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(defpackage #:sparql-macro
(:use #:cl #:bpm #:iterate #:alexandria #:redland))
(in-package :sparql-macro)
;;; redland dependency is there to be able to transform nodes/uris to strings
;;; all IRIs should go through node/uri objects, no direct string insertion into output
;;; literal syntax is sketchy, expand as needed
(defun terminal-to-string (terminal)
(with-output-to-string (*standard-output*)
(etypecase terminal
(princ "'''")
(princ terminal);sanitize strings properly
(princ "'''"))
(number (princ terminal))
(princ "<")
(princ (uri-as-string terminal))
(princ ">"))
(ecase (node-get-type terminal)
(:resource (terminal-to-string (node-get-uri terminal)))
(:literal (terminal-to-string (node-get-literal-value terminal)))
(:blank (princ (node-get-blank-identifier terminal))))))))
;;; transformation functions return as values result code and free variables within if no variables
;;; code can be immediately executed and replaced with string... maybe
;;; no PREFIX or BASE, since that should be handled by uri created by make-uri-from-uri-local-name,
;;; as above
(def! transform-sparql nil
(values nil nil))
(def transform-sparql ~
(values '(princ "a") nil))
(def transform-sparql _terminal
(where (symbolp _terminal))
(cond ((eql (char (symbol-name _terminal) 0) #\?)
(values `(princ ,(string-downcase _terminal)) nil))
(t (values `(princ ,_terminal) (list _terminal)))))
(def transform-sparql _collection
(where (vectorp _collection))
(let ((vars nil))
(let ((code `(progn
(princ "( ")
,@(iter (for v in-vector _collection)
(multiple-value-bind (code code-vars)
(transform-sparql v)
(collect code)
(collect '(princ " "))
(appendf vars code-vars)))
(princ ")"))))
(values code vars))))
(def transform-sparql _terminal
(where (atom _terminal))
(values (terminal-to-string _terminal) nil))
;;; @ marks triples
;;;; no idea how to express patterns properly, so explicit tests for four cases
(def! transform-po nil
(values nil nil))
(def transform-po (_p _o)
(where (and (atom _p) (atom _o)))
(multiple-value-bind (p-code p-vars) (transform-sparql _p)
(multiple-value-bind (o-code o-vars) (transform-sparql _o)
(values `(progn ,p-code (princ " ") ,o-code)
(append p-vars o-vars)))))
(defun transform-olist (olist)
(let ((vars nil))
(let ((o-code (iter (for (o . on) on olist)
(multiple-value-bind (o-code o-vars) (transform-sparql o)
(collect o-code)
(appendf vars o-vars))
(when on (collect `(princ " , "))))))
(values o-code vars))))
(def transform-po (_p _o)
(where (and (atom _p) (listp _o)))
(let ((vars nil))
(multiple-value-bind (p-code p-vars) (transform-sparql _p)
(appendf vars p-vars)
(let ((code `(progn ,p-code
(princ " ")
,@(multiple-value-bind (o-code o-vars) (transform-olist _o)
(appendf vars o-vars)
(values code vars)))))
(def transform-po _po
(where (listp _po))
(let ((vars nil)
(code nil))
(iter (for ((p . o) . po-next) on _po)
(multiple-value-bind (p-code p-vars) (transform-sparql p)
(multiple-value-bind (o-code o-vars) (transform-olist (if (listp (car o))
(car o)
(appendf vars p-vars o-vars)
(appendf code (list p-code))
(appendf code '((princ " ")))
(appendf code o-code)))
(when po-next (appendf code '((princ " ; ")))))
(values (cons 'progn code) vars)))
(def transform-sparql (@ _s . _po)
(multiple-value-bind (s-code s-vars) (transform-sparql _s)
(multiple-value-bind (po-code po-vars) (transform-po _po)
(values (list 'progn s-code '(princ " ") po-code '(princ " . "))
(append s-vars po-vars)))))
