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(in-package :2d-geometry)
;;;; This file implements triangulation.
(defun possible-diagonal-p (ring-diag)
"Checks if ring-diag does not intersect any edge in a ring."
(not (iterate (for node initially (start ring-diag) then (next-node node))
(until (and (eql node (start ring-diag))(not (first-iteration-p))))
(reducing (and (not (eql (start ring-diag) node))
(not (eql (end ring-diag) node))
(not (eql (start ring-diag) (next-node node)))
(not (eql (end ring-diag) (next-node node)))
(intersect-p (start ring-diag)(end ring-diag) node (next-node node)))
by #'or initial-value nil))))
(defun in-cone-p (ring-node b)
"Is line segment ring-node->b in cone defined by angle with vertex defined by ring-node?"
(let ((a- (val (prev-node ring-node)))
(a (val ring-node))
(a+ (val (next-node ring-node))))
(if (left-on-p a a+ a-)
(and (left-p a b a-)
(left-p b a a+))
(not (and (left-on-p a b a+)
(left-on-p b a a-))))))
(defun diagonal-p (ring-node-a ring-node-b)
"Is a line segment between two nodes a diagonal of polygon the nodes belong to?"
(and (in-cone-p ring-node-a (val ring-node-b))
(in-cone-p ring-node-b (val ring-node-a))
(possible-diagonal-p (make-instance 'line-segment
:start ring-node-a
:end ring-node-b))))
;;; ear removal method - O(2)
(defclass ear-ring-node (poly-ring-node)
((ear :accessor ear :initarg :ear))
(:documentation "Ring node with ear information."))
(defun ear-init (point-list)
"Takes a list of points and creates a ring initialized with ear data."
(let ((ring-head (double-linked-ring-from-point-list point-list 'ear-ring-node)))
(iterate (for node initially ring-head then (next-node node))
(until (and (eq node ring-head)
(not (first-iteration-p))))
(setf (ear node) (diagonal-p (prev-node node)
(next-node node))))
(defun remove-ear (node)
"Remove an ear centered on node from ring, returning new node, the removed ear and new edge list."
(let ((v2 node))
(let ((v1 (prev-node v2))
(v3 (next-node v2)))
(let ((v0 (prev-node v1))
(v4 (next-node v3)))
(let ((ear (list (val v2)(val v1)(val v3))))
(setf (next-node v1) v3
(prev-node v3) v1
(ear v1) (diagonal-p v0 v3)
(ear v3) (diagonal-p v1 v4))
(values v3 ear))))))
(defun triangulate (polygon)
"Triangulate polygon. Returns list of triangles."
(unless (simple-polygon-p polygon)
(error "Polygon must be simple for ear-removal."))
(let ((point-list (if (plusp (polygon-orientation polygon))
(point-list polygon)
(reverse (point-list polygon)))))
(let ((num-vertices (length point-list))
(let ((ring-head (ear-init point-list)))
(iterate (while (> num-vertices 3))
(with node = ring-head)
(with counter = 0)
(if (ear node)
(multiple-value-bind (new-node ear) (remove-ear node)
(setf node new-node)
(decf num-vertices)
(push ear ear-list))
(setf node (next-node node)))
(assert (<= counter num-vertices))
(incf counter)
(finally (push (point-list-from-ring node) ear-list))))
(mapcar #'make-polygon-from-point-list ear-list))))