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(in-package :redland)
;;; TODO: add error signalling on failures
;;; Not sure this is a good idea, but manual memory management does seem really annoying, as many
;;; objects seem to have not easily delimited lifetime
(defparameter *null* (null-pointer))
;;; conditions
(define-condition redland-error (simple-error)
(define-condition redland-construction-error (redland-error)
(defun signal-construction-error (what)
(error 'redland-construction-error
:format-control "Failed to construct ~a"
:format-arguments (list what)))
(define-condition redland-feature-error (redland-error)
((exists :reader exists :initarg :exists)))
(defun signal-feature-error (what feature exists)
(error 'redland-feature-error
:exists exists
:format-control (if exists
"Failed to set feature ~a of ~a"
"There is no feature ~a in ~a")
:format-arguments (list feature what)))
(define-condition redland-statement-add-error (redland-error)
(define-condition redland-transaction-error (redland-error)
(define-condition redland-type-error (redland-error)
((is :initarg :is :reader is-of)
(should-be :initarg :should-be :reader should-be-of))
(:report (lambda (c stream)
(format stream "Wanted pointer-wrapper of type ~a, tried to unwrap ~a"
(should-be-of c) (is-of c)))))
;;; classes
;; pointer-array: #(is-owned-by-lisp pointer world-object)
(defclass pointer-wrapper ()
((pointer :initform (make-array 3 :initial-contents (list nil *null* nil))
:initarg :pointer-array
:accessor pointer-array)
(type :initform nil
:initarg :type
:accessor get-type)))
(defclass world (pointer-wrapper)
((world-alive :initform t :accessor world-alive-p)))
(defclass storage (pointer-wrapper)
(defclass model (pointer-wrapper)
(defclass node (pointer-wrapper)
(defmethod print-object ((node node) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (node stream :type t :identity nil)
(if (world-alive-p (get-world node))
(princ (%node-to-string (get-pointer node 'node)) stream)
(princ 'invalidated stream))))
(defclass statement (pointer-wrapper)
(defmethod print-object ((statement statement) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (statement stream :type t :identity nil)
(if (world-alive-p (get-world statement))
(princ (%statement-to-string (get-pointer statement 'statement)) stream)
(princ 'invalid stream))))
(defclass uri (pointer-wrapper)
(defmethod print-object ((uri uri) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (uri stream :type t :identity nil)
(if (world-alive-p (get-world uri))
(princ (%uri-to-string (get-pointer uri 'uri)) stream)
(princ 'invalid stream))))
(defclass parser (pointer-wrapper)
(defclass serializer (pointer-wrapper)
(defclass digest (pointer-wrapper)
(defclass hash (pointer-wrapper)
(defclass iterator (pointer-wrapper)
(defclass node-iterator (iterator)
(defclass redland-list (pointer-wrapper)
(defclass redland-stream (pointer-wrapper)
(defclass statement-stream (redland-stream)
(defclass query (pointer-wrapper)
(defclass query-results (pointer-wrapper)
(defclass query-results-formatter (pointer-wrapper)
(declaim (inline get-world))
(defun get-world (wrapper)
(aref (pointer-array wrapper) 2))
(defun free-object (pointer type)
(ecase type
(%free-world pointer))
(node (%free-node pointer))
(statement (%free-statement pointer))
(uri (%free-uri pointer))
(model (%free-model pointer))
(storage (%free-storage pointer))
(parser (%free-parser pointer))
(serializer (%free-serializer pointer))
(iterator (%free-iterator pointer))
(node-iterator (%free-iterator pointer))
(redland-list (%free-list pointer))
(hash (%free-hash pointer))
(redland-stream (%free-stream pointer))
(statement-stream (%free-stream pointer))
(query (%free-query pointer))
(query-results (%free-query-results pointer))
(query-results-formatter (%free-query-results-formatter pointer))))
(defun maybe-free-pointer-array (arry type)
(when (and (aref arry 0);owned by Lisp
(or (eql type 'world)
(world-alive-p (aref arry 2)))) ;object world hasn't been freed already
(setf (aref arry 0) nil)
(free-object (aref arry 1) type)
(setf (aref arry 1) *null*)
(values t)))
(defun unown-pointer (wrapper)
(cancel-finalization wrapper)
(setf (aref (pointer-array wrapper) 0) nil))
(declaim (inline wrap-pointer wrap-shared-pointer))
(defun wrap-shared-pointer (pointer type world)
(make-instance type
:pointer-array (make-array 3 :initial-contents (list nil pointer world))
:type type))
(defun wrap-pointer (pointer type world)
(unless (null-pointer-p pointer)
(let ((wrapper (wrap-shared-pointer pointer type world)))
(setf (aref (pointer-array wrapper) 0) t)
(finalize wrapper (curry #'maybe-free-pointer-array (pointer-array wrapper) type))
(declaim (inline get-pointer))
(defgeneric get-pointer (wrapper type)
(:method ((wrapper t) type)
(declare (ignore type))
(:method ((wrapper pointer-wrapper) type)
(unless (or (null type)
(eql (get-type wrapper) type))
(error 'redland-type-error :is (get-type wrapper) :should-be type))
(let ((arry (pointer-array wrapper)))
(aref arry 1))))
(defgeneric free-pointer (wrapper)
(:method :before ((wrapper world))
(setf (world-alive-p wrapper) nil))
(:method ((wrapper pointer-wrapper))
(maybe-free-pointer-array (pointer-array wrapper) (get-type wrapper))
(cancel-finalization wrapper))))
;;; special variables
(defvar *world* nil)
(defvar *storage* nil)
(defvar *model* nil)
(defvar *parser* nil)
;;; world
;;; constructor and with- macros
(defun make-world ()
(let ((new-world (%new-world)))
(if (null-pointer-p new-world)
(signal-construction-error 'world)
(wrap-pointer new-world 'world nil))))
(defun world-open (&optional (world *world*))
(%world-open (get-pointer world 'world)))
(defmacro with-world ((&key (log-function '*log-function*)) &body body)
`(let ((*world* (make-world))
(*world-life* (1- (incf *world-life*))))
(with-log-function (,log-function)
(progn ,@body)
(free-pointer *world*)))))
;;; logging support, with dynamic scope... this doesn't allow multiple worlds loggers, but would it?
