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;; -*- mode: Lisp; Syntax: Common-Lisp; Package: cells; -*-
Cells -- Automatic Dataflow Managememnt
Copyright (C) 1995, 2006 by Kenneth Tilton
This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License
(, known as the LLGPL.
This library is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even
See the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License for more details.
(in-package :cells)
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :execute :load-toplevel)
(export '(model value family dbg .pa
kids kid1 ^k1 kid2 ^k2 last-kid ^k-last perishable)))
(defmodel model ()
((.md-name :cell nil :initform nil :initarg :md-name :accessor md-name)
(.fm-parent :cell nil :initform nil :initarg :fm-parent :accessor fm-parent)
(.dbg-par :cell nil :initform nil)
(.value :initform nil :accessor value :initarg :value)
(register? :cell nil :initform nil :initarg :register? :reader register?)
(zdbg :initform nil :accessor dbg :initarg :dbg)))
(defmethod not-to-be :around ((self model))
(setf (slot-value self '.dbg-par) (fm-parent self)) ;; before it gets zapped
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((self model) &key)
(when (register? self)
(fm-register self)))
(defmethod print-cell-object ((md model))
(or (md-name md) :md?))
(defmethod fm-parent (other)
(declare (ignore other))
(defmethod (setf fm-parent) (new-value other)
(declare (ignore other))
(defmethod print-object ((self model) s)
#+shhh (format s "~a" (type-of self))
(if (and (slot-boundp self '.md-state)
(slot-boundp self '.md-name))
(format s "~a~a" (if (mdead self) "DEAD!" "")
(or (md-name self) (type-of self)))
(format s "UNINITIALIZED-~a" (type-of self))))
(define-symbol-macro .parent (fm-parent self))
(define-symbol-macro .pa (fm-parent self))
(defmethod md-name (other)
(trc "yep other md-name" other (type-of other))
(defmethod md-name ((nada null))
(unless (c-stopped)
(c-stop :md-name-on-null)
(break "md-name called on nil")))
(defmethod md-name ((sym symbol)) sym)
(defmethod shared-initialize :around ((self model) slotnames &rest initargs &key fm-parent)
(declare (ignorable initargs slotnames fm-parent))
(when (slot-boundp self '.md-name)
(unless (md-name self)
(setf (md-name self) (gentemp (string (c-class-name (class-of self)))))))
(when (and (slot-boundp self '.fm-parent)
(fm-parent self)
(zerop (adopt-ct self)))
(md-be-adopted self)))
(defmodel perishable ()
((expiration :initform nil :accessor expiration :initarg :expiration)))
(defobserver expiration ()
(when new-value
(not-to-be self)))
(defvar *parent* nil)
(defmodel family (model)
((.kid-slots :cell nil
:initform nil
:accessor kid-slots
:initarg :kid-slots)
(.kids :initform (c-in nil) ;; most useful
:owning t
:accessor kids
:initarg :kids)
(registry? :cell nil
:initform nil
:initarg :registry?
:accessor registry?)
