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(defpackage :parser-combinators-cl-ppcre
(:use :cl :parser-combinators :iterate)
(:export #:regex* #:regex*-using-context))
(in-package :parser-combinators-cl-ppcre)
(defgeneric regex*-using-context (inp regex limit return-builder)
(:method ((inp t) regex limit return-builder)
(error "Parser regex* not implemented for this context type"))
(:method ((inp vector-context) regex limit return-builder)
(check-type (storage-of inp) string)
(multiple-value-bind (match-start match-end regs-start regs-end)
(cl-ppcre:scan regex (storage-of inp)
:start (position-of inp)
:end (if (and limit (<= limit (length (storage-of inp))))
(+ limit (position-of inp))
(length (storage-of inp))))
(when match-start
(let ((result
(case return-builder
((t) (subseq (storage-of inp) match-start match-end))
((nil) nil)
(t (let ((regs (iter (for reg-start in-vector regs-start)
(for reg-end in-vector regs-end)
(collect (subseq (storage-of inp) reg-start reg-end)))))
(apply return-builder (subseq (storage-of inp) match-start match-end) regs))))))
(if (= match-end (length (storage-of inp)))
(values result (make-context-at-position inp (length (storage-of inp))))
(values result (make-context-at-position inp :position match-end))))))))
(defun regex* (regex &key (limit nil) (return-builder t))
"Non-backtracking parser: regular expression is applied to the input, and a result is constructed by return-builder (default will just return the match) from the result and submatches passed as strings. Passing regex-builder as nil will discard the result (use regex only to advance the input)."
(let ((compiled-regex (cl-ppcre:create-scanner `(:sequence :start-anchor (:regex ,regex)))))
(define-oneshot-result inp is-unread
(multiple-value-bind (result new-input) (regex*-using-context inp compiled-regex limit return-builder)
(when new-input
(make-instance 'parser-possibility
:tree result
:suffix new-input))))))
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