(defvar *log-function* (constantly nil))
(defcallback log-callback :int
((user-data :pointer) (message message-pointer))
(declare (ignore user-data))
(if (funcall *log-function*
:code (%log-message-code message)
:level (%log-message-level message)
:from (%log-message-facility message)
:message (%log-message-message message))
1 0))
(defun make-log-everything (stream)
#'(lambda (&key code level from message)
(format stream "Received log message code ~a level ~a from ~a: ~a"
code level from message)))
(defun set-log-function (log-function &optional (world *world*))
(assert world)
(setf *log-function* log-function)
(%world-set-logger (get-pointer world 'world) *null* (callback log-callback))
(defmacro with-log-function ((log-function &optional (world '*world*)) &body body)
`(let ((*log-function* ,log-function))
(%world-set-logger (get-pointer ,world 'world) *null* (callback log-callback))
(defmacro with-logging ((stream &optional (world '*world*)) &body body)
`(let ((*log-function* (make-log-everything ,stream)))
(%world-set-logger (get-pointer ,world 'world) *null* (callback log-callback))
(defun world-set-digest (name &optional (world *world*))
(%world-set-digest (get-pointer world 'world) name)
(defun world-get-feature (world feature)
(wrap-pointer (%world-get-feature (get-pointer world 'world) (get-pointer feature 'node)) 'node world))
(defun world-set-feature (world feature value)
(let ((result (%world-set-feature (get-pointer world 'world) (get-pointer feature 'node)
(get-pointer value 'node))))
(cond ((plusp result) (signal-feature-error world feature t))
((zerop result) t)
((minusp result) ))))
;;; concepts
(defun get-concept-resource (concept &optional (world *world*))
(let ((resource (%get-concept-resource-by-index (get-pointer world 'world) concept)))
(if resource
(wrap-shared-pointer resource 'node world)
(error 'redland-error :format-control "Can't find concept resource for ~a"
:format-arguments (list concept)))))
(defun get-concept-uri (concept &optional (world *world*))
(let ((uri (%get-concept-uri-by-index (get-pointer world 'world) concept)))
(if uri
(wrap-shared-pointer uri 'uri world)
(error 'redland-error
:format-control "Can't find concept uri for ~a"
:format-arguments (list uri)))))
;;; TODO ignore digests for now
;;; TODO hashes, figure out how often are those used directly
;;; Heuristics
(defun gen-name (base-name)
(let ((new-name (%heuristic-gen-name base-name)))
(if new-name new-name
(error 'redland-error :format-control "Failed to make a new name from ~a"
:format-arguments (list base-name)))))
(defun is-blank-node (node-name)
(not (zerop (%heuristic-is-blank-node node-name))))
(defun get-blank-node (node-string)
(%heuristic-get-blank-node node-string))
(defun object-is-literal (object-string)
(not (zerop (%heuristic-object-is-literal object-string))))
;;; Iterator
;;; which parts are relevant for common use?
;;; certainly get-object, next and end
(defun iterator-next (iterator)
(zerop (%iterator-next (get-pointer iterator 'node-iterator))))
(defun iterator-endp (iterator)
(not (zerop (%iterator-end (get-pointer iterator 'node-iterator)))))
(defun iterator-get-object (iterator)
(wrap-shared-pointer (%iterator-get-object (get-pointer iterator 'iterator))
'node (get-world iterator)))
;;; TODO List
;;; I don't think they even come from anywhere?
