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Core combinators do not have to be macros.

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1 parent 395ed94 commit 2107f2d20929b894dbbdec9a609ea3b355c8231b @Ramarren committed Jan 16, 2011
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@@ -27,13 +27,11 @@
(setf p-parse-continuation nil))))))
-(defmacro bind (parser parser-generator) ; results in parser-promise
- `(let ((parser ,parser)
- (parser-generator ,parser-generator))
- #'(lambda (inp)
- (execute-bind inp
- parser
- parser-generator))))
+(defun bind (parser parser-generator)
+ #'(lambda (inp)
+ (execute-bind inp
+ parser
+ parser-generator)))
(defun execute-choice (inp parser1 parser2)
(let ((continuation-1 (funcall parser1 inp))
@@ -53,33 +51,32 @@
(t nil)))))
-(defmacro choice (parser1 parser2)
+(defun choice (parser1 parser2)
"Combinator: all alternatives from two parsers"
- `(let ((parser1 (ensure-parser ,parser1))
- (parser2 (ensure-parser ,parser2)))
+ (let ((parser1 (ensure-parser parser1))
+ (parser2 (ensure-parser parser2)))
#'(lambda (inp)
(execute-choice inp parser1 parser2))))
-(defmacro choice1 (parser1 parser2)
+(defun choice1 (parser1 parser2)
"Combinator: one alternative from two parsers"
- `(let ((parser1 (ensure-parser ,parser1))
- (parser2 (ensure-parser ,parser2)))
- (define-oneshot-result inp is-unread
- (funcall (execute-choice inp
- parser1
- parser2)))))
+ (let ((parser1 (ensure-parser parser1))
+ (parser2 (ensure-parser parser2)))
+ (define-oneshot-result inp is-unread
+ (funcall (execute-choice inp
+ parser1
+ parser2)))))
-(defmacro choices (&rest parser-list)
+(defun choices (&rest parser-list)
"Combinator: all alternatives from multiple parsers"
(if (cdr parser-list)
- `(choice ,(car parser-list)
- (choices ,@(cdr parser-list)))
+ (choice (car parser-list)
+ (apply #'choices (cdr parser-list)))
(car parser-list)))
-(defmacro choices1 (&rest parser-list)
+(defun choices1 (&rest parser-list)
"Combinator: one alternative from multiple parsers"
- `(let ((parser-list (list ,@parser-list)))
- (define-oneshot-result inp is-unread
- (iter (for p in parser-list)
- (for result = (funcall (funcall (ensure-parser p) inp)))
- (thereis result)))))
+ (define-oneshot-result inp is-unread
+ (iter (for p in parser-list)
+ (for result = (funcall (funcall (ensure-parser p) inp)))
+ (thereis result))))

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