(def transform-sparql ($ . _contents)
(let ((code nil)
(vars nil))
(iter (for c in _contents)
(multiple-value-bind (c-code c-vars) (transform-sparql c)
(push c-code code)
(setf vars (remove-duplicates (append vars c-vars)))))
(values `(progn (princ "{") ,@(nreverse code) (princ "}")) vars)))
(def transform-sparql (& . _blank)
(if (null _blank)
(values '(princ "[] ") nil)
(multiple-value-bind (po-code po-vars) (transform-po _blank)
(values `(progn (princ "[ ") ,po-code (princ " ]"))
(def transform-sparql (opt . _group)
(multiple-value-bind (g-code g-vars) (transform-sparql _group)
(values `(progn (princ "OPTIONAL { ") ,g-code (princ " }"))
(remove-duplicates g-vars))))
(def transform-sparql (alt . _group)
(let ((code nil) (vars nil))
(iter (for g in _group)
(multiple-value-bind (g-code g-vars) (transform-sparql g)
(push g-code code)
(setf vars (remove-duplicates (append vars g-vars)))))
(values `(progn (princ "{ ")
,@(iter (for (g . gn) on (nreverse code))
(collect '(princ " { "))
(collect g)
(collect '(princ " } "))
(when gn (collect '(princ " UNION "))))
(princ " }"))
(def transform-sparql (graph _graph . _group)
(multiple-value-bind (g-code g-vars) (transform-sparql (if (eql (car _group) '$)
(list '$ _group)))
(multiple-value-bind (gr-code gr-vars) (transform-sparql _graph)
(values `(progn (princ "GRAPH ") ,gr-code (princ " ") ,g-code)
(remove-duplicates (append g-vars gr-vars))))))
(def! transform-order-by nil
(def transform-order-by ((_direction _name) . _rest)
`((princ " ORDER BY ")
(princ ,(ecase _direction
(:asc "ASC(")
(:desc "DESC(")))
(princ ,(string-downcase _name))
(princ ") ")
,@(transform-order-by _rest)))
(def transform-order-by (_direction _name)
(where (or (eql _direction :asc)
(eql _direction :desc)))
`((princ " ORDER BY ")
(princ ,(ecase _direction
(:asc "ASC(")
(:desc "DESC(")))
(princ ,(string-downcase _name))
(princ ") ")))
(def transform-order-by (_name . _rest)
`((princ " ORDER BY ")
(princ ,(string-downcase _name))
(when _rest
(princ " ")
,@(transform-order-by _rest))))
(def transform-order-by _order-by
`((princ " ORDER BY ")
(princ ,(string-downcase _order-by))))
(def transform-sparql (select _vars _where . _mods)
(multiple-value-bind (w-code w-vars) (transform-sparql (if (eql (car _where) '$)
(list '$ _where)))
(values `(progn
(princ "SELECT")
,@(when (getf _mods :distinct)
'((princ " DISTINCT ")))
,@(when (getf _mods :reduced)
'((princ " REDUCED ")))
,@(iter (for v in _vars)
(collect '(princ " "))
(assert (and (symbolp v)
(char= (char (symbol-name v) 0) #\?)))
(collect `(princ ,(string-downcase v))))
(princ " WHERE ")
,@(when (getf _mods :order-by)
(transform-order-by (getf _mods :order-by)))
,@(when (getf _mods :limit)
`((princ " LIMIT ")
(princ ,(getf _mods :limit))))
,@(when (getf _mods :offset)
`((princ " OFFSET ")
(princ ,(getf _mods :offset)))))
(def transform-sparql (construct _template _where . _mods)
(multiple-value-bind (w-code w-vars) (transform-sparql _where)
(values `(progn
(princ "CONSTRUCT")
,(transform-sparql (if (eql (car _template) '$)
(list '$ _template)))
(princ " WHERE ")
,@(when (getf _mods :limit)
`((princ " LIMIT ")
(princ ,(getf _mods :limit))))
,@(when (getf _mods :offset)
`((princ " OFFSET ")
(princ ,(getf _mods :offset)))))
(def transform-sparql (ask _where)
(multiple-value-bind (w-code w-vars) (transform-sparql _where)
(values `(progn
(princ "ASK")
(def! transform-filter _endpoint
(where (symbolp _endpoint))
(if (char= (char (symbol-name _endpoint) 0) #\?)
