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(in-package :cffi-j)
;;; Here go things from jdll.ijs ported more or less directly
(defun get-object (obj-ptr)
(let ((obj-head
(iter (for i from 0 below 7)
(collect (mem-aref obj-ptr :uint32 i)))))
(destructuring-bind (p j1 j2 type c l r) obj-head
(declare (ignore j1 j2 c l))
(j-fix type r
(inc-pointer obj-ptr 28)
(inc-pointer obj-ptr p)))))
(defun get-extended (ext-ptr)
(let ((len (mem-ref ext-ptr :uint32 28)))
(let ((data (iter (for i from 0 below len)
(collect (mem-aref (inc-pointer ext-ptr 32) :int32 i)))))
(iter (for i initially 1 then (* 10000 i))
(for n in data)
(summing (* i n))))))
(defun j-fix (type rank shape-ptr data-ptr)
;; note: in jdll.ijs d=.y,0 is for arguments to memr, len there is count
;; len=. */p=. i2j memr s,0,r*4
;; memr defaults to type 2(char) -> uint8
(let ((p (iter (for i from 0 below rank)
(collect (mem-aref shape-ptr :uint32 i)))))
;; */ on empty list is 1 (group identity)
(let ((len (reduce #'* p)))
(flet ((memr (count type)
(iter (for i from 0 below count)
(collect (mem-aref data-ptr type i)))))
(let ((datastream
(ecase type
;; boolean
(1 (mapcar (curry #'= 1) (memr len :uint8)))
(2 (mapcar #'code-char (memr len :uint8)))
(4 (memr len :int32))
(8 (memr len :double))
(16 (iter (for (rp ip . nil) on (memr (* 2 len) :double) by #'cddr)
(collect (complex rp ip))))
(32 (mapcar #'get-object (memr len :pointer)))
(64 (mapcar #'get-extended (memr len :pointer))))))
((and (= rank 1)
(= type 2))
(coerce datastream 'string))
(let ((out-array (make-array p)))
(iter (for i from 0)
(for o in datastream)
(setf (row-major-aref out-array i)
(finally (return out-array)))))
(t (car datastream))))))))
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