))
(case col-type
(:string (gtk-signal-connect renderer "edited" (cffi:get-callback 'tree-view-edit-cell-callback-string)))
(:boolean (gtk-signal-connect renderer "toggled" (cffi:get-callback 'tree-view-edit-cell-callback-boolean)))))
(gtk-tree-view-column-set-sort-column-id (id col) (or (sort-column-id col)
(gtk-tree-view-append-column (id self) (id col)))))
(def-object tree-view-column ()
((title :accessor title :initarg :title :initform nil)
(visible :accessor visible :initarg :visible :initform t))
(spacing resizable fixed-width min-width max-width expand clickable
sort-column-id sort-indicator reorderable)
:resizable t
:expand t
:reorderable t)
(defobserver visible ((self tree-view-column))
(gtk-tree-view-column-set-visible (id self) new-value))
(defobserver title ((self tree-view-column))
(when new-value
(gtk-tree-view-column-set-title (id self) new-value)))
(defmacro def-columns (&body args)
"Convencience macro for defining tree-view columns. args has the form col-def*,
where col-def ::= (type inits renderer item-renderer).
type -- is :boolean, :icon, or :text (default)
inits -- '(:title \"name\")
renderer -- a fn of the cell value returning a plist. Allowed attribs are
:font, :size, :strikethrough, :foreground, :background, :editable
node-renderer -- the same, but a function of a node, not the print-fn value of it."
`(list ,@(loop for (type inits renderer node-renderer) in args collect
`(list ,type ',inits ,renderer ,node-renderer))))
;;; Tree observer tree view
;;; this is an alternative mode of operating a tree view -- instead of have it traverse roots once
;;; and build the corresponding tree model, we create a family of observers that maps every node to
;;; the corresponding row in the tree view, yielding a live update
;;; Debugging tool
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel)
(defparameter *with-debug* t))
(defmacro with-trc (form)
(if *with-debug*
(with-gensyms (res)
(format t "~&eval ~a " ',form)
(let ((,res ,form))
(format t "--> ~a~%" ,res)
(defmacro with-trcs (&body body)
(if *with-debug*
,@(mapcar #'(lambda (f) `(with-trc ,f)) body))
`(progn ,@body)))
;;; first the cells stuff -- base class
(defun deadp (cell)
(eql (slot-value cell ' :eternal-rest))
(defmethod mk-observer ((parent t) (source family) &rest initargs)
"Used internally by family-observer and its sublasses to create kids. Use (make-be 'your-observer :value source) to create a family observer.
Creates an observer node observing source. To be specialized on subclasses of family observer and source"
(apply #'make-instance 'family-observer :value source :fm-parent *parent* initargs))
(defmodel family-observer (family)
;; we'll use the "value" slot for the observed
:kids (kids-list?
(progn #+msg(print (list "CALCULATE KIDS for family observer" self "on" (^value) "-- parent" (upper self)))
(bwhen (val (^value)) ;; not sure why not
(unless (deadp val)
(trcx nil "creating kids" val (slot-value val ' (kids val))
(mapcar #'(lambda (src) (mk-observer self src)) (kids val))))))))
;;; here do cleanup work, children get called before parents
(defmethod not-to-be :before ((self family-observer))
#+msg (print (list "DESTROY family observer" self "on" (value self))))
;;; this is too early -- upper self is not set yet
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((self family-observer) &rest initargs)
(declare (ignorable initargs))
#+msg (print (list "CREATE family observer" self "on" (value self) "-- parent" (upper self))))
;;; this is too late, gets called for children before parent
(defmethod md-awaken :after ((self family-observer))
#+msg (print (list "AWAKEN family observer" self "on" (value self) "-- parent" (upper self))))
;;; then the cells stuff for observing slots
(defmacro def-f-observer (name (&rest superclasses) (&optional (source 'family)) &body slots)
"create an observer derived from superclasses observing slots of objects of type source"
(multiple-value-bind (slot-defs output-fns)
(loop for slot in slots
for slot-def = (if (atom slot) (list slot) slot)
for slot-name = (car slot-def)
for slot-plist = (cdr slot-def)
for reader-fn = (getf slot-plist :reader-fn `#'(lambda (value) (identity value)))
for output-fn = (getf slot-plist :output-fn nil)
collecting `(,slot-name :reader ,slot-name :initform (c? (bwhen (val (^value)) (funcall ,reader-fn (,slot-name val))))) into slot-defs
if output-fn collecting `(defobserver ,slot-name ((self ,name))
(with-integrity (:change ',slot-name)
(funcall ,output-fn self new-value))) into output-fns
finally (return (values slot-defs output-fns)))
(defmodel ,name ,superclasses
(defmethod mk-observer ((parent ,name) (source ,source) &rest initargs)
(apply #'make-instance ',name :value source :fm-parent *parent* initargs)))))
;;; GTK tree row infrastructure
(defun tree-row-valid (&rest row-references)
(every #'(lambda (row) (and row (gtk-tree-row-reference-valid row))) row-references))
(defmacro with-tree-row ((row &key (default-model nil default-model-p)) &body body)
"Executes body with iter and model/path pointing to row. When row is a null-pointer, model is bound to default-model --
without default-pointer, body is not executed -- path and iter are null-pointer. When row is nil, the body is not executed."
