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(in-package :parser-combinators)
;;; operate on list of tokens
(defclass parser-possibility ()
((tree :accessor tree-of :initarg :tree :initform nil)
(suffix :accessor suffix-of :initarg :suffix :initform nil)))
;;; lazy results
(defclass parse-result ()
((current-result :initform nil :initarg :current-result :accessor current-result-of)
(continuation :initform (constantly nil) :initarg :continuation :accessor continuation-of)))
(defun current-result (parse-result)
(with-accessors ((current-result current-result-of)
(continuation continuation-of)) parse-result
(if current-result
(setf current-result (funcall continuation)))))
(defun next-result (parse-result)
(with-accessors ((current-result current-result-of)
(continuation continuation-of)) parse-result
(setf current-result (funcall continuation))))
(defun gather-results (parse-result)
(let ((current-result (current-result parse-result))
(iter (for result next (next-result parse-result))
(while result)
(collect result))))
(when current-result
(cons current-result continuation-results))))
;;; here parser spec is list of (pattern optional-guard comprehension)
;;; using do-like notation, <- is special
;;; list of either monads: (monad parameters), name bindings (<- name monad)
;;; simple, no let
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(defun do-notation (monad-sequence bind ignore-gensym)
(match monad-sequence
((_monad . nil)
(((<- _name _monad) . _)
`(,bind ,_monad
#'(lambda (,_name)
,(do-notation (cdr monad-sequence) bind ignore-gensym))))
((_monad . _)
`(,bind ,_monad
#'(lambda (,ignore-gensym)
(declare (ignore ,ignore-gensym))
,(do-notation (cdr monad-sequence) bind ignore-gensym)))))))
(defmacro mdo (&body spec)
"Combinator: use do-like notation to sequentially link parsers. (<- name parser) allows capturing of return values."
(with-unique-names (ignore-gensym)
(do-notation spec 'bind ignore-gensym)))
(defmacro def-pattern-parser (name &body parser-patterns)
(with-unique-names (parameter)
`(defun ,name (,parameter)
(match ,parameter
,@(iter (for spec in parser-patterns)
(match spec
((_pattern (where _guard) . _spec)
(list* _pattern (where _guard) _spec))
((_pattern (where-not _guard) . _spec)
(list* _pattern (where-not _guard) _spec))
((_pattern . _spec)
(list* _pattern _spec))
(_ (error "Error when constructing parser ~a" name)))))))))
(def-pattern-parser psat
(_predicate (mdo (<- x (item)) (if (funcall _predicate x) (result x) (zero)))))
(defparameter *curtail-table* (make-hash-table))
(defparameter *memo-table* (make-hash-table))
(defun parse-string (parser string)
"Parse a string, return list of possible parse trees. Return remaining suffixes as second value. All returned values may share structure."
(let ((*memo-table* (make-hash-table))
(*curtail-table* (make-hash-table)))
(funcall (force parser) (coerce string 'list))))
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