;;; Model
;;; dropping less comprehensible functions
(defun model-enumerate (counter &optional (world *world*))
(with-foreign-objects ((name :pointer)
(label :pointer))
(let ((retval (%model-enumerate (get-pointer world 'world) counter name label)))
(when (zerop retval)
(list (foreign-string-to-lisp (mem-ref name :pointer))
(foreign-string-to-lisp (mem-ref label :pointer)))))))
(defun make-model (&key (world *world*) (storage *storage*) (options *null*))
(let ((new-model (%new-model (get-pointer world 'world) (get-pointer storage 'storage) options)))
(if (null-pointer-p new-model)
(signal-construction-error 'model)
(wrap-pointer new-model 'model world))))
(defmacro with-model ((&key (world '*world*) (storage '*storage*) (options '*null*)) &body body)
`(let ((*model* (make-model :world ,world :storage ,storage :options ,options)))
(unwind-protect (progn ,@body)
(free-pointer *model*))))
(defun model-size (&optional (model *model*))
(let ((size (%model-size (get-pointer model 'model))))
(unless (minusp size)
(defun model-add (subject predicate object &optional (model *model*))
(unown-pointer subject)
(unown-pointer predicate)
(unown-pointer object)
(let ((ret-code (%model-add (get-pointer model 'model) (get-pointer subject 'node)
(get-pointer predicate 'node) (get-pointer object 'node))))
(if (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-statement-add-error))))
(defun model-add-string-literal-statement (subject predicate literal
&key (language *null*) (model *model*) (is-wf-xml nil))
(unown-pointer subject)
(unown-pointer predicate)
(let ((ret-code (%model-add-string-literal-statement (get-pointer model 'model)
(get-pointer subject 'node)
(get-pointer predicate 'node)
(if is-wf-xml 1 0))))
(if (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-statement-add-error))))
(defun model-add-typed-literal-statement (subject predicate literal
&key (model *model*) (language *null*) (datatype-uri *null*))
(unown-pointer subject)
(unown-pointer predicate)
(let ((ret-code (%model-add-typed-literal-statement (get-pointer model 'model) (get-pointer subject 'node)
(get-pointer predicate 'node) literal language datatype-uri)))
(if (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-statement-add-error))))
(defun model-add-statement (statement &optional (model *model*))
(let ((ret-code (%model-add-statement (get-pointer model 'model) (get-pointer statement 'statement))))
(if (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-statement-add-error))))
(defun model-add-statements (stream &optional (model *model*))
(let ((ret-code (%model-add-statements (get-pointer model 'model) (get-pointer stream 'statement-stream))))
(if (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-statement-add-error))))
(defun model-remove-statement (statement &optional (model *model*))
(let ((ret-code (%model-remove-statement (get-pointer model 'model) (get-pointer statement 'statement))))
(if (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-statement-add-error))))
(defun model-contains-statement-p (statement &optional (model *model*))
(let ((ret-val (%model-contains-statement (get-pointer model 'model) (get-pointer statement 'statement))))
(cond ((> ret-val 0) (error 'redland-error :format-control "Invalid statement passed to model-contains-statement-p"))
((zerop ret-val) nil)
((< ret-val 0) t))))
(defun model-has-arc-in (node property &optional (model *model*))
(not (zerop (%model-has-arc-in (get-pointer model 'model) (get-pointer node 'node) (get-pointer property 'node)))))
(defun model-has-arc-out (node property &optional (model *model*))
(not (zerop (%model-has-arc-out (get-pointer model 'model) (get-pointer node 'node) (get-pointer property 'node)))))
(defun model-as-stream (&optional (model *model*))
(wrap-pointer (%model-as-stream (get-pointer model 'model)) 'statement-stream (get-world model)))
(defun model-find-statements (statement &optional (model *model*))
(let ((stream (%model-find-statements (get-pointer model 'model) (get-pointer statement 'statement))))
(if (null-pointer-p stream)
(error 'redland-error :format-control "Error in find-statements.")
(wrap-pointer stream 'statement-stream (get-world model)))))
(defun model-find-statements-with-nodes (&key (subject *null*) (predicate *null*) (object *null*) (world *world*) (model *model*))
(model-find-statements (make-statement-from-nodes (copy-node subject)
(copy-node predicate)
(copy-node object)
world) model))
;;; TODO: find with options, requires hashes above
(defmacro define-get-function (what first second)
`(defun ,(symbolicate 'model-get- what) (,first ,second &optional (model *model*))
(let ((ret-val (,(symbolicate '%model-get- what) (get-pointer model 'model)
(get-pointer ,first 'node) (get-pointer ,second 'node))))
(if (null-pointer-p ret-val)
(error 'redland-error :format-control "Error in ~a retrieval function"
:format-arguments (list ',what))
(wrap-pointer ret-val 'node-iterator (get-world model))))))
(define-get-function sources arc target)
(define-get-function arcs source target)
(define-get-function targets source arc)
(defmacro define-single-get-function (what first second)
`(defun ,(symbolicate 'model-get- what) (,first ,second &optional (model *model*))
(let ((ret-val (,(symbolicate '%model-get- what) (get-pointer model 'model)
(get-pointer ,first 'node) (get-pointer ,second 'node))))
(if (null-pointer-p ret-val)
(wrap-pointer ret-val 'node (get-world model))))))
(define-single-get-function source arc target)
(define-single-get-function arc source target)
(define-single-get-function target source arc)
(defun model-get-arcs-in (node &optional (model *model*))
(let ((ret-val (%model-get-arcs-in (get-pointer model 'model) (get-pointer node 'node))))
(if (null-pointer-p ret-val)
(error 'redland-error :format-control "Error in get-arcs-in function.")
(wrap-pointer ret-val 'node-iterator (get-world model)))))
(defun model-get-arcs-out (node &optional (model *model*))
(let ((ret-val (%model-get-arcs-out (get-pointer model 'model) (get-pointer node 'node))))
(if (null-pointer-p ret-val)
(error 'redland-error :format-control "Error in get-arcs-in function.")
(wrap-pointer ret-val 'node-iterator (get-world model)))))
;;; submodels?
;;; print? how to handle FILE*, anyway?
