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(in-package :parser-combinators)
(defun memoize? (parser &optional (label (gensym)))
"Parser modifier: memoizes the parser, which if called again at a given position it will return a result
immediately. LABEL is used for memoization key, use explicit one if the parser is used in multiple places."
(with-parsers (parser)
#'(lambda (inp)
(unless (gethash label *memo-table*)
(setf (gethash label *memo-table*) (make-hash-table)))
(let ((memo-table (gethash label *memo-table*)))
(multiple-value-bind (result result-p) (gethash (position-of inp) memo-table)
(let ((new-result (if result-p
(copy-parse-result result)
(copy-parse-result (setf (gethash (position-of inp) memo-table)
(make-parse-result (funcall parser inp)))))))
#'(lambda ()
(next-result new-result))))))))