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(in-package :2d-geometry)
;;;; This file implements Bentley-Ottman algorithm.
(defclass event-endpoint (point)
((edge :accessor edge :initarg :edge)
(direction :accessor direction :initarg :direction))
(:documentation "Endpoint event for Bentley-Ottmann algorithm."))
(defclass event-intersection (point)
((edge1 :accessor edge1 :initarg :edge1)
(edge2 :accessor edge2 :initarg :edge2))
(:documentation "Intersection event for Bentley-Ottmann algorithm."))
;;; Start with a simpler Shamos-Hoey algorithm which detects if there is at least one intersection
;;; among a number of edges.
(defun create-initial-event-list (edge-list)
"Create initial list of endpoint events."
(let ((acc nil))
(dolist (tk edge-list)
(push (make-instance 'event-endpoint
:edge tk
:direction (if (point-sort-fun (start tk) (end tk))
:x (x (start tk))
:y (y (start tk)))
(push (make-instance 'event-endpoint
:edge tk
:direction (if (point-sort-fun (start tk) (end tk))
:x (x (end tk))
:y (y (end tk)))
(defun right-endpoint (edge)
"Return right endpoint of an edge."
(if (point-sort-fun (start edge)(end edge))
(end edge)
(start edge)))
(defun left-endpoint (edge)
"Return left endpoint of an edge."
(if (point-sort-fun (start edge)(end edge))
(start edge)
(end edge)))
(defun order-line-segments-at-point (lv rv point)
"Return t if lv is above rv at point."
(if (eq lv rv)
(let ((line1 (line-from-segment lv))
(line2 (line-from-segment rv)))
(let ((y1 (if (zerop (B line1))
(y point)
(line-y-at-x line1 (x point))))
(y2 (if (zerop (B line2))
(y point)
(line-y-at-x line2 (x point)))))
;(format t "~&~a ~f ~a ~f ~f ~f" lv y1 rv y2 (x point)(y point))
(if (not (= y1 y2))
(> y1 y2);normal case
(cond;special cases - intersections
((zerop (B line1));verticals always above at intersections
((zerop (B line2))
((or (point-equal-p (right-endpoint lv) (right-endpoint rv));both lines terminate at the same point
(point-equal-p point (right-endpoint lv))
(point-equal-p point (right-endpoint rv));at least one line terminates at the sweep line
(< (y point) y1));sweep line is below the intersection
(< (- (/ (A line1) (B line1)))
(- (/ (A line2) (B line2)))));order by reverse slopes
(t (> (- (/ (A line1) (B line1)));sweep line at or above intersection
(- (/ (A line2) (B line2)))))))))));order by slopes
(defclass sweep-line (point)
((edge-tree :accessor edge-tree))
(:documentation "Sweep line."))
(defgeneric (setf x) (new-value object)
(:method (new-value (object sweep-line))
(setf (slot-value object 'x) new-value)))
(defgeneric (setf y) (new-value object)
(:method (new-value (object sweep-line))
(setf (slot-value object 'y) new-value)))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((instance sweep-line) &rest initargs)
"Create a tree, use closure over the sweep line as ordering function."
(declare (ignore initargs))
(setf (edge-tree instance)
(trees:make-binary-tree :red-black
#'(lambda (lv rv)
(order-line-segments-at-point lv rv instance))
:key #'identity)))
(defun insert-edge (edge sweep-line)
"Insert new edge into sweep-line, returns a cons of neighbouring edges."
(trees:insert edge (edge-tree sweep-line))
;(assert (check-tree-integrity sweep-line))
(let ((ne-pos (trees:position edge (edge-tree sweep-line)))
(t-size (trees:size (edge-tree sweep-line))))
((= t-size 1) (cons nil nil))
((= (1+ ne-pos) t-size)
(cons (trees:select (edge-tree sweep-line) (1- ne-pos)) nil))
((zerop ne-pos)
(cons nil (trees:select (edge-tree sweep-line) (1+ ne-pos))))
(t (cons (trees:select (edge-tree sweep-line) (1- ne-pos))
(trees:select (edge-tree sweep-line) (1+ ne-pos)))))))
(defun delete-edge (edge sweep-line)
"Delete an edge from sweep-line, returns a cons of newly neighbouring edges."
(let ((pos (trees:position edge (edge-tree sweep-line))))
(trees:delete edge (edge-tree sweep-line))
;(assert (check-tree-integrity sweep-line))
;(print edge)
(when (null pos)
(trees:pprint-tree (edge-tree sweep-line)))
((zerop (trees:size (edge-tree sweep-line)))
(cons nil nil))
((zerop pos)
(cons nil (trees:select (edge-tree sweep-line) 0)))
((= pos (trees:size (edge-tree sweep-line)))
(cons (trees:select (edge-tree sweep-line) 0) nil))
(t (cons (trees:select (edge-tree sweep-line) (1- pos))
(trees:select (edge-tree sweep-line) pos))))))
(defun check-node-integrity (node sweep-line)
"Verify sweep line tree node integrity, recursively descending into children."
