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(in-package :test-gtk)
;;; The details of the tag-table and markup slots are, for the time being,
;;; not defined by cells-gtk. The demo give an idea how they might be used.
(defmodel test-textview (vbox)
((buffer :accessor buffer :initarg :buffer
:initform (mk-text-buffer
:text (format nil "~{~a~%~}"
(loop for i below 100 collect (format nil "Text view Line ~a" i)))
(callback (w e d)
(show-message "Text buffer modified"))
:tag-table (c? (xtv-create-tag-table self)))))
:kids (kids-list?
:kids (kids-list?
:buffer (c? (buffer (upper self test-textview)))
(:menu-item :label "Mark something yellow"
:owner self
(callback (w e d)
(let ((buf (buffer (owner self))))
(setf (markup buf) ; implementation idea... ;^)
(make-instance 'color-tag :start 10 :end 20
:name :yellow-background)))
(apply-markup (first (markup buf)) buf))))))))))))
(defmethod xtv-create-tag-table ((self text-buffer))
(let ((ht (make-hash-table)))
(flet ((create-tag (name)
(setf (gethash name ht)
(cgtk::id self)
(string-downcase (symbol-name (gensym)))
(string-downcase (subseq (string name) (1+ (position #\- (string name)))))
(string-downcase (subseq (string name) 0 (position #\- (string name))))
(loop for name in '(:red-foreground :red-background :yellow-foreground :yellow-background)
do (create-tag name)))
;;; In a real application you might use an xml parser on marked up text
;;; by creating 'mark objects' like these. In the demo we just do it in a
;;; menu item cb.
;;; We won't even use this one here, but marks are useful ;^)
(defclass mark ()
((type :initarg :type)
(pos :initarg :pos)
(len :initarg :len)
(c-ptr :accessor c-ptr :initform nil)))
(defclass color-tag ()
((name :initarg :name)
(start :initarg :start)
(end :initarg :end)))
(defmethod apply-markup ((tag color-tag) buffer)
(with-slots (start end name) tag
(assert (gethash name (tag-table buffer)))
(let ((buf (cgtk::id buffer)))
(with-text-iters (start-iter end-iter)
(gtk-text-buffer-get-iter-at-offset buf start-iter start)
(gtk-text-buffer-get-iter-at-offset buf end-iter end)
(gtk-text-buffer-apply-tag buf (gethash name (tag-table buffer)) start-iter end-iter)))))
(defmethod apply-markup ((mark mark) buffer)
(with-slots (pos c-ptr) mark
(let ((buf (cgtk::id buffer)))
(with-text-iters (iter)
(gtk-text-buffer-get-iter-at-offset buf iter pos)
(setf c-ptr (gtk-text-buffer-create-mark buf (symbol-name (gensym)) iter t))))))