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CFFI bindings for Redland RDF Library.


  • cffi
  • iterate
  • alexandria
  • trivial-garbage


The low-level bindings are partially written by hand and parially automatically generated. They cover almost all of the library, although I have not verified that all strings are handled correctly. There might remain some confusion between new-string/:string/:pointer.

Mid level bindings, wrapping all Redland objects with CLOS objects are somewhat complete. They are fairly raw, mostly handling wrapping/unwrapping pointers. They are pretty close to C functions, so Redland API reference can be used as documentation.

There are no mid-level bindings for hashes and lists. CL has pretty good versions of those already.

There are drivers for ITERATE, for Redland streams, iterators, models and query-results. Note that iteration object is shared and has to be copied to be used outside the loop.

Low-level bindings are unexported symbols prefixed with %. Mid-level bindings are exported. There are some minimal tests in test.lisp.


I wrote those bindings as part of figuring out what is this RDF thing I saw mentioned, since I find that retyping APIs help me understand things. Unfortunately, I have no project to actually use it in, so it is unlikely that I will do more complete testing or write any higher level lispy framework on top in foreseeable future. I just hope someone might find these a helpful basis.

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