(defun model-context-add-statement (context statement &optional (model *model*))
(let ((ret-code (%model-context-add-statement (get-pointer model 'model) (get-pointer context 'node) (get-pointer statement 'statement))))
(if (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-statement-add-error))))
(defun model-context-add-statements (context statements &optional (model *model*))
(let ((ret-code (%model-context-add-statements (get-pointer model 'model) (get-pointer context 'node) (get-pointer statements 'statements))))
(if (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-statement-add-error))))
(defun model-context-remove-statement (context statement &optional (model *model*))
(let ((ret-code (%model-context-remove-statement (get-pointer model 'model) (get-pointer context 'node) (get-pointer statement 'statement))))
(if (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-statement-add-error))))
(defun model-context-remove-statements (context &optional (model *model*))
(let ((ret-code (%model-context-remove-statements (get-pointer model 'model) (get-pointer context 'node))))
(if (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-statement-add-error))))
(defun model-context-as-stream (context &optional (model *model*))
(let ((ret-val (%model-context-as-stream (get-pointer model 'model) (get-pointer context 'node))))
(if (null-pointer-p ret-val)
(error 'redland-error :format-control "Error in model-context-as-stream function.")
(wrap-pointer ret-val 'statement-stream (get-world model)))))
(defun model-contains-context (context &optional (model *model*))
(not (zerop (%model-contains-context (get-pointer model 'model) (get-pointer context 'node)))))
(defun model-query-execute (query &optional (model *model*))
(let ((ret-val (%model-query-execute (get-pointer model 'model) (get-pointer query 'query))))
(if (null-pointer-p ret-val)
(error 'redland-error :format-control "Error in model-query-execute function.")
(wrap-pointer ret-val 'query-results (get-world model)))))
(defun model-sync (&optional (model *model*))
(let ((ret-code (%model-sync (get-pointer model 'model))))
(if (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-error :format-control "Failed to sync model to storage."))))
(defun model-get-storage (&optional (model *model*))
(wrap-pointer (%model-get-storage (get-pointer model 'model)) 'storage (get-world model)))
(defun model-load (uri &key (model *model*) (name *null*) (mime-type *null*) (type-uri *null*))
(let ((uri-object (if (stringp uri)
(make-uri uri)
(let ((ret-code (%model-load (get-pointer model 'model) (get-pointer uri-object 'uri) name mime-type (get-pointer type-uri 'uri))))
(if (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-error :format-control "Failed to load model from ~a"
:format-arguments (list uri))))))
;;; TODO: model to counted string
(defun model-to-string (&key (model *model*) (base-uri *null*)
(name *null*) (mime-type *null*) (type-uri *null*))
(%model-to-string (get-pointer model 'model) (get-pointer base-uri 'uri) name
mime-type (get-pointer type-uri 'uri)))
(defun model-find-statements-in-context (statement context &optional (model *model*))
(let ((ret-val (%model-find-statements-in-context (get-pointer model 'model)
(get-pointer statement 'statement)
(get-pointer context 'node))))
(if (null-pointer-p ret-val)
(error 'redland-error :format-control "Error in model-find-statements-in-context function.")
(wrap-pointer ret-val 'statement-stream (get-world model)))))
(defun model-find-statements-in-context-with-nodes (&key (context *null*) (subject *null*) (predicate *null*) (object *null*) (world *world*) (model *model*))
(model-find-statements-in-context (make-statement-from-nodes subject predicate object world)
context model))
(defun model-get-contexts (&optional (model *model*))
(let ((ret-val (%model-get-contexts (get-pointer model 'model))))
(if (null-pointer-p ret-val)
(error 'redland-error :format-control "Failure in get-context, perhaps contexts are unsupported in this model.")
(wrap-pointer ret-val 'node-iterator (get-world model)))))
(defun model-get-feature (model feature)
(wrap-pointer (%model-get-feature (get-pointer model 'model) (get-pointer feature 'node)) 'node (get-world model)))
(defun model-set-feature (model feature value)
(let ((result (%model-set-feature (get-pointer model 'model) (get-pointer feature 'node)
(get-pointer value 'node))))
(cond ((plusp result) (signal-feature-error model feature t))
((zerop result) t)
((minusp result) (signal-feature-error model feature nil)))))
(defun model-transaction-commit (&optional (model *model*))
(let ((ret-code (%model-transaction-commit (get-pointer model 'model))))
(if (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-transaction-error :format-control "Failed to commit transaction."))))
(defun model-transaction-rollback (&optional (model *model*))
(let ((ret-code (%model-transaction-rollback (get-pointer model 'model))))
(if (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-transaction-error :format-control "Failed to rollback transaction."))))
(defun model-transaction-start (&optional (model *model*))
(let ((ret-code (%model-transaction-start (get-pointer model 'model))))
(if (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-transaction-error :format-control "Failed to start transaction."))))
;;; handles, what are those?
