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(in-package :cffi-clutter)
;;; create system for mapping lisp objects to-from integers, so that references to them can be
;;; easily stored C-side
;;; resources held in lists (?) (resource number pointer-to-foreign-number)
(defvar *resources* (make-array 32 :initial-element nil))
(defvar *resource-counter* 0)
(declaim (inline get-resource-meta-by-number get-resource-meta
resource resource-by-number (setf resource) (setf resource-by-number)))
(defun get-resource-meta-by-number (n)
(svref *resources* n))
(defun resource-by-number (n)
(car (get-resource-meta-by-number n)))
(defun get-resource-meta (foreign-pointer)
(get-resource-meta-by-number (mem-ref foreign-pointer :uint64)))
(defun resource (foreign-pointer)
(resource-by-number (mem-ref foreign-pointer :uint64)))
(defun (setf resource) (new-value foreign-pointer)
(setf (car (get-resource-meta foreign-pointer)) new-value))
(defun (setf resource-by-number) (new-value n)
(setf (car (get-resource-meta-by-number n)) new-value))
(defun grow-resource-array ()
(let ((new-array (make-array (* 2 (length *resources*)) :initial-element nil))
(old-array *resources*))
(loop for i from 0 below *resource-counter*
do (setf (svref new-array i)
(svref old-array i)))))
(defun shrink-resource-array ()
(let ((old-array *resources*))
(assert (> (/ (length old-array) 2) *resource-counter*))
(let ((new-array (make-array (/ (length old-array) 2))))
(loop for i from 0 below *resource-counter*
do (setf (svref new-array i)
(svref old-array i))))))
(defun register-resource (resource foreign-pointer)
(let ((n *resource-counter*))
(when (= (length *resources*) n)
(setf (svref *resources* n) (list resource n foreign-pointer)
(mem-ref foreign-pointer :uint64) n)
(incf *resource-counter*)
(values n)))
(defun move-resource (from to)
(assert (null (svref *resources* to)))
(destructuring-bind (resource n foreign-pointer) (svref *resources* from)
(assert (= n from))
(setf (svref *resources* to) (list resource to foreign-pointer)
(mem-ref foreign-pointer :uint64) to
(svref *resources* from) nil)))
(defun unregister-resource (foreign-pointer)
(destructuring-bind (resource i f-pointer) (get-resource-meta foreign-pointer)
(declare (ignore resource f-pointer))
(setf (svref *resources* i) nil)
(decf *resource-counter*)
(unless (eql i *resource-counter*)
(move-resource *resource-counter* i))
(when (< (* 4 *resource-counter*)
(length *resources*))
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