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;; -*- mode: Lisp; Syntax: Common-Lisp; Package: cells; -*-
Cells -- Automatic Dataflow Managememnt
Copyright (C) 1995, 2006 by Kenneth Tilton
This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License
(, known as the LLGPL.
This library is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even
See the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License for more details.
(in-package :cells)
(defmacro defmodel (class directsupers slotspecs &rest options)
;;(print `(defmodel sees directsupers ,directsupers using ,(or directsupers :model-object)))
(assert (not (find class directsupers))() "~a cannot be its own superclass" class)
(setf (get ',class :cell-types) nil)
(setf (get ',class 'slots-excluded-from-persistence)
(loop for slotspec in ',slotspecs
unless (and (getf (cdr slotspec) :ps t)
(getf (cdr slotspec) :persistable t))
collect (car slotspec)))
(loop for slotspec in ',slotspecs
do (destructuring-bind
(slotname &rest slotargs
&key (cell t)
(declare (ignorable slotargs))
(when cell
(setf (md-slot-cell-type ',class slotname) cell))))
;; ensure accessors generic functions
,@(mapcan (lambda (slotspec)
(slotname &rest slotargs
&key (cell t) unchanged-if (accessor slotname) reader writer type
(declare (ignorable slotargs unchanged-if type))
(when cell
(let ((reader-fn (or reader accessor))
(writer-fn (or writer accessor)))
(remove nil
(when reader-fn
`(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(ensure-generic-function ',reader-fn :lambda-list '(self))))
(when writer-fn
`(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(ensure-generic-function '(setf ,writer-fn) :lambda-list '(new-value self))))))))))
;; define slot macros before class so they can appear in
;; initforms and default-initargs
,@(loop for slotspec in slotspecs
nconcing (destructuring-bind
(slotname &rest slotargs
&key (cell t) (accessor slotname) reader
(declare (ignorable slotargs ))
(when cell
(list (let* ((reader-fn (or reader accessor))
(deriver-fn (intern$ "^" (symbol-name reader-fn))))
`(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :execute :load-toplevel)
(unless (macro-function ',deriver-fn)
(defmacro ,deriver-fn ()
`(,',reader-fn self)))))))))
; ------- defclass --------------- (^slot-value ,model ',',slotname)
(defclass ,class ,(or directsupers '(model-object)) ;; now we can def the class
,(mapcar (lambda (s)
(list* (car s)
(let ((ias (cdr s)))
(remf ias :persistable)
(remf ias :ps)
;; We handle accessor below
(when (getf ias :cell t)
(remf ias :reader)
(remf ias :writer)
(remf ias :accessor))
(remf ias :cell)
(remf ias :owning)
(remf ias :unchanged-if)
ias))) (mapcar #'copy-list slotspecs))
,@(or (cdr (find :documentation options :key #'car))
(:default-initargs ;; nil ok and needed: acl oddity in re not clearing d-i's sans this
,@(cdr (find :default-initargs options :key #'car)))
(:metaclass ,(or (cadr (find :metaclass options :key #'car))
(defmethod shared-initialize :after ((self ,class) slot-names &rest iargs &key)
(declare (ignore slot-names iargs))
,(when (and directsupers (not (member 'model-object directsupers)))
`(unless (typep self 'model-object)
(error "If no superclass of ~a inherits directly
or indirectly from model-object, model-object must be included as a direct super-class in
the defmodel form for ~a" ',class ',class))))
; slot accessors once class is defined...
,@(mapcan (lambda (slotspec)
(slotname &rest slotargs
&key (cell t) unchanged-if (accessor slotname) reader writer type
(declare (ignorable slotargs))
(when cell
(let* ((reader-fn (or reader accessor))
(writer-fn (or writer accessor)))
(remove nil
(when writer-fn
`(defmethod (setf ,writer-fn) (new-value (self ,class))
(setf (md-slot-value self ',slotname)
,(if type
`(coerce new-value ',type)
(when reader-fn
`(defmethod ,reader-fn ((self ,class))
(md-slot-value self ',slotname)))
(when unchanged-if
`(def-c-unchanged-test (,class ,slotname) ,unchanged-if))))))))
(loop for slotspec in ',slotspecs
do (destructuring-bind
(slotname &rest slotargs &key (cell t) owning &allow-other-keys)
(declare (ignorable slotargs))
(when (and cell owning)
(setf (md-slot-owning-direct? ',class slotname) owning))))
(find-class ',class)))
(defun defmd-canonicalize-slot (slotname
(cell nil cell-p)
(ps t ps-p)
(persistable t persistable-p)
(owning nil owning-p)
(type nil type-p)
(initform nil initform-p)
(initarg (intern (symbol-name slotname) :keyword))
(documentation nil documentation-p)
(unchanged-if nil unchanged-if-p)
(reader slotname reader-p)
(writer `(setf ,slotname) writer-p)
(accessor slotname accessor-p)
(allocation nil allocation-p))
(list* slotname :initarg initarg
(when cell-p (list :cell cell))
(when ps-p (list :ps ps))
(when persistable-p (list :persistable persistable))
(when owning-p (list :owning owning))
(when type-p (list :type type))
(when initform-p (list :initform initform))
(when unchanged-if-p (list :unchanged-if unchanged-if))
(when reader-p (list :reader reader))
(when writer-p (list :writer writer))
(when (or accessor-p
(not (and reader-p writer-p)))
(list :accessor accessor))
(when allocation-p (list :allocation allocation))
(when documentation-p (list :documentation documentation)))))
(defmacro defmd (class superclasses &rest mdspec)
`(defmodel ,class (,@superclasses model)
,@(let (definitargs class-options slots)
(loop with skip
for (spec next) on mdspec
if skip
do (setf skip nil)
else do (etypecase spec
((keywordp (car spec))
(assert (find (car spec) '(:documentation :metaclass)))
(push spec class-options))
((find (cadr spec) '(:initarg :type :ps :persistable :cell :initform :allocation :reader :writer :accessor :documentation))
(push (apply 'defmd-canonicalize-slot spec) slots))
(t ;; shortform (slotname initform &rest slotdef-key-values)
(push (apply 'defmd-canonicalize-slot
(list* (car spec) :initform (cadr spec) (cddr spec))) slots))))
(setf definitargs (append definitargs (list spec next)))
(setf skip t))
(symbol (push (list spec :initform nil
:initarg (intern (symbol-name spec) :keyword)
:accessor spec) slots)))
(return (list* (nreverse slots)
(delete nil
(list* `(:default-initargs ,@definitargs)
(nreverse class-options)))))))))
(defclass md-test-super ()())
(defmd defmd-test (md-test-super)
(aaa :cell nil :initform nil :initarg :aaa :accessor aaa) ;; defmd would have written the same
(aa2 :documentation "hi mom")
(ccc 42 :allocation :class)
(ddd (c-in nil) :cell :ephemeral)
:superx 42 ;; default-initarg
(:documentation "as if!")))
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