;;; Nodes
(defun make-private-node (&optional (world *world*))
(let ((new-node (%new-node (get-pointer world 'world))))
(if (null-pointer-p new-node)
(signal-construction-error 'node)
(wrap-pointer new-node 'node world))))
(defun make-node-from-uri-string (uri-string &optional (world *world*))
(let ((new-node (%new-node-from-uri-string (get-pointer world 'world) uri-string)))
(if (null-pointer-p new-node)
(signal-construction-error 'node)
(wrap-pointer new-node 'node world))))
(defun make-node-from-uri (uri &optional (world *world*))
(let ((new-node (%new-node-from-uri (get-pointer world 'world) (get-pointer uri 'uri))))
(if (null-pointer-p new-node)
(signal-construction-error 'node)
(wrap-pointer new-node 'node world))))
(defun make-node-from-uri-local-name (uri local-name &optional (world *world*))
(let ((new-node (%new-node-from-uri-local-name (get-pointer world 'world)
(get-pointer uri 'uri)
(if (null-pointer-p new-node)
(signal-construction-error 'node)
(wrap-pointer new-node 'node world))))
(defun make-node-from-normalised-uri-string (uri-string source-uri base-uri &optional (world *world*))
(let ((new-node (%new-node-from-normalised-uri-string (get-pointer world 'world) uri-string source-uri base-uri)))
(if (null-pointer-p new-node)
(signal-construction-error 'node)
(wrap-pointer new-node 'node world))))
(defun make-node-from-literal (string &key (world *world*) (language *null*) (is-wf-xml nil))
(let ((new-node (%new-node-from-literal (get-pointer world 'world) string language (if is-wf-xml 1 0))))
(if (null-pointer-p new-node)
(signal-construction-error 'node)
(wrap-pointer new-node 'node world))))
(defun make-node-from-typed-literal (string &key (world *world*) (language *null*) (datatype-uri *null*))
(let ((new-node (%new-node-from-typed-literal (get-pointer world 'world)
language (get-pointer datatype-uri 'uri))))
(if (null-pointer-p new-node)
(signal-construction-error 'node)
(wrap-pointer new-node 'node world))))
(defun make-node-from-blank-identifier (identifier &optional (world *world*))
(let ((new-node (%new-node-from-blank-identifier (get-pointer world 'world) identifier)))
(if (null-pointer-p new-node)
(signal-construction-error 'node)
(wrap-pointer new-node 'node world))))
(defun copy-node (node)
(when node
(let ((new-node (%new-node-from-node (get-pointer node 'node))))
(if (null-pointer-p new-node)
(signal-construction-error 'node)
(wrap-pointer new-node 'node (get-world node))))))
(defun node-get-uri (node)
(wrap-shared-pointer (%node-get-uri (get-pointer node 'node)) 'uri (get-world node)))
(defun node-get-type (node)
(%node-get-type (get-pointer node 'node)))
(defun node-get-literal-value (node)
(%node-get-literal-value (get-pointer node 'node)))
;;; TODO: some more node retrievals
(defun node-get-li-ordinal (node)
(let ((ret-val
(%node-get-li-ordinal (get-pointer node 'node))))
(unless (= ret-val -1)
(defun node-get-blank-identifier (node)
(%node-get-blank-identifier (get-pointer node 'node)))
(defun node-is-resource-p (node)
(not (zerop (%node-is-resource (get-pointer node 'node)))))
(defun node-is-literal-p (node)
(not (zerop (%node-is-literal (get-pointer node 'node)))))
(defun node-is-blank-p (node)
(not (zerop (%node-is-blank (get-pointer node 'node)))))
(defun node-to-string (node)
(%node-to-string (get-pointer node 'node)))
(defun node-equals-p (node1 node2)
(zerop (%node-equals (get-pointer node1 'node) (get-pointer node2 'node))))
;;; Parsers
;;; skipping some function
(defun parser-enumerate (counter &optional (world *world*))
(with-foreign-objects ((name :pointer)
(label :pointer))
(let ((retval (%parser-enumerate (get-pointer world 'world) counter name label)))
(when (zerop retval)
(list (foreign-string-to-lisp (mem-ref name :pointer))
(foreign-string-to-lisp (mem-ref label :pointer)))))))
(defun parser-guess-name (&key (world *world*)
(mime-type *null*)
(buffer *null*)
(identifier *null*))
(%parser-guess-name world mime-type buffer identifier))
(defun make-parser (name &key (world *world*) (mime-type *null*) (type-uri *null*))
(let ((new-parser (%new-parser (get-pointer world 'world) name mime-type (get-pointer type-uri 'uri))))
(if (null-pointer-p new-parser)
(signal-construction-error 'parser)
(wrap-pointer new-parser 'parser world))))
(defun parse-as-stream (parser uri &optional (base-uri *null*))
(wrap-pointer (%parser-parse-as-stream (get-pointer parser 'parser) (get-pointer uri 'uri)
(get-pointer base-uri 'uri))
'statement-stream (get-world parser)))
(defun parse-into-model (parser uri &key (model *model*) (base-uri *null*))
(let ((ret-code (%parser-parse-into-model (get-pointer parser 'parser)
(get-pointer uri 'uri)
(get-pointer base-uri 'uri)
(get-pointer model 'model))))
(if (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-error "Failure in parse-into-model"))))
(defun parse-string-as-stream (parser string &optional (base-uri *null*))
(wrap-pointer (%parser-parse-as-stream (get-pointer parser 'parser) string
(get-pointer base-uri 'uri))
'statement-stream (get-world parser)))
(defun parse-string-into-model (parser string &key (model *model*) (base-uri *null*))
(let ((ret-code (%parser-parse-into-model (get-pointer parser 'parser)
(get-pointer base-uri 'uri)
(get-pointer model 'model))))
(if (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-error "Failure in parse-string-into-model"))))
(defun parser-get-feature (parser feature)