(values `(princ ,(string-downcase _endpoint)) nil)
(values _endpoint (list _endpoint))))
(def transform-filter _endpoint
(where (atom _endpoint))
(values `(princ ,(terminal-to-string _endpoint)) nil))
(defmacro define-unary-filter-op (op expansion)
`(def transform-filter (,op _a)
(multiple-value-bind (a-code a-vars) (transform-filter _a)
(values `(progn (princ "(") (princ ,,expansion) ,a-code (princ ")"))
(define-unary-filter-op not "! ")
(define-unary-filter-op + "+ ")
(define-unary-filter-op - "- ")
(defmacro define-unary-filter-fun (fun expansion)
`(def transform-filter (,fun _a)
(multiple-value-bind (a-code a-vars) (transform-filter _a)
(values `(progn (princ ,,expansion) (princ "(") ,a-code (princ ")"))
(define-unary-filter-fun boundp "BOUND")
(define-unary-filter-fun is-iri-p "isIRI")
(define-unary-filter-fun is-uri-p "isURI")
(define-unary-filter-fun is-blank-p "isBLANK")
(define-unary-filter-fun is-literal-p "isLITERAL")
(define-unary-filter-fun str "STR")
(define-unary-filter-fun lang "LANG")
(define-unary-filter-fun datatype "DATATYPE")
(defmacro define-binary-filter-op (op expansion)
`(def transform-filter (,op _a _b)
(multiple-value-bind (a-code a-vars) (transform-filter _a)
(multiple-value-bind (b-code b-vars) (transform-filter _b)
(values `(progn (princ "(") ,a-code (princ " ") (princ ,,expansion) (princ " ") ,b-code (princ ")"))
(remove-duplicates (append a-vars b-vars)))))))
(define-binary-filter-op or "||")
(define-binary-filter-op and "&&")
(define-binary-filter-op = "=")
(define-binary-filter-op != "!=")
(define-binary-filter-op < "<")
(define-binary-filter-op > ">")
(define-binary-filter-op >= ">=")
(define-binary-filter-op <= "<=")
(define-binary-filter-op * "*")
(define-binary-filter-op / "/")
(define-binary-filter-op + "+")
(define-binary-filter-op - "-")
(define-unary-filter-fun same-term-p "sameTERM")
(defmacro define-binary-filter-fun (fun expansion)
`(def transform-filter (,fun _a _b)
(multiple-value-bind (a-code a-vars) (transform-filter _a)
(multiple-value-bind (b-code b-vars) (transform-filter _b)
(values `(progn (princ ,,expansion) (princ "(") ,a-code (princ ",") ,b-code (princ ")"))
(remove-duplicates (append a-vars b-vars)))))))
(define-binary-filter-fun regex "REGEX")
(defmacro define-trinary-filter-fun (fun expansion)
`(def transform-filter (,fun _a _b _c)
(multiple-value-bind (a-code a-vars) (transform-filter _a)
(multiple-value-bind (b-code b-vars) (transform-filter _b)
(multiple-value-bind (c-code c-vars) (transform-filter _c)
(values `(progn (princ ,,expansion) (princ "(") ,a-code (princ ",") ,b-code
(princ ",") ,c-code (princ ")"))
(remove-duplicates (append a-vars b-vars c-vars))))))))
(define-trinary-filter-fun regex "REGEX")
(def transform-sparql (filter _filter)
(multiple-value-bind (f-code f-vars) (transform-filter _filter)
(values `(progn
(princ "FILTER ")
;allow arbitrary code insertion, allowing macros and things, doesn't handle additional variables
(def transform-sparql _something-else
(defmacro sparql (query &rest local-bindings)
(multiple-value-bind (code vars) (transform-sparql query)
`(with-output-to-string (*standard-output*)
(let* (,@(iter (for b in local-bindings)
(collect b)))
(let (,@(iter (for v in (remove-duplicates vars))
(collect (list v `(terminal-to-string ,v)))))