`(when ,row
(if (not (cffi-sys:null-pointer-p ,row))
(if (tree-row-valid ,row)
(with-tree-iter (iter)
(let ((model (gtk-tree-row-reference-get-model ,row))
(path (gtk-tree-row-reference-get-path ,row)))
(gtk-tree-model-get-iter model iter path)
(progn ,@body)
(gtk-tree-path-free path))))
(format t "~&WARNING: with-tree-row called with invalid row-reference. body skipped~%"))
,(when default-model-p
`(if ,default-model
(let ((model ,default-model) (path +c-null+) (iter +c-null+))
(declare (ignorable model path iter))
(format t "~&WARNING: with-tree-row called with null-pointer and no default model given. body is skipped~%"))))))
(defun tree-row-create (parent-row-reference parent-gtk-id)
"creates a gtk row below parent and returns a row reference pointing to it."
(with-tree-row (parent-row-reference :default-model parent-gtk-id)
(with-tree-iter (i-new)
(gtk-tree-store-append model i-new iter)
#+msg (format t " row created ")
(gtk-tree-row-reference-new model (gtk-tree-model-get-path model i-new)))))
(defun tree-row-set-cell (row-reference col data)
(with-tree-row (row-reference)
#+msg (format t " set cell ")
(unless (gtk-object-find model) (break))
(gtk-tree-store-set-cell model iter col (nth col (item-types (gtk-object-find model))) data)))
(defun tree-row-get-cell (row-reference col)
(with-tree-row (row-reference)
#+msg (format t " get cell ")
(gtk-tree-model-get-cell model iter col (nth col (item-types (gtk-object-find model))))))
(defun tree-row-set-path (row-reference parent-row-reference position)
"sets the path information by concatenating the path of parent-row and position"
(when (tree-row-valid row-reference)
#+msg (format t "~&setting path -- ")
(let* ((col (1- (length (item-types (gtk-object-find (gtk-tree-row-reference-get-model row-reference))))))
(path (write-to-string (concatenate 'list
(when (tree-row-valid parent-row-reference)
(read-from-string (tree-row-get-cell parent-row-reference col)))
(list position)))))
(tree-row-set-cell row-reference col path)
#+msg (format t " -- done.~%")
(defun tree-row-destroy (row-reference)
"deletes the tree row referenced by row-reference and frees the reference"
(when (tree-row-valid row-reference)
(with-tree-row (row-reference)
(gtk-tree-store-remove model iter))
(gtk-tree-row-reference-free row-reference)
#+msg (format t " row deleted ")))
;;; the CELLS-TREE-NODE is a node mapping a CLOS object to a GTK tree row
(eval-when (:load-toplevel :execute)
(defmodel cells-tree-node (family-observer)
((row :reader row :initarg :row))
:row (c? (when-bind* ((parent (upper self)) (pos (position self (kids parent))))
(unless (or (deadp parent) (deadp self))
#+msg (format t "~&create row for ~a (parent ~a) -- " (value self) (value parent))
(let ((new-row (tree-row-create (row parent) (id parent))))
(when (tree-row-valid new-row)
#+msg (format t " -- row for ~a is valid~%" (value self))
(tree-row-set-path new-row (row parent) pos)
;;; gtk-object-forget is called recursively on all the children of tree-store
(defmethod id ((self cells-tree-node))
;;; if the row changes, remove the old one
(defobserver row ((self cells-tree-node))
(unless (deadp self)
(when old-value
#+msg (format t "~&destroying OLD row for ~a -- " (value self))
(tree-row-destroy old-value)
#+msg (trc "-- done"))))
;;; not-to-be --> remove the row (:around runs on the way back up, thus deleting children before parents)
(defmethod not-to-be :before ((self cells-tree-node))
(unless (deadp self)
#+msg (format t "~&destroying row for ~a -- " (value self))
(tree-row-destroy (row self))
#+msg (trc "-- done")))
(defmacro def-cells-tree-node (name (&key (superclass 'cells-tree-node) (source-type 'family)) &body slots)
"create a cells-tree-node class with columns matching slots.