(wrap-pointer (%parser-get-feature (get-pointer parser 'parser) (get-pointer feature 'node)) 'node (get-world parser)))
(defun parser-set-feature (parser feature value)
(let ((result (%parser-set-feature (get-pointer parser 'parser) (get-pointer feature 'node)
(get-pointer value 'node))))
(cond ((plusp result) (signal-feature-error parser feature t))
((zerop result) t)
((minusp result) (signal-feature-error parser feature nil)))))
;;; skipping namespaces
;;; Query
(defun make-query (query-string &key (world *world*) (name "sparql") (uri *null*) (base-uri *null*))
(let ((new-query (%new-query (get-pointer world 'world)
name (get-pointer uri 'uri)
query-string (get-pointer base-uri 'uri))))
(if (null-pointer-p new-query)
(signal-construction-error 'query)
(wrap-pointer new-query 'query world))))
(defun copy-query (old-query)
(let ((new-query (%new-query-from-query (get-pointer old-query 'query))))
(if (null-pointer-p new-query)
(signal-construction-error 'query)
(wrap-pointer new-query 'query (get-world old-query)))))
(defun query-execute (query &optional (model *model*))
(let ((ret-val (%query-execute (get-pointer query 'query) (get-pointer model 'model))))
(if (null-pointer-p ret-val)
(error 'redland-error :format-control "Failed to execute query")
(wrap-pointer ret-val 'query-results (get-world model)))))
(defun query-get-limit (query)
(%query-get-limit (get-pointer query 'query)))
(defun query-set-limit (query limit)
(let ((ret-code (%query-set-limit (get-pointer query 'query) limit)))
(if (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-error :format-control "Failed to set query limit"))))
(defun query-get-offset (query)
(%query-get-offset (get-pointer query 'query)))
(defun query-set-offset (query offset)
(let ((ret-code (%query-set-offset (get-pointer query 'query) offset)))
(if (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-error :format-control "Failed to set query offset"))))
;;; Query results
(defun query-results-as-stream (query-results)
(unless (query-results-is-graph-p query-results)
(error 'redland-error :format-control "Tried to convert non-graph query results to stream"))
(let ((ret-val (%query-results-as-stream (get-pointer query-results 'query-results))))
(if (null-pointer-p ret-val)
(error 'redland-error :format-control "Failed to convert query-results to stream")
(wrap-pointer ret-val 'statement-stream (get-world query-results)))))
(defun query-results-get-count (query-results)
(%query-results-get-count (get-pointer query-results 'query-results)))
(defun query-results-next (query-results)
(zerop (%query-results-next (get-pointer query-results 'query-results))))
(defun query-results-finished (query-results)
(not (zerop (%query-results-finished (get-pointer query-results 'query-results)))))
(defun query-results-get-bindings (query-results)
(assert (not (zerop (%query-results-is-bindings (get-pointer query-results 'query-results)))))
(unless (query-results-finished query-results)
(let ((bindings-count (query-results-get-bindings-count query-results)))
(with-foreign-pointer (names (foreign-type-size :pointer))
(with-foreign-objects ((values :pointer bindings-count))
(let ((ret-code (%query-results-get-bindings (get-pointer query-results 'query-results) names values)))
(unless (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-error :format-control "Failure to assign query result bindings")))
(iter (with name-array = (mem-ref names :pointer))
(for i below bindings-count)
(collect (cons (foreign-string-to-lisp (mem-aref name-array :pointer i))
(wrap-pointer (mem-aref values :pointer i)
'node (get-world query-results))))))))))
(defun query-results-get-binding-value (query-results offset)
(wrap-pointer (%query-results-get-binding-value (get-pointer query-results 'query-results) offset) 'node (get-world query-results)))
(defun query-results-get-binding-name (query-results offset)
(%query-results-get-binding-name (get-pointer query-results 'query-results) offset))
(defun query-results-get-binding-value-by-name (query-results name)
(wrap-pointer (%query-results-get-binding-value-by-name (get-pointer query-results 'query-results) name) 'node (get-world query-results)))
(defun query-results-get-bindings-count (query-results)
(%query-results-get-bindings-count (get-pointer query-results 'query-results)))
(defun query-results-to-string (query-results format-uri &optional (base-uri *null*))
(%query-results-to-string (get-pointer query-results 'query-results) (get-pointer format-uri 'uri) (get-pointer base-uri 'uri)))
(defun query-results-to-file (query-results name format-uri &optional (base-uri *null*))
(%query-results-to-file (get-pointer query-results 'query-results) (namestring name)
(get-pointer format-uri 'uri) (get-pointer base-uri 'uri)))
(defun query-results-is-bindings-p (query-results)
(not (zerop (%query-results-is-bindings (get-pointer query-results 'query-results)))))
(defun query-results-is-boolean-p (query-results)
(not (zerop (%query-results-is-boolean (get-pointer query-results 'query-results)))))
(defun query-results-is-graph-p (query-results)
(not (zerop (%query-results-is-graph (get-pointer query-results 'query-results)))))
(defun query-results-is-syntax-p (query-results)
(not (zerop (%query-results-is-syntax (get-pointer query-results 'query-results)))))
(defun query-results-get-boolean (query-results)
(let ((result (%query-results-get-boolean (get-pointer query-results 'query-results))))
(cond ((> result 0) t)
((= result 0) nil)
((< result 0) :error-or-finished))))
