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(in-package :parser-combinators-tests)
(defsuite* (arithmetic-test :in parser-combinators-tests))
;;; define parser for basic +-*/ arithmetic on natural numbers (no negatives)
;;; is having to define parser for every level of precedence cheating? easy enough to generate
;;; automatically though
(def-cached-parser factor-op?
(choice1 (mdo (char? #\/) (result (curry #'list '/)))
(mdo (char? #\*) (result (curry #'list '*)))))
(def-cached-parser factor*
(chainl1* (nat*) (factor-op?)))
(def-cached-parser expr-op?
(choice1 (mdo (char? #\+) (result (curry #'list '+)))
(mdo (char? #\-) (result #'(lambda (x y)
(list '+ x (list '- y)))))))
(def-cached-parser arith*
(chainl1* (factor*) (expr-op?)))
(deftest test-arith1 ()
(is (equal '(+ 1 (* 2 3))
(tree-of (current-result (parse-string (arith*) "1+2*3"))))))
(defun make-random-arith-string (size)
(coerce (cons (digit-char (1+ (random 9)))
(iter (repeat size)
(collect (ecase (random 4)
(0 #\+)
(1 #\-)
(2 #\*)
(3 #\/)))
(collect (digit-char (1+ (random 9))))))
(deftest test-random-arith ()
(iter (repeat 100)
(let ((arith-string (make-random-arith-string 100)))
(is (handler-case
(= (eval (infix:string->prefix arith-string))
(eval (tree-of (current-result (parse-string (arith*) arith-string)))))
(division-by-zero ()
(print 'division-by-zero)
(defun measure-time (min-size max-size step &optional (parser (arith*)))
(iter (for i from min-size to max-size by step)
(print i)
(for arith-string = (make-random-arith-string i))
#+sbcl(sb-ext:gc :full t)
(for start-time = (get-internal-real-time))
(current-result (parse-string parser arith-string))
(collect (list i
(/ (- (get-internal-real-time) start-time)
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