For each slot you can specify :type, :reader-fn (value), :output-fn, :title, :render-fn"
(let ((slot-lists (mapcar #'(lambda (slot) (if (atom slot) (list slot) slot)) slots)))
`(def-f-observer ,name (,superclass) (,source-type)
,@(loop for slot in slot-lists
for col from 0
for slot-name = (car slot)
collecting (destructuring-bind
(&key (type :string)
(reader-fn (case type
(:string `#'(lambda (value) (prin1-to-string value)))
(t `#'identity)))
render-fn &allow-other-keys) (cdr slot)
(declare (ignorable title render-fn))
:reader-fn ,reader-fn
:output-fn #'(lambda (self new-value)
(unless (deadp self)
,(when output-fn `(funcall ,output-fn self new-value))
(when (tree-row-valid (row self))
#+msg (format t ,(format nil "~~&updating slot ~a for ~~a " slot-name) (value self))
(tree-row-set-cell (row self) ,col new-value)
#+msg (format t "done~%"))))))))))
;;; the CELLS-TREE-STORE is a tree-store that is also a map for the source node
(defmodel cells-tree-store (family-observer tree-store)
((row :reader row :initform +c-null+)))
;;; the CELLS-TREE-VIEW widget
(defmodel cells-tree-view (tree-view)
((source :initform (c-in nil) :initarg :source :accessor source)
(tree-model :accessor tree-model :owning t :initarg :tree-model :initform (c-in nil))
(tree-model-type :initarg :tree-model-type :initform (error "supply a tree-model-type for cells-tree-view upon instantiation") :accessor tree-model-type)))
(defobserver source ((self cells-tree-view))
(with-integrity (:change 'make-tree-model)
(setf (tree-model self) (make-instance (tree-model-type self) :value new-value))))
(defmethod roots ((self cells-tree-view))
(and (tree-model self) (value (tree-model self)) (kids (value (tree-model self)))))
(defmacro def-cells-tree-view (name (&key (super-node 'cells-tree-node) (source-type 'family)) &body slots)
"creates a cells-tree-view widget using cells-tree-nodes as if defined with def-cells-tree-node. The widget can be instantiated with mk-`name`"
(let ((node (intern (format nil "~a-NODE" name)))
(store (intern (format nil "~a-STORE" name)))
(on-edit-fn (intern (format nil "~a-ON-EDIT" name)))
(constructor (intern (format nil "MK-~a" name)))
(slots (mapcar #'(lambda (slot) (if (atom slot) (list slot) slot)) slots)))
(def-cells-tree-node ,node (:superclass ,super-node :source-type ,source-type)
(defmodel ,store (cells-tree-store)
:item-types ',(append
(mapcar #'(lambda (slot) (getf (cdr slot) :type :string)) slots)
(list :string))))
(defmethod mk-observer ((parent ,store) (source ,source-type) &rest initargs)
(apply #'make-instance ',node :value source :fm-parent *parent* initargs))
for slot in slots
for col from 0
for writer-fn = (getf (cdr slot) :writer-fn `#'identity)
collect `(defmethod ,on-edit-fn (node (col (eql ,col)) new-value) ; node is part of the source tree!
#+msg (format t ,(format nil "~~&setf'ing ~a on ~~a -- " (car slot)) node)
(with-integrity (:change 'setf-data)
(setf (,(car slot) node) (funcall ,writer-fn new-value)))
#+msg (format t " -- done.~%")))
(defun ,constructor (source &rest inits)
(apply #'make-instance 'cells-tree-view
:fm-parent *parent*
:source (c-in source)
:children-fn #'kids
:on-edit #',on-edit-fn
:tree-model-type ',store
:roots (c-in nil)
:columns (list ,@(mapcar #'(lambda (slot)
(destructuring-bind (&key (type :string)
(title (format nil "~:(~a~)" (car slot)))
render-fn &allow-other-keys)
(cdr slot)
`(list ,type (list :title ,title) nil ,render-fn))) slots))
;;; The object inspector
;;; under development
(defmodel slot-inspector (cells-tree-node)
(:default-initargs :kids (c-in nil)))
(defobserver md-name ((self slot-inspector))
(when (tree-row-valid (row self))
(tree-row-set-cell (row self) 'col new-value)))
(defobserver value ((self slot-inspector))
(when (tree-row-valid (row self))
(tree-row-set-cell (row self) 'col new-value)))
(defmodel obj-inspector (cells-tree-node)
(:default-initargs :kids (c-in nil)))
(defmacro def-obj-inspector (object-type &body slots)
`(defmethod mk-obj-inspector (parent (obj ,object-type))
(push (make-instance 'obj-inspector
:kids (the-kids ,(loop for raw-slot in slots
for slot = (if (listp raw-slot) raw-slot (list raw-slot))
collecting (destructuring-bind (slot-name &key (title ))`(make-instance 'slot-inspector
:md-name 'sth
:value (c? ))))))
(kids parent))))
(defmodel cells-inspector-store (tree-store)
((row :reader row :initform +c-null+))
(:default-initargs :kids (c-in nil)))
(defmodel cells-inspector (cells-tree-view)
(defmethod mk-obj-inspector ((object family) (parent cells-inspector)))
(defmacro def-inspector-map (object &body slots)