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;; -*- mode: Lisp; Syntax: Common-Lisp; Package: cells; -*-
Cells -- Automatic Dataflow Managememnt
Copyright (C) 1995, 2006 by Kenneth Tilton
This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License
(, known as the LLGPL.
This library is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even
See the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License for more details.
(in-package :cells)
(defun record-caller (used)
(when (c-optimized-away-p used) ;; 2005-05-21 removed slow type check that used is cell
(trc nil "depender not being recorded because used optimized away" *depender* (c-value used) :used used)
(return-from record-caller nil))
#+shhh (trc *depender* "record-caller depender entry: used=" used :caller *depender*)
(assert *depender*)
#+shhh (trc used "record-caller caller entry: used=" (qci used)
:caller *depender*)
(multiple-value-bind (used-pos useds-len)
(loop with u-pos
for known in (cd-useds *depender*)
counting known into length
when (eq used known)
(count-it :known-used)
(setf u-pos length)
finally (return (values (when u-pos (- length u-pos)) length)))
(when (null used-pos)
(trc nil "c-link > new caller,used " *depender* used)
(count-it :new-used)
(setf used-pos useds-len)
(push used (cd-useds *depender*))
(caller-ensure used *depender*) ;; 060604 experiment was in unlink
(let ((cd-usage (cd-usage *depender*)))
(when (>= used-pos (array-dimension cd-usage 0))
(setf cd-usage
(setf (cd-usage *depender*)
(adjust-array (cd-usage *depender*)
(+ used-pos 16)
:initial-element 0))))
(setf (sbit cd-usage used-pos) 1))
(setf (sbit (cd-usage *depender*) used-pos) 1)
(type-error (error)
(declare (ignorable error))
(setf (cd-usage *depender*)
(adjust-array (cd-usage *depender*) (+ used-pos 16) :initial-element 0))
(setf (sbit (cd-usage *depender*) used-pos) 1))))
;--- unlink unused --------------------------------
(defun c-unlink-unused (c &aux (usage (cd-usage c))
(usage-size (array-dimension (cd-usage c) 0))
(dbg nil))
(declare (ignorable dbg usage-size))
(when (cd-useds c)
(let (rev-pos)
(labels ((nail-unused (useds)
(flet ((handle-used (rpos)
(if (or (>= rpos usage-size)
(zerop (sbit usage rpos)))
(count-it :unlink-unused)
(trc nil "c-unlink-unused" c :dropping-used (car useds))
(c-unlink-caller (car useds) c)
(rplaca useds nil))
;; moved into record-caller 060604 (caller-ensure (car useds) c)
(if (cdr useds)
(nail-unused (cdr useds))
(handle-used (incf rev-pos)))
(handle-used (setf rev-pos 0))))))
(trc nil "cd-useds length" (length (cd-useds c)) c)
(nail-unused (cd-useds c))
(setf (cd-useds c) (delete nil (cd-useds c)))
(trc nil "useds of" c :now (mapcar 'qci (cd-useds c)))))))
(defun c-caller-path-exists-p (from-used to-caller)
(count-it :caller-path-exists-p)
(or (find to-caller (c-callers from-used))
(find-if (lambda (from-used-caller)
(c-caller-path-exists-p from-used-caller to-caller))
(c-callers from-used))))
; ---------------------------------------------
(defun cd-usage-clear-all (c)
(setf (cd-usage c) (blank-usage-mask))
#+wowo (loop with mask = (cd-usage c)
for n fixnum below (array-dimension mask 0)
do (setf (sbit mask n) 0)
finally (return mask))
;--- unlink from used ----------------------
(defmethod c-unlink-from-used ((caller c-dependent))
(dolist (used (cd-useds caller))
(trc nil "unlinking from used" caller used)
(c-unlink-caller used caller))
;; shouldn't be necessary (setf (cd-useds caller) nil)
(defmethod c-unlink-from-used (other)
(declare (ignore other)))
(defun c-unlink-caller (used caller)
(trc nil "(1) caller unlinking from (2) used" caller used)
(caller-drop used caller)
(c-unlink-used caller used))
(defun c-unlink-used (caller used)
(setf (cd-useds caller) (delete used (cd-useds caller))))
;----------------- link debugging ---------------------
(defun dump-callers (c &optional (depth 0))
(format t "~&~v,4t~s" depth c)
(dolist (caller (c-callers c))
(dump-callers caller (+ 1 depth))))
(defun dump-useds (c &optional (depth 0))
;(c.trc "dump-useds> entry " c (+ 1 depth))
(when (zerop depth)
(format t "x~&"))
(format t "~&|usd> ~v,8t~s" depth c)
(when (typep c 'c-ruled)
;(c.trc "its ruled" c)
(dolist (used (cd-useds c))
(dump-useds used (+ 1 depth)))))