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;; -*- mode: Lisp; Syntax: Common-Lisp; Package: cells; -*-
Cells -- Automatic Dataflow Managememnt
Copyright (C) 1995, 2006 by Kenneth Tilton
This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License
(, known as the LLGPL.
This library is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even
See the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License for more details.
(in-package :cells)
(defstruct (cell (:conc-name c-))
inputp ;; t for old c-variable class
(caller-store (make-fifo-queue) :type cons) ;; (C3) probably better to notify callers FIFO
(state :nascent :type symbol) ;; :nascent, :awake, :optimized-away
(value-state :unbound :type symbol) ;; {:unbound | :unevaluated | :uncurrent | :valid}
; uncurrent (aka dirty) new for 06-10-15. we need this so
; c-quiesce can force a caller to update when asked
; in case the owner of the quiesced cell goes out of existence
; in a way the caller will not see via any kids dependency. Saw
; this one coming a long time ago: depending on cell X implies
; a dependency on the existence of instance owning X
(pulse 0 :type fixnum)
(pulse-last-changed 0 :type fixnum) ;; lazys can miss changes by missing change of X followed by unchange of X in subsequent DP
(pulse-observed 0 :type fixnum)
(optimize t)
;_____________________ print __________________________________
(defmethod print-object :before ((c cell) stream)
(declare (ignorable stream))
#+shhh (unless (or *stop* *print-readably*)
(format stream "[~a~a:" (if (c-inputp c) "i" "?")
((null (c-model c)) #\0)
((eq :eternal-rest (md-state (c-model c))) #\_)
((not (c-currentp c)) #\#)
(t #\space)))))
(defmethod print-object ((c cell) stream)
(declare (ignorable stream))
(if *stop*
(format stream "<~d:~a ~a/~a = ~a>"
(c-pulse c)
(subseq (string (c-state c)) 0 1)
(symbol-name (or (c-slot-name c) :anoncell))
(md-name (c-model c))
(type-of (c-value c)))
(let ((*print-circle* t))
#+failsafe (format stream "~a/~a" (c-model c)(c-slot-name c))
(if *print-readably*
(c-print-value c stream)
(format stream "<~d:~a ~a/~a = ~a>"
(c-pulse c)
(subseq (string (c-state c)) 0 1)
(symbol-name (or (c-slot-name c) :anoncell))
(print-cell-model (c-model c))
(if (consp (c-value c))
"LST" (c-value c))))))))
(export! print-cell-model)
(defgeneric print-cell-model (md)
(:method (other) (with-output-to-string (str)
(print-object other str))))
(defmethod trcp :around ((c cell))
(and ;*c-debug*
(or (c-debug c)
(defun c-callers (c)
"Make it easier to change implementation"
(fifo-data (c-caller-store c)))
(defun caller-ensure (used new-caller)
(unless (find new-caller (c-callers used))
(trc nil "caller-ensure fifo-adding new-caller" new-caller :used used)
(fifo-add (c-caller-store used) new-caller)))
(defun caller-drop (used caller)
(fifo-delete (c-caller-store used) caller))
; --- ephemerality --------------------------------------------------
; Not a type, but an option to the :cell parameter of defmodel
(defun ephemeral-p (c)
(eql :ephemeral (md-slot-cell-type (type-of (c-model c)) (c-slot-name c))))
(defun ephemeral-reset (c)
(when (ephemeral-p c) ;; so caller does not need to worry about this
; as of Cells3 we defer resetting ephemerals because everything
; else gets deferred and we cannot /really/ reset it until
; within finish_business we are sure all callers have been recalculated
; and all outputs completed.
; ;; good q: what does (setf <ephem> 'x) return? historically nil, but...?
;;(trcx bingo-ephem c)
(with-integrity (:ephemeral-reset c)
(trc nil "!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ephemeral-reset resetting:" c)
(md-slot-value-store (c-model c) (c-slot-name c) nil)
(setf (c-value c) nil))))
; -----------------------------------------------------
(defun c-validate (self c)
(when (not (and (c-slot-name c) (c-model c)))
(format t "~&unadopted cell: ~s md:~s" c self)
(c-break "unadopted cell ~a ~a" self c)
(error 'c-unadopted :cell c)))
(defstruct (c-ruled
(:include cell)
(:conc-name cr-))
(code nil :type list) ;; /// feature this out on production build
(defun c-optimized-away-p (c)
(eq :optimized-away (c-state c)))
(defmethod trcp-slot (self slot-name)
(declare (ignore self slot-name)))
(defstruct (c-dependent
(:include c-ruled)
(:conc-name cd-))
;; chop (synapses nil :type list)
(useds nil :type list)
(usage (blank-usage-mask)))
(defun blank-usage-mask ()
(make-array 16 :element-type 'bit
:initial-element 0))
(defstruct (c-drifter
(:include c-dependent)))
(defstruct (c-drifter-absolute
(:include c-drifter)))
;_____________________ accessors __________________________________
(defmethod c-useds (other) (declare (ignore other)))
(defmethod c-useds ((c c-dependent)) (cd-useds c))
(defun c-validp (c)
(eql (c-value-state c) :valid))
(defun c-unboundp (c)
(eql :unbound (c-value-state c)))
(defmethod c-print-value ((c c-ruled) stream)
(format stream "~a" (cond ((c-validp c) (cons (c-value c) "<vld>"))
((c-unboundp c) "<unb>")
((not (c-currentp c)) "dirty")
(t "<err>"))))
(defmethod c-print-value (c stream)
(declare (ignore c stream)))