(defun make-query-results-formatter (query-results &key (name *null*) (uri *null*))
(wrap-pointer (%new-query-results-formatter (get-pointer query-results 'query-results)
(get-pointer uri 'uri))
'query-results-formatter (get-world query-results)))
(defun make-query-results-formatter-by-mime-type (query-results mime-type)
(wrap-pointer (%new-query-results-formatter-by-mime-type (get-pointer query-results 'query-results)
'query-results-formatter (get-world query-results)))
(defun query-results-format-check (mime-type &key (name *null*) (uri *null*) (world *world*))
(%query-results-formats-check (get-pointer world 'world) name
(get-pointer uri 'uri) mime-type))
(defun query-results-formats-enumerate (counter &optional (world *world*))
(with-foreign-objects ((name :pointer)
(label :pointer)
(uri-string :pointer)
(mime-type :pointer))
(let ((retval (%query-results-formats-enumerate (get-pointer world 'world) counter name label uri-string mime-type)))
(when (zerop retval)
(list (foreign-string-to-lisp (mem-ref name :pointer))
(foreign-string-to-lisp (mem-ref label :pointer))
(foreign-string-to-lisp (mem-ref uri-string :pointer))
(foreign-string-to-lisp (mem-ref mime-type :pointer)))))))
;;; Serialization
(defun serializer-enumerate (counter &optional (world *world*))
(with-foreign-objects ((name :pointer)
(label :pointer))
(let ((retval (%serializer-enumerate (get-pointer world 'world) counter name label)))
(when (zerop retval)
(list (foreign-string-to-lisp (mem-ref name :pointer))
(foreign-string-to-lisp (mem-ref label :pointer)))))))
(defun make-serializer (name &key (world *world*) (mime-type *null*) (type-uri *null*))
(let ((new-serializer (%new-serializer (get-pointer world 'world) name mime-type (get-pointer type-uri 'uri))))
(if (null-pointer-p new-serializer)
(signal-construction-error 'serializer)
(wrap-pointer new-serializer 'serializer world))))
(defun serialize-model-to-file (serializer name &key (base-uri *null*) (model *model*))
(let ((ret-code (%serializer-serialize-model-to-file (get-pointer serializer 'serializer) name
(get-pointer base-uri 'uri) (get-pointer model 'model))))
(if (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-error :format-control "Failed to serialize model to file ~a"
:format-arguments (list name)))))
(defun serialize-model-to-string (serializer &key (base-uri *null*) (model *model*))
(%serializer-serialize-model-to-string (get-pointer serializer 'serializer)
(get-pointer base-uri 'uri) (get-pointer model 'model)))
(defun serialize-stream-to-file (serializer name stream &key (base-uri *null*))
(let ((ret-code (%serializer-serialize-stream-to-file (get-pointer serializer 'serializer) name
(get-pointer base-uri 'uri) (get-pointer stream 'statement-stream))))
(if (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-error :format-control "Failed to serialize stream to file ~a"
:format-arguments (list name)))))
(defun serialize-stream-to-string (serializer stream &key (base-uri *null*))
(%serializer-serialize-stream-to-string (get-pointer serializer 'serializer)
(get-pointer base-uri 'uri) (get-pointer stream 'statement-stream)))
(defun serializer-get-feature (serializer feature)
(wrap-pointer (%serializer-get-feature (get-pointer serializer 'serializer) (get-pointer feature 'node)) 'node (get-world serializer)))
(defun serializer-set-feature (serializer feature value)
(let ((result (%serializer-set-feature (get-pointer serializer 'serializer) (get-pointer feature 'node)
(get-pointer value 'node))))
(cond ((plusp result) (signal-feature-error serializer feature t))
((zerop result) t)
((minusp result) (signal-feature-error serializer feature nil)))))
(defun serilizer-set-namespace (serializer uri prefix)
(let ((ret-code (%serializer-set-namespace (get-pointer serializer 'serializer)
(get-pointer uri 'uri)
(if (zerop ret-code)
(error 'redland-error :format-control "Failed to set namespace ~a in serializer ~a to prefix ~a"
:format-arguments (list uri serializer prefix)))))
;;; Statement
(defun make-statement (&optional (world *world*))
(let ((new-statement (%new-statement (get-pointer world 'world))))
(if (null-pointer-p new-statement)
(signal-construction-error 'statement)
(wrap-pointer new-statement 'statement world))))
(defun copy-statement (statement)
(let ((new-statement (%new-statement-from-statement (get-pointer statement 'statement))))
(if (null-pointer-p new-statement)
(signal-construction-error 'statement)
(wrap-pointer new-statement 'statement (get-world statement)))))
(defun make-statement-from-nodes (subject predicate object &optional (world *world*))
(when subject
(unown-pointer subject))
(when predicate
(unown-pointer predicate))
(when object
(unown-pointer object))
(let ((new-statement (%new-statement-from-nodes (get-pointer world 'world)
(if subject
(get-pointer subject 'node)
(if predicate
(get-pointer predicate 'node)
(if object
(get-pointer object 'node)
(if (null-pointer-p new-statement)
(signal-construction-error 'statement)
(wrap-pointer new-statement 'statement world))))
(defun make-template (&key (subject *null*) (predicate *null*) (object *null*) (world *world*))
(make-statement-from-nodes subject predicate object world))
(defun statement-clear (statement)
(%statement-clear (get-pointer statement 'statement)))
(defmacro statement-get-set (&rest what)
(cons 'progn
(iter (for w in what)
(list `(defun ,(symbolicate 'statement-get- w) (statement)
