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(defpackage #:tu-rule-once-then-input (:use :cl :utils-kt :cells :tu-cells))
(in-package #:tu-rule-once-then-input)
Often in interactive applications one needs to do interesting things to come up
with an initial value for a field which then is to be edited by a user, or
for some other reason regularly fed as a C-INPUT.
(defvar *db-entry*)
(defun get-age (id)
(bwhen (props (cdr (assoc id *db-entry* :test 'string=)))
(getf props :age)))
(defmodel kenny-view ()
((age :accessor age :initform (c-formula (:inputp t)
(- (get-age "555-55-5555")
(grecian-formula-amt :accessor grecian-formula-amt
:initform (c-in 5))))
(defobserver age ((self kenny-view))
(setf (getf (cdr (assoc "555-55-5555" *db-entry* :test 'string=)) :age) new-value))
(let ((*db-entry* (copy-list '(("555-55-5555" . (:name "ken" :age 54))
("666-66-6666" . (:name "satan" :age most-positive-fixnum))))))
(let ((kv (make-instance 'kenny-view)))
(print `(:age-init ,(age kv)))
(assert (= 49 (age kv)))
(incf (grecian-formula-amt kv) 10) ;; try looking younger
(assert (= 15 (grecian-formula-amt kv)))
(assert (= 49 (age kv))) ;; unchanged -- the age rule is gone
(print `(:happy-birthday ,(incf (age kv))))
(assert (= 50 (age kv)(get-age "555-55-5555")))
; just showin' off...
(assert (= 51 (1+ (age kv))(incf (age kv))(get-age "555-55-5555")))))