(and (or (trees::null-node-p (trees::left node) (edge-tree sweep-line))
(trees::null-node-p node (edge-tree sweep-line))
(not (order-line-segments-at-point (trees::datum node) (trees::datum (trees::left node)) sweep-line)))
(or (trees::null-node-p (trees::right node) (edge-tree sweep-line))
(trees::null-node-p node (edge-tree sweep-line))
(order-line-segments-at-point (trees::datum node) (trees::datum (trees::right node)) sweep-line))
(or (trees::null-node-p (trees::left node) (edge-tree sweep-line))
(check-node-integrity (trees::left node) sweep-line))
(or (trees::null-node-p (trees::right node) (edge-tree sweep-line))
(check-node-integrity (trees::right node) sweep-line))))
(defun check-tree-integrity (sweep-line)
"Verify sweep line tree integrity."
;(format t "~&Integrity check at: ~a~&" sweep-line)
(let ((root-node (trees::root-node (edge-tree sweep-line))))
(let ((integrity (check-node-integrity root-node sweep-line)))
(if integrity
(trees::pprint-tree (edge-tree sweep-line))
(defun recurse-shamos-hoey (event-queue sweep-line)
"Recurse down event list."
(if (null event-queue)
(let ((event (car event-queue)))
(if (eql (direction event) 'left)
(let ((new-edge (edge event)))
(setf (x sweep-line) (x event)
(y sweep-line) (y event))
(let ((neighbours (insert-edge new-edge sweep-line)))
(if (and neighbours
(destructuring-bind (upper . lower) neighbours
(or (and upper (intersect-proper-p (start upper)(end upper)(start new-edge)(end new-edge)))
(and lower (intersect-proper-p (start lower)(end lower)(start new-edge)(end new-edge))))))
(recurse-shamos-hoey (cdr event-queue) sweep-line))))
(destructuring-bind (upper . lower) (delete-edge (edge event) sweep-line)
(setf (x sweep-line) (x event)
(y sweep-line) (y event))
(if (and upper
(intersect-proper-p (start upper)(end upper)(start lower)(end lower)))
(recurse-shamos-hoey (cdr event-queue) sweep-line)))))))
(defun shamos-hoey (edge-list)
"Returns t if there is at least one intersection."
(let ((event-queue (sort (create-initial-event-list edge-list) #'point-sort-fun))
(sweep-line (make-instance 'sweep-line)))
(recurse-shamos-hoey event-queue sweep-line)))
(defun add-if-intersection (edge1 edge2 event-queue current-point)
"Add intersection to event queue if edge1 intersects edge2."
(when (and edge1
(intersect-p (start edge1)(end edge1)(start edge2)(end edge2)))
(let ((intersection-point (line-segments-intersection-point edge1 edge2 :exclude-endpoints t)))
(when intersection-point
(let ((inters (make-instance 'event-intersection
:x (x intersection-point)
:y (y intersection-point)
:edge1 edge1
:edge2 edge2)))
(if (point-sort-fun current-point inters)
(nheap-insert inters event-queue)))))))
(defun move-sweep-line (sweep-line x y)
"Move sweep line to new location."
(setf (x sweep-line) x
(y sweep-line) y))
(defun recurse-bentley-ottmann (event-queue sweep-line acc)
"Recurse down event queue."
;(print (car event-queue))
;(assert (check-tree-integrity sweep-line))
(if (heap-empty event-queue)
(nreverse acc)
(let ((event (nheap-extract event-queue)))
;(format t "~&~a ~a~&" event (if (typep event 'event-endpoint)
; (direction event)
; nil))
;(format t "Sweep line at: ~f ~f~&" (x sweep-line) (y sweep-line))
;(trees:pprint-tree (edge-tree sweep-line))
(etypecase event
(if (eql (direction event) 'left)
(let ((new-edge (edge event)))
(move-sweep-line sweep-line (x event)(y event))
(let ((neighbours (insert-edge new-edge sweep-line)))
(when neighbours
(destructuring-bind (upper . lower) neighbours
(add-if-intersection upper new-edge event-queue event)
(add-if-intersection new-edge lower event-queue event)))
(recurse-bentley-ottmann event-queue sweep-line acc)))
(destructuring-bind (upper . lower) (delete-edge (edge event) sweep-line)
(unless (and (not (heap-empty event-queue))
(point-equal-p (heap-peek event-queue) event))
(move-sweep-line sweep-line (x event)(y event)))
(add-if-intersection upper lower event-queue event)
(recurse-bentley-ottmann event-queue sweep-line acc))))
(push event acc)
(delete-edge (edge1 event) sweep-line)
(delete-edge (edge2 event) sweep-line)
(move-sweep-line sweep-line (x event)(y event))
(destructuring-bind (upper1 . lower1) (insert-edge (edge1 event) sweep-line)
(declare (ignore upper1))
(destructuring-bind (upper2 . lower2) (insert-edge (edge2 event) sweep-line)
(declare (ignore lower2))
(add-if-intersection (edge1 event) lower1 event-queue sweep-line)
(add-if-intersection upper2 (edge2 event) event-queue sweep-line)
(recurse-bentley-ottmann event-queue sweep-line acc))))))))
(defun bentley-ottmann (edge-list)
"Return a list of intersection points (events)."
(let ((event-queue (heapify (create-initial-event-list edge-list) #'point-sort-fun))
(sweep-line (make-instance 'sweep-line)))
(recurse-bentley-ottmann event-queue sweep-line nil)))
(defclass taint-segment (line-segment)
((taint :accessor taint :initform nil))
(:documentation "Extend line-segment with taint boolean."))