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Add parameter to gathering functions to allow zero width matches, als…

…o add CHECK-TYPE to allow more type inference.
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commit 31d36fae602eb0b30f7dc4938cd53c594dbeec9d 1 parent c92751e
@Ramarren authored
Showing with 13 additions and 9 deletions.
  1. +2 −0  ensure-parser.lisp
  2. +11 −9 greedy.lisp
2  ensure-parser.lisp
@@ -49,9 +49,11 @@
(values (context-interval input inp-iter)
(:method ((input vector-context) vector test)
+ (check-type vector vector)
(let ((input-vector (storage-of input))
(l (length vector))
(p (position-of input)))
+ (check-type input-vector vector)
(if (> (+ l p)
(length input-vector))
(values nil nil)
20 greedy.lisp
@@ -163,13 +163,13 @@
:tree (tree-of q-result)
:suffix (suffix-of q-result)))))))))
-(defgeneric gather-if-not*-using-context (input predicate accept-end)
+(defgeneric gather-if-not*-using-context (input predicate accept-end accept-empty)
(:documentation "Parser gather-if-not* specialized on context type")
- (:method ((input end-context) predicate accept-end)
- (if accept-end
+ (:method ((input end-context) predicate accept-end accept-empty)
+ (if (and accept-end accept-empty)
(values nil input)
(values nil nil)))
- (:method ((input context) predicate accept-end)
+ (:method ((input context) predicate accept-end accept-empty)
(iter (until (or (end-context-p inp-prime)
(funcall predicate (context-peek inp-prime))))
(for inp-prime initially input then (context-next inp-prime))
@@ -179,8 +179,9 @@
(or (and accept-end (end-context-p inp-prime))
(funcall predicate (context-peek inp-prime))))
(values results inp-prime))))))
- (:method ((input vector-context) predicate accept-end)
+ (:method ((input vector-context) predicate accept-end accept-empty)
(let ((input-vector (storage-of input)))
+ (check-type input-vector vector)
(let ((end-position (position-if predicate input-vector :start (position-of input))))
(cond ((and accept-end (null end-position))
(values (subseq input-vector (position-of input))
@@ -194,21 +195,22 @@
:position end-position)))
(t (values nil nil)))))))
-(defun gather-if-not* (predicate &key (result-type 'list) (accept-end nil))
+(defun gather-if-not* (predicate &key (result-type 'list) (accept-end nil) (accept-empty nil))
"Non-backtracking parser: Find a sequence of tokens terminated by one for which predicate returns true, which is not consumed."
(define-oneshot-result inp is-unread
- (multiple-value-bind (result new-input) (gather-if-not*-using-context inp predicate accept-end)
+ (multiple-value-bind (result new-input) (gather-if-not*-using-context inp predicate accept-end accept-empty)
(when new-input
(make-instance 'parser-possibility
:tree (coerce result result-type)
:suffix new-input)))))
-(defun gather-before-token* (token &key (result-type 'list) (test #'eql) (accept-end nil))
+(defun gather-before-token* (token &key (result-type 'list) (test #'eql) (accept-end nil) (accept-empty nil))
"Non-backtracking parser: Find a sequence of tokens terminated by single token, which is not consumed."
(gather-if-not* #'(lambda (input-token)
(funcall test input-token token))
:result-type result-type
- :accept-end accept-end))
+ :accept-end accept-end
+ :accept-empty accept-empty))
(defun find-before-token* (p token &key (result-type 'list) (test #'eql))
"Non-backtracking parser: Find a sequence of p terminated by single token q, which is not consumed."
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