(registry :cell nil
:initform nil
:accessor registry)))
(let ((c (find-class 'family)))
(mop::finalize-inheritance c)
(class-precedence-list c))
(defmacro the-kids (&rest kids)
`(let ((*parent* self))
(packed-flat! ,@kids)))
(defmacro s-sib-no () `(position self (kids .parent)))
(defmacro gpar ()
`(fm-grandparent self))
(defmacro nearest (self-form type)
(let ((self (gensym)))
`(bwhen (,self ,self-form)
(if (typep ,self ',type) ,self (upper ,self ,type)))))
(defun kid1 (self) (car (kids self)))
(export! first-born-p)
(defun first-born-p (self)
(eq self (kid1 .parent)))
(defun kid2 (self) (cadr (kids self)))
(defmacro ^k1 () `(kid1 self))
(defmacro ^k2 () `(kid2 self))
(defun last-kid (self) (last1 (kids self)))
(defmacro ^k-last () `(last-kid self))
;; /// redundancy in following
(defmacro psib (&optional (self-form 'self))
(let ((self (gensym)))
`(bwhen (,self ,self-form)
(find-prior ,self (kids (fm-parent ,self))))))
(defmacro nsib (&optional (self-form 'self))
(let ((self (gensym)))
`(bwhen (,self ,self-form)
(cadr (member ,self (kids (fm-parent ,self)))))))
(defun prior-sib (self)
(let ((kid (gensym)))
`(let ((,kid ,self))
(find-prior ,kid (kids (fm-parent ,kid))))))
(defun md-be-adopted (self &aux (fm-parent (fm-parent self)) (selftype (type-of self)))
(c-assert self)
(c-assert fm-parent)
(c-assert (typep fm-parent 'family))
(trc nil "md be adopted >" :kid self (adopt-ct self) :by fm-parent)
(when (plusp (adopt-ct self))
(c-break "2nd adopt ~a, by ~a" self fm-parent))
(incf (adopt-ct self))
(trc nil "getting adopted" self :by fm-parent)
(bwhen (kid-slots-fn (kid-slots (fm-parent self)))
(dolist (ks-def (funcall kid-slots-fn self) self)
(let ((slot-name (ks-name ks-def)))
(trc nil "got ksdef " slot-name (ks-if-missing ks-def))
(when (md-slot-cell-type selftype slot-name)
(trc nil "got cell type " slot-name )
(when (or (not (ks-if-missing ks-def))
(and (null (c-slot-value self slot-name))
(null (md-slot-cell self slot-name))))
(trc nil "ks missing ok " slot-name)
(multiple-value-bind (c-or-value suppressp)
(funcall (ks-rule ks-def) self)
(unless suppressp
(trc nil "md-install-cell " slot-name c-or-value)
(md-install-cell self slot-name c-or-value)))))))))
(defobserver .kids ((self family) new-kids old-kids)
(c-assert (listp new-kids) () "New kids value for ~a not listp: ~a ~a" self (type-of new-kids) new-kids)
(c-assert (listp old-kids))
(c-assert (not (member nil old-kids)))
(c-assert (not (member nil new-kids)))
(bwhen (sample (find-if-not 'fm-parent new-kids))
(c-break "New as of Cells3: parent must be supplied to make-instance of ~a kid ~a"
(type-of sample) sample))
(trc nil ".kids output > entry" new-kids (mapcar 'fm-parent new-kids)))
(defmethod kids ((other model-object)) nil)
;------------------ kid slotting ----------------------------
(defstruct (kid-slotdef
(:conc-name nil))
(ks-if-missing t))
(defmacro mk-kid-slot ((ks-name &key if-missing) ks-rule)
:ks-name ',ks-name
:ks-rule (lambda (self)
(declare (ignorable self))
:ks-if-missing ,if-missing))
(defmacro def-kid-slots (&rest slot-defs)
`(lambda (self)
(declare (ignorable self))
(list ,@slot-defs)))
; --- registry "namespacing" ---
(defmethod registry? (other) (declare (ignore other)) nil)
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((self family) &key)
(when (registry? self)
(setf (registry self) (make-hash-table :test 'eq))))
(defmethod fm-register (self &optional (guest self))
(assert self)
(if (registry? self)
;(trc "fm-registering" (md-name guest) :with self)
(setf (gethash (md-name guest) (registry self)) guest))
(fm-register (fm-parent self) guest)))
(defmethod fm-check-out (self &optional (guest self))
(assert self () "oops ~a ~a ~a" self (fm-parent self) (slot-value self '.fm-parent))
(if (registry? self)
(remhash (md-name guest) (registry self))
(bif (p (fm-parent self))
(fm-check-out p guest)
(break "oops ~a ~a ~a" self (fm-parent self) (slot-value self '.fm-parent)))))
(defmethod fm-find-registered (id self &optional (must-find? self must-find?-supplied?))
(or (if (registry? self)
(gethash id (registry self))
(bwhen (p (fm-parent self))
(fm-find-registered id p must-find?)))
(when (and must-find? (not must-find?-supplied?))
(break "fm-find-registered failed seeking ~a starting search at node ~a" id self))))
(export! rg? rg!)
(defmacro rg? (id)
`(fm-find-registered ,id self nil))
(defmacro rg! (id)
`(fm-find-registered ,id self))
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