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(in-package :test-gtk)
;;; auxiliary color funcs
(defun highlight-col (rgb)
(mapcar #'(lambda (val) (min 1 (+ val .3))) rgb))
(defun select-col (rgb)
(mapcar #'(lambda (val) (max 0 (- val .3))) rgb))
(defmacro rgb? (rgb)
(with-gensyms (col)
(let ((,col ,rgb))
((mouse-over-p self) (highlight-col ,col))
((selected-p self) (select-col ,col))
(t ,col))))))
(defmacro alpha? (alpha)
(with-gensyms (a)
`(c? (let ((,a ,alpha))
((dragged-p self) .3)
(t ,a))))))
;;; random generators
(defun rnd (min max)
(+ min (random max)))
(defun random-point (min-x min-y max-x max-y)
(2d:v (rnd min-x max-x) (rnd min-y max-y)))
(defun random-color ()
(loop for i from 0 below 3 collect (random 1.0)))
;;; drag'n'drop test
(defmodel test-cairo-dragging (hbox)
:fill t :expand t
:kids (kids-list?
(make-instance 'cairo-drawing-area :md-name :draw :expand t :fill t
:fm-parent *parent*
:width 500 :height 500)
:kids (kids-list?
(mk-button :label "Draw Box"
:on-clicked (callback (w e d)
(let* ((p1 (random-point 10 10 480 480))
(p2 (2d:v+ p1 (random-point 10 10 40 40)))
(col1 (random-color))
(col2 (random-color)))
(trcx "rect" p1 p2 col1 col2)
(mk-primitive (find-widget :draw) :rectangle
:p1 (c-in p1)
:p2 (c-in p2)
:rgb (rgb? col1)
:fill-rgb (rgb? col2)
:alpha (alpha? 1)
:filled t
:draggable t
:selectable t))))
(mk-button :label "Draw Arc"
:on-clicked (callback (w e d)
(let* ((p (random-point 10 10 480 480))
(radius (rnd 10 40))
(col1 (random-color))
(col2 (random-color)))
(mk-primitive (find-widget :draw) :arc
:p (c-in p)
:radius (c-in radius)
:rgb (rgb? col1)
:fill-rgb (rgb? col2)
:alpha (alpha? 1)
:filled t
:draggable t
:selectable t))))))))))
;;; declarative drawing
(defmodel test-cairo-kids (hbox)
:expand t :fill t
:kids (kids-list?
:md-name :draw-sun :expand t :fill t :width 500 :height 500
:fm-parent *parent*
:canvas (c?n (let ((draw self))
(declare (ignorable draw))
:widget self
:radius (c? (widget-value :sun-radius 20))
:rgb '(0 0 0)
:line-width 2
:fill-rgb '(1 1 0)
:filled t
:p (c-in (2d:v 250 250))
:draggable t
:selectable t
:kids (kids-list?
(let* ((num (widget-value :sun-rays 18))
(r (widget-value :sun-radius 20))
(l (widget-value :sun-ray-length 20))
(delta (/ #.(* pi 2) num)))
(loop for i from 0 below num
for phi = 0 then (+ phi delta)
(let ((phi phi))
:fm-parent *parent*
:widget (widget self)
:p1 (c? (2d:v+ (p (upper self))
(2d:cartesian-coords (2d:v-polar phi (* r 1.2)))))
:p2 (c? (2d:v+ (p (upper self))
(2d:cartesian-coords (2d:v-polar phi (+ (* r 1.2) l)))))
:rgb '(1 1 0)
:line-width 3
:selectable nil))))
:kids (kids-list?
(mk-label :text "Radius of the sun:")
(mk-spin-button :md-name :sun-radius :init 40 :min 5 :max 200)
(mk-label :text "Number of rays:")
(mk-spin-button :md-name :sun-rays :init 10 :min 1 :max 30)
(mk-label :text "Length of rays")
(mk-spin-button :md-name :sun-ray-length :init 50 :min 0 :max 100))))))
;;; the dialog
(defmodel test-cairo-drawing (notebook)
((new-prim :accessor new-prim :initform (c-in nil)))
:md-name :test-drawing
:tab-labels '("Dragging" "Declarative Drawing")
:kids (kids-list?
(make-instance 'test-cairo-dragging :fm-parent *parent*)
(make-instance 'test-cairo-kids :fm-parent *parent*))))
(defmodel test-drawing (notebook)
:tab-labels '("Cairo")
:kids (kids-list? (make-instance 'test-cairo-drawing :fm-parent *parent*))))
;;; GL drawing
(defparameter *da* nil)
(defmodel teapot (gl-drawing-area)
((teapot-size :accessor teapot-size :initarg :teapot-size))
:teapot-size (c? (widget-value :teapot-size))
:width (c-in 200) :height (c-in 200) :expand t :fill t
:init #'(lambda (self)
(declare (ignorable self))
(gl:clear-color 0 0 0 0)
(gl:cull-face :back)
(gl:depth-func :less)
(gl:disable :dither)
(gl:shade-model :smooth)
(gl:light-model :light-model-local-viewer 1)
(gl:color-material :front :ambient-and-diffuse)
(gl:enable :light0 :lighting :cull-face :depth-test))
:resize #'(lambda (self)
(with-matrix-mode (:projection)
(glu:perspective 50 (/ (allocated-width self) (allocated-height self)) 0.5 20)))
:draw #'(lambda (self)
(gl:translate 0 0 -5)
(gl:rotate 30 1 1 0)
(gl:light :light0 :position '(0 1 1 0))
(gl:light :light0 :diffuse '(0.2 0.4 0.6 0))
(gl:clear :color-buffer-bit :depth-buffer-bit)
(gl:color 1 1 1)
(gl:front-face :cw)
(trc "drawing teapot with size" (float (/ (teapot-size self) 100)))
(glut:solid-teapot (/ (teapot-size self) 100))
(gl:front-face :ccw)
(defobserver teapot-size ((self teapot))
(redraw self))
(defmodel test-gl-drawing (gtk-app)
:kids (kids-list?
(make-kid 'hbox
:kids (kids-list?
(make-kid 'vbox
:kids (kids-list?
(mk-spin-button :md-name :teapot-size
:min 1 :max 200 :step 1 :init 130)))
(make-kid 'teapot :md-name :teapot))))))
(defun test-drawing ()
; (setf *da* (first (kids (first (kids (start-app 'test-gl-drawing))))))
(start-app 'test-gl-drawing))
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