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(in-package :2d-geometry)
;;;; This files contains top level polygon manipulating functions.
(defun decompose-complex-polygon-bentley-ottmann (polygon)
"Decompose polygon using bentley-ottmann, hopefully in something close to quadratic time."
(if (simple-polygon-sh-p polygon)
(list polygon)
(let ((ring-index (collect-ring-nodes
(double-linked-ring-from-point-list (point-list polygon)))))
(let ((ring-edges (edge-list-from-point-list ring-index 'taint-segment)))
(let ((in-points (bentley-ottmann ring-edges))
(simple-polys nil))
(dolist (tk in-points)
(let ((edge1 (edge1 tk))
(edge2 (edge2 tk)))
(unless (or (taint edge1)
(taint edge2)) ;vertex surgery will invalidate edges
(let ((in1 (start edge1))
(out1 (end edge1))
(in2 (start edge2))
(out2 (end edge2)))
(let ((v1 (make-instance 'poly-ring-node
:val tk
:prev in1
:next out2))
(v2 (make-instance 'poly-ring-node
:val tk
:prev in2
:next out1)))
(push v1 ring-index)
(push v2 ring-index)
(setf (taint edge1) t
(taint edge2) t)
(setf (next-node in1) v1)
(setf (prev-node out1) v2)
(setf (next-node in2) v2)
(setf (prev-node out2) v1))))))
(iterate (while ring-index)
(push (collect-ring-nodes (car ring-index)) simple-polys)
(setf ring-index (set-difference ring-index (car simple-polys))))
(mapcan #'decompose-complex-polygon-bentley-ottmann ;due to tainting the polygon might not have been completely decomposed
(mapcar #'(lambda (poly)
(make-polygon-from-point-list (mapcar #'val poly)))
(defun simple-polygon-sh-p (polygon)
"Check if polygon is simple using Shamos-Hoey algorithm."
(not (shamos-hoey (edge-list polygon))))
(defun trapezoids-to-triangles (trapez)
"Convert list of trapezoids to list of triangles."
(let ((triangles nil))
(dolist (tk trapez)
(let ((ctrap (collapse-trapezoid tk)))
((= (length ctrap) 3)
(push ctrap triangles))
((= (length ctrap) 4)
(destructuring-bind (tr1 . tr2) (split-trapezoid ctrap)
(push tr1 triangles)
(push tr2 triangles))))))
(mapcar #'make-polygon-from-point-list triangles)))
(defun triangle-center-point (triangle)
"Return a central point of triangle."
(destructuring-bind (a b c) (point-list triangle)
(make-instance 'point
:x (/ (+ (x a)(x b)(x c)) 3)
:y (/ (+ (y a)(y b)(y c)) 3))))
(defun decompose-complex-polygon-triangles (polygon &key (in-test 'point-in-polygon-winding-p))
"Decomposes a complex polygon into triangles. Returns a list of triangles inside polygon according to :in-test, which is a function taking a point and a polygon."
(let ((trapez (trapezoidize-edges (edge-list polygon))))
(let ((triangles (trapezoids-to-triangles trapez)))
(remove-if-not #'(lambda (x)
(funcall in-test (triangle-center-point x) polygon))