(wrap-shared-pointer (,(symbolicate '%statement-get- w) (get-pointer statement 'statement))
'node (get-world statement)))
`(defun ,(symbolicate 'statement-set- w) (statement ,w)
(unown-pointer ,w)
(,(symbolicate '%statement-set- w) (get-pointer statement 'statement) (get-pointer ,w 'node))))))))
(statement-get-set subject predicate object)
(defun statement-is-complete-p (statement)
(not (zerop (%statement-is-complete (get-pointer statement 'statement)))))
(defun statement-to-string (statement)
(%statement-to-string (get-pointer statement 'statement)))
(defun statement-equals-p (statement1 statement2)
(not (zerop (%statement-equals (get-pointer statement1 'statement)
(get-pointer statement2 'statement)))))
(defun statement-match-p (statement partial-statement)
(not (zerop (%statement-match (get-pointer statement 'statement)
(get-pointer partial-statement 'statement)))))
;;; TODO: encode/decode
;;; Triple stores
;;; skipping implementation methods
(defun storage-enumerate (counter &optional (world *world*))
(with-foreign-objects ((name :pointer)
(label :pointer))
(let ((retval (%storage-enumerate (get-pointer world 'world) counter name label)))
(when (zerop retval)
(list (foreign-string-to-lisp (mem-ref name :pointer))
(foreign-string-to-lisp (mem-ref label :pointer)))))))
(defun make-storage (storage-name name options &optional (world *world*))
(let ((new-storage (%new-storage (get-pointer world 'world)
storage-name name options)))
(if (null-pointer-p new-storage)
(signal-construction-error 'storage)
(wrap-pointer new-storage 'storage world))))
(defmacro with-storage ((storage-name name options &optional (world '*world*)) &body body)
`(let ((*storage* (make-storage ,storage-name ,name ,options ,world)))
(unwind-protect (progn ,@body)
(free-pointer *storage*))))
;;; TODO: storage with options, requires hashes
(defun copy-storage (old-storage)
(let ((new-storage (%new-storage-from-storage (get-pointer old-storage 'storage))))
(if (null-pointer-p new-storage)
(signal-construction-error 'storage)
(wrap-pointer new-storage 'storage (get-world old-storage)))))
(defun storage-get-feature (storage feature)
(wrap-pointer (%storage-get-feature (get-pointer storage 'storage) (get-pointer feature 'node)) 'node (get-world storage)))
(defun storage-set-feature (storage feature value)
(let ((result (%storage-set-feature (get-pointer storage 'storage) (get-pointer feature 'node)
(get-pointer value 'node))))
(cond ((plusp result) (signal-feature-error storage feature t))
((zerop result) t)
((minusp result) (signal-feature-error storage feature nil)))))
;;; Streams
;;; like with iterators, minimal interface
(defun stream-next (stream)
(zerop (%stream-next (get-pointer stream 'statement-stream))))
(defun stream-endp (stream)
(not (zerop (%stream-end (get-pointer stream 'statement-stream)))))
(defun stream-get-object (stream)
(wrap-shared-pointer (%stream-get-object (get-pointer stream 'statement-stream)) 'statement (get-world stream)))
(defun make-stream-from-node-iterator (node-iterator statement field)
(let ((new-stream (%new-stream-from-node-iterator
(get-pointer node-iterator 'node-iterator) (get-pointer statement 'statement) field)))
(if (null-pointer-p new-stream)
(signal-construction-error 'stream)
(wrap-pointer new-stream 'statement-stream (get-world node-iterator)))))
;;; URI
(defun make-uri (uri-string &optional (world *world*))
(let ((new-uri (%new-uri (get-pointer world 'world) uri-string)))
(if (null-pointer-p new-uri)
(signal-construction-error 'uri)
(wrap-pointer new-uri 'uri world))))
(defun copy-uri (old-uri)
(let ((new-uri (%new-uri-from-uri (get-pointer old-uri 'uri))))
(if (null-pointer-p new-uri)
(signal-construction-error 'uri)
(wrap-pointer new-uri 'uri (get-world old-uri)))))
(defun make-uri-from-uri-local-name (old-uri local-name)
(let ((new-uri (%new-uri-from-uri-local-name (get-pointer old-uri 'uri) local-name)))
(if (null-pointer-p new-uri)
(signal-construction-error 'uri)
(wrap-pointer new-uri 'uri (get-world old-uri)))))
(defun uri-as-string (uri)
(%uri-as-string (get-pointer uri 'uri)))
(defun uri-to-string (uri)
(%uri-to-string (get-pointer uri 'uri)))
(defun uri-equals (uri1 uri2)
(not (zerop (%uri-equals (get-pointer uri1 'uri)
(get-pointer uri2 'uri)))))
(defun is-file-uri-p (uri)
(not (zerop (%uri-is-file-uri (get-pointer uri 'uri)))))
(defun uri-to-filename (uri)
(%uri-to-filename (get-pointer uri 'uri)))
(defun make-uri-normalised-to-base (uri-string source-uri base-uri)
(let ((new-uri (%new-uri-normalised-to-base uri-string
(get-pointer source-uri 'uri)
(get-pointer base-uri 'uru))))
(if (null-pointer-p new-uri)
(signal-construction-error 'uri)
(wrap-pointer new-uri 'uri (get-world source-uri)))))
(defun make-uri-relative-to-base (base-uri uri-string)
(let ((new-uri (%new-uri-relative-to-base (get-pointer base-uri 'uri)
(if (null-pointer-p new-uri)
(signal-construction-error 'uri)
(wrap-pointer new-uri 'uri (get-world base-uri)))))
(defun make-uri-from-filename (filename &optional (world *world*))
(let ((new-uri (%new-uri-from-filename (get-pointer world 'world) (namestring filename))))
(if (null-pointer-p new-uri)
(signal-construction-error 'uri)
(wrap-pointer new-uri 'uri world))))
(defun uri-compare (uri1 uri2)
(%uri-compare (get-pointer uri1 'uri) (get-pointer uri2 'uri)))
;;; auxiliary
(defun get-all-enumerate (enumerate-fun &optional (world *world*))
(iter (for i from 0)
(for e = (funcall enumerate-fun i world))
(while e)
(collect e)))